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  1. Thanks alot m8! We feel it's an honest and decent effort so far, soon we'll make more videos like these, Transfers and Squad evaluation and Team Talk Tutorial will come soon.
  2. So this is it so far guys this is our latest video and i think so far it's our best don't check the whole 2 hours at once , check 30 minutes at a time process a bit the information...2 Hours Tactics TutorialTo those that watched the videos i want to thank you for your patience and i would love to see some genuine feedback for the quality of the information you are getting from these videos and if you would like to see more videos like these!Cheers!!!
  3. So i'm gonna guess that you managed to setup your scouting network a lot better than you would imagine? For whatever the case here is the video i promised you earlier Training Tutorialand if you've noticed from video to video we start to take it more seriously and try to give you our genuine and as detailed as possible approach.PS : The next video is the best we've made so far i hope you're not bored enough and watch that as well!!!Thank you again in advance for you support i hope you enjoy the effort and stay humble as always!
  4. Exactly after you've finished the Coaches Tutorial i'd recommend you check this alternative and more effective way off scouting!!!Scouting TutorialIf you've been patient until now it means you understand that we take this seriously and we'd love to see this community grow with more players going to the very best details of the game, and as we speak about patience the next tutorial will set you up for another way of thinking and a bit more detailed training sessions!
  5. We start with a one hour video of how to start a database what you should do when you take control of a club and what kind of stuff you should be approaching!Coaches and Staff Tutorialand as always all kind of feedback and input to the things we've mentioned are welcome, thanks for the support in advance i hope you appreciate our effort!
  6. Hello everyone my name is Konstantinos i am a football manager English speaking streamer from Greece me and my good friend Chris decided one day that this community doesn't have many in depth tutorials so we started with this Youtube channel.Beware the videos take you in to a big depth of commitment and they are long and educational, it's not 5 minute click bait or do this do that videos , for those who are interested to go to a deeper level of experience with the game it's a mandatory tool and as i always say to my streams ...Patience is a virtue!Ps: Thank you all for reading this post so far, i hope you enjoy the commitment and the information we give in our videos!Cheers!!!
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