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  1. Ok. Thanks. I'm nearly at the end of the current tournament, so I'll see if I can spot anything (Those examples I showed you were from historic tables before I signed for the club). Do I need to report it separately as a bug? -------------------------- (Update) Y'know, it might have something to do with penalty shootouts in the knockout rounds. I've just won the quarter final on PKs. This got registered in the league as a draw, yet I seem to have been given 3 points.
  2. There are some mysterious 'bonus points' being allocated and I haven't got a clue why. I've looked at the rules, and can't find any mentioned. I can't find any examples of this happening in real life either. As per the image below... A - Sao Paulo should have 35 points, not 37. B - Santos should have 37, not 39. C - Bragantino (In 2nd) should have 33 not 37!! Any explanation would save my sanity. Thanks.
  3. Agreed. Hence my self-deprecating nod to the Southampton v Leicester game. To be honest, the final score is almost the least baffling thing about my match!
  4. To the devs at SI. I love your work.... But really? REALLY? First of all, this is one of the most bizarre matches I've ever played. Fun, but bizarre. That's right. The other team were called The Strongest. A superlative hasn't been this inappropriate since R Kelly sang, "The World's Greatest". Anyway, I digress. Back to the madness. Just the 72 shots? Go on then. I know my team (4 stars) should be beating them (2.5 stars). But this is the Copa Libertadores. It's a battering on the scale of Southampton vs Leicester City, so........ Yeah, actually, fair enough. My boys go 10-0 up in the first half, because, why not? Then The Strongest get a player sent off just before the interval. Presumably making them The Weaker. Nope. This being Football Manager the goal frenzy takes a back seat after that and we can only squeeze another two in towards full time. (Sorry, I know this next image is tiny due to width restrictions on this forum, but hopefully you can zoom in on it.) Now we all know that the commentary likes to routinely lie about how much better the second half performance is, even when patently it isn't. But, come on now. I'm fairly certain 2-0 against 10 men isn't better than 10-0 against 11. While I'm here whining about a 12-0 win, I might as well mention this. My goalie touched the ball 9 times during the whole game and didn't have a single shot to deal with, yet gets 8.4, which is astronomically high for a keeper. It makes a mockery of the goalkeeping ratings. This fella saved a penalty last week and kept a clean sheet for a paltry 7.0. It makes no sense whatsoever. Obviously, I tore into my players and had them in for extra training the next day.
  5. This kind of feedback can surely only hinder SI in progressing the game. It's just emotional hyperbole. Sorry to pick on you specifically Will, it's just one of many examples on this forum. Here are the first 10 16 year-old players I could find. I don't think 9/10 look the same, and they certainly don't all have a beard*. Then people will say, "Aw come on, I wasn't being literal!". Well, we should be literal, if our feedback is going to be of any use. *I do agree, however, that even 2 x 16 year-old players here having beards is slightly unsettling.
  6. To save everyone from trawling through 1500+ words of absolute waffle, this was the idea:
  7. Raise this in an alternative forum as it will get addressed. This forum is feedback
  8. The title of your thread is probably the main reason people think you’re complaining. Saying Liverpool are ‘certainly’ ‘overpowered’ can only be construed as a complaint. It’s like going up to a chef and saying, Customer : “Chef? This food seemed over-seasoned the last time I came here. It certainly is now.” Chef : “It’s seasoned perfectly. I don’t understand the complaint.” Customer : “Oh, you thought I was complaining? No, no, noooo! Haha. Not at all.” Chef : “Leave me alone.”
  9. How is this useful feedback? (Admittedly, neither is my reply now, but...) SI Boss : “Guys, we’re moving out. I’m sacking everyone, including myself.” Staff : “Huh? Why?” SI Boss : “Prot651 suggested it, and y’know, why wouldn’t I take that on board?” Staff : “Okay. Fair enough.”
  10. Instances of Dynamo Moscow being spelt incorrectly as 'Dyamo Moscow'.
  11. I'd like to ask the OP why they stole those three descriptions from my Tinder profile.
  12. I'm getting exasperated with the number of bizarre glitches in this game. A few here and there is forgivable. But they are relentless. It really dents one's confidence in not just the stuff we do catch, but that there may be innumerable other erroneous things under the hood, out of sight. Anyway, for the umpteenth time, here goes: I received the following message from an Indonesian club (It says 'unsuccessful', but they're willing to give me the job pending the board reconsidering the compensation cost): It's been THREE SEASONS since I applied for ANY club. It's been nearly TEN SEASONS since I applied for a job in Indonesia which is where my save began. Saved game loads on Jan 31st. News item triggered on Feb 4th. Save Game Filename: Phantom_Job_Offer
  13. My team won on penalties. Yet a journalist asked the opposing manager how it felt to "have finally beaten" me. (This was actually a question asked in MY press conference, btw) The opposing manager then answers as if he had indeed won. Saved game filename : "Press Conference Error - Feb 14.fm"
  14. I assign the scout ‘until full knowledge’. Then in the scouting centre I go to ‘scout priorities’ and look for the player on the list (will usually be last) and click the ‘prioritize’ button at the bottom. I’d provide screenshots for clarity but I’m not in front of my PC.
  15. This is just one example, but I often visit a player's Form page. Currently this can only be done by clicking on the player's name and selecting from their profile page. Also, I appreciate that you can't cram every single option into the right-click menu and try to please everyone. So, how about allowing us to customize, in Preferences, the ability to add items to the right-click context menus? For my specific example, I would want to put Form as an option when I right-click the player's name.
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