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  1. Hi John. Thanks for that. I think what I'll do then is just wait until I start my next long save to hoover those achievements up. Good to know it can still be done though. Thanks very much for all your prompt responses and help.
  2. Yes, it was. Do you think some divergence has occured? If there's a way to completely erase all the Steam achievements and start them again, I'd be totally fine with that. I'm just very reluctant to start my save again.
  3. Hi again. I've noticed this has been tagged with 'Needs more info'. Please let me know what info you need, and I'll be happy to provide it. To update you. I've started getting new achievements, so that bit's still working. However, I still haven't been getting credited for the old ones, such as 'First Victory'.
  4. @John Kendall-Torry Thanks John. I've uploaded the save file, "Bry - Levski.fm" (Just as an aside, I noticed my save files were still located in the Football Manager 2020 Demo folder. I don't know if that may have triggered something unusual. I've now moved them to the full game folder, but alas there was still no change in my achievements situation.)
  5. To change their squad status just right-click on their name, then 'squad' > 'agreed playing time'.
  6. Sorry to quote you from a different thread, but I have a similar problem and didn't want to hijack that person's topic. To address your queries: I only have one Steam account. It does indeed say 'Running'. I'm logged into Steam. I'd really like to get this sorted. I've been stuck on 10% completion for ages and as described above some of the simplest achievements are not being unlocked. It's not game-breaking, but it's a really fun, incentivising aspect of the game I'm missing out on.
  7. Hi. No I've not. It's possible that once or twice my internet has momentarily cut out, but I would've thought that the achievements would all be updated as soon as I come back online anyway. Even when I keep on achieving say, a clean sheet, multiple times, it still doesn't register. I'm playing a save that I started in the demo, so don't know if that's a possible reason? Even that wouldn't make sense because some of the achievements I do have, occurred after I bought the game and continued my save. Out of desperation I just tried reinstalling Steam, but to no avail. It's all very odd!
  8. I've got a lot of achievements that haven't been triggered. I've not had those in-game pop ups and they aren't showing in Steam either. Really simple ones too, like "Clean sheet" and "He's signed". In fact, in this sample screenshot alone I should have all of these. I appreciate this may be more of a Steam issue than an SI issue, but can someone please help rectify this? Just to reiterate. Some achievements have registered, but not all. Thanks in advance.
  9. This has happened to me often enough, so perhaps your players lack determination which is a key attribute for this. That’s either an incredible statistical anomaly or hyperbole, because once again this is not a particularly irregular occurance for me.
  10. Same thing just happened to me. It asked to me sell 12m worth of players, which was quite amusing as my entire squad isn't worth that.
  11. You can add leagues through Steam. I tried out the Bulgarian league on the demo and continued the save when I bought the full game.
  12. Yep, although probably worth acknowledging that bringing on 11 fresh players at half time is going to give your team a fitness advantage over the AI who doesn’t make such drastic changes. I agree with you though. To assume that just plugging a tactic in will give certain results ignores so many other contributory factors.
  13. But that’s the OP’s point. He wants to be able to ignore it. (As do I. The inbox can get cluttered enough as it is) “Look away” or “Just click continue” aren’t really solutions. You could say that about a lot of things in the game, but most have an option to disable.
  14. Hi. When I click continue to advance time, I want the landing screen to be my inbox, and not news or social media. I never want to use those screens so it's a little jarring to have to click away from it every time. There used to be a setting in previous iterations of FM for this in preferences, but I can't find it. Can anyone help please?
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