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  1. Into the third season of my game, have two home league fixtures against Liverpool (a fortnight apart) and none at Anfield. Have checked their fixture list and they have "home" games elsewhere, so not as if there's work going on at Anfield....
  2. I had turned on all the inductions. I haven't played FM before, last experience was ChampMan in around 2002 so needed reminding. I had completed maybe 4 or 5 of them. However no induction triggered at the point of the freeze. I just couldn't progress... couldn't access Dressing Room, couldn't access Match from Home screen. When I reloaded from previous save (which was before any fixtures had taken place) and set to "experienced" cancelling most of the inductions I was able to progress fine.
  3. Because I couldn't get past half-time, I couldn't get out of the game without forcibly closing down, so the latter. When I went back in (same game from previous auto-save) and selected the Experienced profile, most of the inductions were cancelled but not all (as @Captain Cabinets reports above). However I no longer have the "unable to get past half time" issue, so as you suggested it seems to have been something to do with the inductions that caused the problem.
  4. Actually a few of the inductions DON'T reset, presumably because I'm mid-match (Match Induction)
  5. Have done as advised - selected the Experienced profile which sets all inductions to "Complete". However this doesn't affect my current lack of navigation. Certain buttons, specifically DRESSING ROOM as above, but also MATCH from the HOME screen, merely prompt small popup windows containing the same text, but nothing else.
  6. I've recently relapsed after 19 years of not playing... so have catching up to do. Playing my first pre-season game, first vs second eleven. Cannot seem to progress to second half? Buttons top right (eg "Dressing Room (Watford)") simply prompt a pop up with the same text but don't go anywhere. Not sure whether this is a bug or my own incompetence...
  7. Several months on and Watford are in for Pavón, according to that there Internet. How did he do? I think we'll need to pay more than 10m...
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