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  1. might be a silly question but here goes is there away to remove the instant result button or is there the same skin without the instant result button ?
  2. ive downloaded some schedules that i want to use which folder do i place them in sorry if this is a stupid question
  3. hi guys i may be stupid asking this but what folder do i put training schedules in
  4. thanks very much i shall have a play around with it but thanks for your imput, UTB
  5. Hi guys hope you can help me out. I'm trying to recreate my beloved Sheffield United's tactic from yesterdays (12 march) 2-0 victory over Brentford but im struggling badly with getting decent performances from my strikers there are 2 many long shots my best player is always my Amc and im at a loss on what to do so any advice from anyone would really be greatly recieved thank you in advance ive attached the tactic if anyone wants to have a look at it again thanks guys wilder wip.fmf
  6. hi knapp great fan of your tactics just wonderd if you could update this one for 19.3
  7. any chance of sharing it i wouldnt mind having a crack with it
  8. im throwing this straight into my coventry save be good to see if it works lower down
  9. i have a problem during the world cup year 2022/2023 season i got cork city into the champions league group stage my final group game away real madrid was schedueled for january 4th but my whole squad was on holiday it was impossible to play and needs fixing i had to holiday the game lost 4-0
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