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  1. First i'd really like to thank you for these great guides, both are doing great for me so far, I have one question though, When playing against a team like the one in the attached Pic (Yeovil) with one CM and 2 DM one assigned for Defense and is lower and the other one assigned for support and is higher who should i man mark?!! I know the guide suggest the lower but i thought that a defense duty DM would have no great role in playmaking and may be the right thing to do is to mark the other DM assigned to support duty what do you think?
  2. Having a blast so far with your Route66 tactic in Baltika Kaliningrad save, took over them in 18th place and now after 6 games back to mid table with 4 wins and 2 draws also my mediocre poacher Allef scores 8 goals in these 6 games, not to say the tactic is not fully fluid yet Will try the high possession tactic with my next Celta save and see how it goes
  3. Really had a great time with oxford (Home), Tequila (Away) getting Bolton back to the PL and winning a surprise CARABO cup along the way Now iam bored with Gegenpress, i know it's the most successful way to play right now but as i tend to watch comprehensive highlights i need to watch something new as it's the same gameplay no matter the formation. Any chance for a Tika Tika formation for Spanish league save? Or may be a Route one/ Counter attack for lower leagues, anything moderately successful other than Gegenpress?
  4. Hey Knap, Speaking of SUS, i had SUS and CTRL tactics according to mentality matter that worked like a charm before the beta, guaranteed preserving the lead and even scored on counters Now they seems much less effective, most of the time when i use them now i got punished by a goal shortly after. for CTRL i use: 1-Cautious mentality 2-make sure at least 5 players are on defend/support duty 3-drop DL and LOE by 1 point 4- remove Stuck in (not activate stay on feet) 5-reduce pressing urgency to standard 6-remove counterpress 7-Activate keeper slow pac
  5. My experience with tactics so far in the beta.. Underdog (Wrexham- Wimbledon- Aston villa- Daco Getica) : Leipzig> Venom> Beowulf> Scillian .. not working tactics for me: Wulf 4-1-3-2(inconsistant) and Argus (inconsistant, conceded much but may be my players were not good for it) Subtop (Oulou- Honka- Viitrolul) : Beowulf> Venom> Wulf4-1-3-2> Preachin blues 4-1-4-1> Leipzig .. not working tactics: Parisian (inconsistant), Preachin blues 4-5-1(conceded much) and Scillian (lots of draws where i need to win) Any better suggestion other than the aforementioned t
  6. Just some thoughts on the new ME so far, correct me if iam wrong.. 1- Players have better one vs one scoring chance yet one vs one opportunities are much less frequent now. 2- Players have slightly better targeting no longer shoot directly at the defenders as they used to pre-beta however this issue is not completely resolved. 3- Long balls over the defense moderately decreased, higher DL now is safer to play. 4- Ridiculous matches with you dominating possession and plenty of CCC yet you still lose 1-0 still exists. 5- Penalties still f***** up almost over 80% of shout
  7. First, thanks Knap for all the great tactics, i have a preference to 4-4-2 tactics so this year is a bliss Had a fine game on 20.2.3 with scillian as home and leipzig as away tactic with 2 successive promotions Now iam looking to start a new game in the new beta version with venom vol2 and lookaway tactics but i never tried tactics with IWB before So, I was asking if IWB should have at least a strong other foot same as IW and IF? Do you think that these 2 tactics would perform better than my previous tactics in the new ME? also it'd be nice if you can suggest which of the 2 tact
  8. I tried evening on another manager .. not working either
  9. I did.. tried morning and night, also tried with visit news screen automatically on and off with no success
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