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  1. Won the league in first season. Couts top goal scorer, and Mane with most assists (For Liverpool, not the league). Utd have bought Nainggolan (£69M Jan '17) and Kane (£90M Jul '17). I've bought Dybala (£63M rising to £90M Jul '17). Basically now with zero money. Expecting to finish 2nd in season 2, given the amount of money spent by Utd.
  2. Got a set play tactic working for me finally. Couts sits outside the penalty area, corner takers aim for pen spot, and Couts shoots/passes it. Since he received a little upgrade on his long shots, it's bit op.
  3. I'm trying to create a counter attacking tactic, but I'm going to use possession based TIs, player roles etc. According the art of counter attacking threat, all TIs etc are ignored when a counter attack is on. So I'm wondering if this is a good idea. Thought I'd mention it here, and see if anyone has had some success with something similar.
  4. Yeah, but I think that non brits, currently at a British club when hard brexit happens, are automatically given work permits? So I'm going for a mix of brits and non brits
  5. What are your transfer policies for hard brexit? Hoover up all british regens asap? I'm guessing city, utd et al, just go out and buy international players, and pick up brits?
  6. Timo Werner for me is useless, hasn't scored in 10 games, missed 2 penalties. Selke has scored 5 in 10 games, and Boyd has scored 5 in 2 games! Werner to transfer list, or hold out? Got to say Papadopoulos is mistake machine, and if I could, his loan would have be terminated.
  7. Cool, I know view only simulates the leagues etc, and you can view the league table etc, whereas if you didn't load them at all, you wouldn't get that option - you could see who won the league at the end of the season
  8. His acceleration is average from the top of my head? Besides, I feel Matip is really underrated in the game anyway, as are a few lpool players. Tbf, there's a few overrated players too, Moreno especially
  9. Ok sure, I started off with a high press, playing as RB Leipzig, first month, really poor results. Basically through balls, with something like 80% of the assists coming from the right wing, killing me. Adjusted the tactic, making it less aggressive, we're now 4 points from champs league. Might be due to the differences in quality, Lpool won't be exploited as much as RBL.
  10. How are you dealing with direct passes into space? Surely with such a high line, long balls in behind are going to cause trouble? Fast defenders, or
  11. Yeah, click move to affiliate, and you should get the option. Same if you want to move them to RB L 2 etc. So started a new save with Leipzig, brought in Tyrone Mings on loan as cover at LB. Aiming to play high press 4-3-3, or a possession hungry 4-1-4-1, first game of the season against Munich, so thanks fixture gods. Just being curious, what tactics do you guys play, and where do you finish in your first seasons?
  12. I typically only load England, Germany, Spain as playable, then about 8 nations set to view only.
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