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  1. just work the loan marked, should be enough quality there to get you a fair bit of the way, then add up with a couple of bosmans and a couple of transferlisted players wait to sell Vigen until your transfer budget are set and push to get the % of transfers raised if it is below 100% if a £5m transfer budget with fair wages + what ever you make of Vigen (and other sales) doesn't get you promoted, you should look in the tactic section and download a decent tactic from there, as it won't be the players that are at fault
  2. no links but I'm also pretty sure that his main strength is his speed, in my current game he has 9 ass, 12 speed
  3. Haroon Nourestani from Silkeborg IF should have Danish as 2nd nationality or at least have qulified for it, as he has been in Denmark in 13 years, he is also born in Kabul
  4. Without screens of how all 3 of them have develloped over the years. It isn't possible to say. But most likely you will be better of sending that kind of money on some really talented newgens that will progres and be better than either of them. 3 years into the game I wouldn't spend that kind of money on a player that I wasn't 100% sure would take my team to another lvl with impact results
  5. A bit "funny" Valued at the same bracket as PSG and Real Madrid Owning the Olympic Stadium does magic in that ranking Now to keep reducing the £815m bank loan - only wish that the £19m that the directors took out this year as bonus would have been used to reduce the debt
  6. Well that is it The Capital is at the top, after securing a 3rd Bundesliga title in a row, it was time to take home the big prize Quite a step considering that I/the reserves hadn't made it out of the group stages the two previous years - but they did this year, and afterwards a 2-2 draw against AC Milan in the first knock out game, the full cavalry was sent in for the rest of the campaign
  7. What position are you playing him in, and what players are available at the position, and would the sale of Can be able to finance 2-3 players that would strengthen your team if you lets say play Can at DC and you are able to bring in Stones and one more player that would get into your starting 11, it would IMO be foolish not to sell him
  8. It really depends on what kind of role you are looking to replace, but Thiago is injury prone - Martinez is slow in the first couple of meters, so he would be left for dead if you expect him to cover a lot of ground on his own (think that he is a bit injury prone as well) Sissoko is really just a lesser & cheaper version of Pogba
  9. you should put on the black tie tomorrow not the blue one, and eat oaks for breakfast do not - I repeat DO NOT, eat cereals, anything else you want help with?
  10. Are you seriously asking if you should sell a back up player for £65m???
  11. If any are thinking about buying the Olympic stadium, or is tempted to agree with the board that it would be a great idea for the club to buy the stadium will have to stump up with £916m Just have to pay £2.7m a month to cover that for some 25 years
  12. Taking ownership of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin sets you back £916m I have absolutely nothing to have it in, but isn't that a bit over the top?
  13. It depends Do you need to money to keep the club going? How long time do he have left of his contract? Is he willing to sign a new one with terms that you are willing to honor? Do the young guns that are able to come in and replace him need first team football this season at Marseille to fulfill their potential, or would it be better for them to play backup before being thrown to the wolves etc etc and never, never never give the selling club a sell on fee, the same goes for the player
  14. Starts out in the Benfica B squad, or have done so in my games so far that I can think off
  15. Major transfer movement, Hertha Berlin's Argentine international winger Erik Lamala has left the club and capital and have moved to PSG in a whopping £48.5m straight up transfer deal. Hertha haven't wasted anytime in investing the money in players to strengthen the team. * Brazilian wonderkid Lincoln has been brought in and is in the training getting used to play MR. * The defense have been improved big time by bringing in Danish international defender Andreas Christensen from Chelsea, he had been spending the last two years on loan in the Bundesliga to BMG. * Marc Oliver-Kemp has also been brought in to help the defense. * The last part of the money made from Lamala has been used to bring in German U21 midfielder Arianit Ferati from Stuttgart With the progress of Pulisic and arrivel of Ferati, it was time to say thank you and goodbye to last years player of the year, as Beerens has reached the age of 29 it wouldn't make sense to have him playing backup for Pulisic or even 3rd choice at left wing