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  1. would think that if you add, players of players of region-> Africa -> regional reputation, perhaps national reputation you should homefree, no need to add leagues
  2. Hi Mr Wells they are moving in the space that covers the goal area (hardly any wider) and upwards, all after how high the the defensive line is IRL when playing a 3 man defense Brendan Rodgers have used either Tierney or Lustig in the central defender positions with either of them moving out playing a regular full back role when the team have the ball, you don't have that option in the game, you should have that option in the player instructions have wingbacks on support
  3. as title says when playing a 3 man central defense, there should be an option for the other cd's to move further out wide, and even act like full backs to widen the play, but all cd's have a fixed hold position
  4. if 1898 is modern history in a game that had its first official football association 1863 then it is hard to see which records that should go down as "old history" if Modern history is seen as from 1863 and forward, then Jimmy McGrory's 8 goals against Dunfirmline in 1928 should stand as the record for most goals in a game by a single player, not Kenny Millers 5 against St Mirren The old Rangers side should hold the record for highest attendence for a match for the Rangers v Celtic at Ibrox Park, 2 January 1939 game, not Celtic for their match against St Mirrenin 2001 --- it seems to be a mix of old record and more recent ones
  5. spl records, modern history fewest points in a season 4 dundee 1898/1899 fewest win in a season 0 vale of leven 1891/1892 most win in a season 35 rangers 1920/1921 and perhaps most team goals hearts 132 1957/1958 most team conceded 137 leith 1931/1932 --- the first three surely can't be modern history, imo the leith one can't either, the hearts one is up for debate
  6. cheers, posted it there
  7. lucas mendes who played at marseille, have the wrong date of joining them, in the game it is 2013, but he joined in 2012 on the same date starts the game at El Jaish
  8. the beta always seem to be easier to sell players, could be that it still hangs on to the game? or that my game is messed up
  9. did you start your game with the latest update? perhaps they have made some changes with that?
  10. the code for the "limit" for transfer fee's in Scotland is way to low season 4 with Celtic and I keeps getting offers for my star players that equal or even below of their value ei got a Russian international right back, first choice player at right back for me - A.C. Milan comes in with an £2.7m offer that could go to £4.3m, his value in the game is £4.4m got Ryan Matthews, international goalie for Australia, Napoli comes in with a £3.3m offer that could go to £5.5m, he is valued at £3.8m got Adnan Januzaj, valued at £6m, Napoli comes in with an £4.3m offer that could go to £7m Moussa Dembele valued at £6m, Spurs comes in with an £3.6m offer that could go to £6m - Wauw!!! I know that they can get be negotiated a bit, but still this is way off. I get that most players in the SPL doesn't go for huge amount of money, but still, this is high EPL standart players that IRL would go for much higher fee's and no club except maybe West Ham will make these crazy offers for players at this standard
  11. doesn't seem like there is a qatar thread, so guess it should be put here, be free to put it elsewhere if needed lucas mendes who played at marseille, have the wrong date of joining them, in the game it is 2013, but he joined in 2012 on the same date
  12. Rundown on season 3 League, won it easily with 22 points down to Hearts, 25 points down to Partick Betfred Cup, won it Scottish Cup won it, CL, got into a group with Man U, Atl Madrid and Dinamo Zagreb. Going 1-0 in the final game at Old Trafford with a win needed to go through, but Man U came back and scored twice, but secured 3rd so Euro League football in the new year Euro League, faced Benfica, Anderlecht, Leverkusen, before coming up against Roma with no central defenders available, so Patterson and loan signing Rabiot put in there. Roma was destroyed 4-0 at home and 3-2 in Rome. In the final I faced Leicester, still with Patterson in central defense. The Inglish was sent home from Switzerland with a 3-1 defeat Transfer history A large numbers of newgens was brought in on top of that Greg Taylor, who were sent on loan at Kilmarnock to get first team football Nahuel Leiva joined as a squad player from Villareal Jason Denayer rejoined Celtic in a £7.5m deal Lucas Silva was brought in as an replacement for Ajer, who the board sold against my will :-( In the january window Adrian Rabiot joined onloan from PSG and Rob Holden joined on loan from Swansea --- Transfers out... The board accepted an offer for Ajer from Inter without me having any sayings in the matter Scott Sinclair was sold as he wasn't a first team player, and to expensive to have sitting on the bench + was getting older, so last chance to make money out of him Jozo left after the deal with Denayer was clinced, no point in having him as 4th choice WBA came in with an offer for O'Connell, which was negotiated to £4.6m, which I couldn't refuse On the last day of the January window, Sunderland came in with a £13m offer for Denayer, who hadn't been able to clinch a starting place in the team, so it was a short stay for him (again) + loads of players out on loan --- Two high profile signings are made with Rabiot joining in the summer on a free from PSG and Calum Chambers also joining on a bosman from Arsenal + a bunch of newgens
  13. sure, here it is Celtic Game. (v03).fm if you scout the Colombian and Chile U21 squads there is a total of 2 players that will come back with a scout report that says that they are interested in joining you, and that is a total of the two squads, and those two area free transfer and one player that are available on a pre-contract (and one that plays in the Portugal, so he isn't counting) there is one of two who only have yellow in not interested in joining, but you get the picture
  14. I have to raise the subject of players based in certain countries not being interested in joining ei. Celtic Do the research team honestly believe that if Celtic scouted in Colombia and found a player that they were interested in signing that the player wouldn't be interested in joining Celtic? I find it very hard to believe, both for the "step up" in the footballing terms, the option to make a name for himself in Europe and the huge improvements that the player would make in terms of wages and that goes for 80-90% of the players based in South America, the top top quality players in Brazil and maybe Argentina may not come, but I find it hard to believe that players based elsewhere in South America would turn down a move to Celtic if offered
  15. yeah guess that you got lucky with that stat, feels kind of stupid by training him as a dmc but roaming playmaker will raise his natural fitness as one of the few roles, so there he is just got his first Scotland cap at the age of 18, Tierney have had a few injuries so Church have had his time on the pitch --- I find that the game changer players most often are found on the transferlist, Lemar have been brilliant for me, as has Januzaj --- former Porto FM legend Aboubakar spends his first year on loan at Besiktas, don't know if they have an option to buy or not, but if so they didn't use it in my game, so I could easily buy him at a low price, £3.3m - not as flash as previous but a good value for money (can't remember if he was transferlisted)