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  1. would like to see Robert Skov and Sammy Skytte of Silkeborg
  2. cheers, hope they will chance him to he is cable of defending like IRL, looks like a decent looking winger though
  3. Could someone put up a screen of Tierney (Celtic)
  4. let hope so, going by hearsay he is there to clean out the club, and leave it penniless. hopefully it has nothing in it
  5. Kieran Tierney - Celtic Kasper Dolberg - Ajex Robert Skov + Sammy Skytte - Silkeborg IF
  6. a controlling team that will hit the opposition hard down the lines - think that it is pretty obious as I stated that I wanted the 3 man midfield to control the game and the wing backs to bombard down the lines my "problem" is that can't find the best possible use of the "spare player". The way that the team lines up with a 3 man midfield will IRL control the midfield (I know that FM i difference, as the opposition midfield will just fire a long ball over their heads, problem solved for them in most cases, and the controlling element out the window, but still). The midfield as stated will stay fairly in their place with wingback adding options out wide and the front two should add enough attacking passing options. The missing spot in the team a player that makes the attack more dangerous, and the question where should I put this player Would the most damage come from playing a speed demon out wide, a attacking playmaker out wide that will move in central making even more space for the full backs to attack in, etc etc
  7. playing with River Plate atm my hope is to get Gil Romero, and Lucas Romero after season 1 at the latest, would really like to bring back Kranevitter as well if the finances allows it and he is interested, if not then Arzura will be one of the starter 3 midfielders in the long term my "dream attack" would be Maximilliano Romero and Federicco Vietto, but they are couple of years from being "good enough" and they would have to be required as well. AtM i'm liking the DLF-DLF forward line that I'm using, but as I stated it could be altered to a 3 man attack Tactically I like my fullbacks to bombard forward creating the chances for my strikers, I find that they need to play at DR/DL to add the defensive stability to my defense, if they are being played at WB I often find myself being overrun down the wing. The idea of having the 3 man midfield is to add more stability the the tactic, controlling the midfield from a fairly deep location, making room the the fullbacks and occupationally one or two of the midfielders to make a forward run, but not for them to roam around like crazy
  8. Toying with the idea of deploying a 3 man central midfield, with two strikers upfront - I like the idea of a "solid" midfield that won't get overrun (I know it is a IRL idea as I'm using a one man central midfield atm, and doesn't have many opposition teams that pass the beep out of him - at least two of the midfielders should be defensive/controlling players, and non of them being used in advanced (AMC) positions - a dmc could be used I know that the obvious would be a 3 man defense with wingbacks, but I find that using 3 man in central defense is overkill So atm it is a 4 man back line with 3 central midfielders and two upfront, but haven't "found space" for the extra player. Using a AMC, for me seems not to work that well, he could be involved if I get a really good targetman though, which I haven't atm, so it would be a SS-DLF-TM attack So any tips for where I could use the spare player with most positive effect? a asymmetric tactic with one widemidfielder/winger/IF even a wingback infront of the attacking fullback? Tactic looks something like this atm GK WB(A)-BPD-BPD-WB(A) BWM-DPM-CM(S) DLF-DLF
  9. think that Man City is keeping a real close eye on him IRL
  10. Silkeborg IF's new stadion - Jysk Park, should have closed corners, in the game their are "open"
  11. It would be amazing to have a version where you could play the original CM database teams/players but on the FM17 matchengine
  12. just work the loan marked, should be enough quality there to get you a fair bit of the way, then add up with a couple of bosmans and a couple of transferlisted players wait to sell Vigen until your transfer budget are set and push to get the % of transfers raised if it is below 100% if a £5m transfer budget with fair wages + what ever you make of Vigen (and other sales) doesn't get you promoted, you should look in the tactic section and download a decent tactic from there, as it won't be the players that are at fault
  13. Without screens of how all 3 of them have develloped over the years. It isn't possible to say. But most likely you will be better of sending that kind of money on some really talented newgens that will progres and be better than either of them. 3 years into the game I wouldn't spend that kind of money on a player that I wasn't 100% sure would take my team to another lvl with impact results
  14. A bit "funny" Valued at the same bracket as PSG and Real Madrid Owning the Olympic Stadium does magic in that ranking Now to keep reducing the £815m bank loan - only wish that the £19m that the directors took out this year as bonus would have been used to reduce the debt
  15. Well that is it The Capital is at the top, after securing a 3rd Bundesliga title in a row, it was time to take home the big prize Quite a step considering that I/the reserves hadn't made it out of the group stages the two previous years - but they did this year, and afterwards a 2-2 draw against AC Milan in the first knock out game, the full cavalry was sent in for the rest of the campaign