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  1. if no other clubs are interested, then try to see if he is willing to join on trial, in previous version of the game that has sometimes lowered the players wage demands
  2. you do play rather attacking, the route down the middle is wide open, the area that the two central defenders have to cover is huge
  3. You most likely won't be able to sell Evra in the first window as he was a summer signing, if you want him of your book, you might be lucky that someone will take him on loan (perhaps even pay his wages)
  4. could someone please post SS of Robert Skov and Sammy Skytte from Silkeborg IF
  5. his teammate Mathias Jensen, how do he look? should be just as promising
  6. you start out with a £6m transfer budget?
  7. if that is the one that Føniks have to 5000 Danish kr, it is really close to £600 - Long gone are they days where the pound was 10 dkr on the up side, it makes it cheaper buying of English webshops
  8. Beckham was not any where close to being an old school winger. An old school winger was/is faster and would have white boots as he would be running up and down the touch line all of the time, going to the byline to cross the ball -not Beckhams game
  9. going by Game Debate (100% recommended) CPU 328% performance GPU 430% performance RAM 400% performance --- so you should be fine, even if they should be a bit of here and there
  10. if you were to be unhappy playing FM on that, you should never be allowed to play FM ever again
  11. @Smurf shouldn't this be more than enough to cover his needs http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/asus-gl552vw-core-i5-6300hq-8gb-1tb-128gb-ssd-geforce-gtx-960m-2gb-dvd-rw-gl552vw-dm195t/version.asp and if he wants to around top of the pops this one http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/asus-15.6-inch-ci7-7700hq-8gb-1tb-128gb-ssd-nvidia-gt1050-4gb-dvdrw-fhd-w-fx553vd-dm628t/version.asp
  12. @Smulf Game Debate, is that the best place to judge how laptops vs games/FM does together? or are there better places to do that
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