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  1. Removed as a team instruction in FM19. You can still choose it as a player instruction.
  2. Dont know if it is 100% tiki-taka, but i have managed so far to create a possesion-based style with lots of goals. In possession TIs: much shorter passing, work ball into box, pass into space, express yourselves. Mentality: attacking, but i adjust to positive or balanced if my possession numbers are low after 15 mins. For a Tiki-taka style i think the balanced mentality would be right. I got the idea of combining much shorter passing with a higher mentality from this video by Rashidi, from 3:58:
  3. Interesting. Many advice against using two IFs in a 4-2-3-1. How do you prevent it from getting overcrowded in the centre? And how would you setup in a 4-2-3-1 DM?
  4. Using Rashidis version again now that the full game is out. Works like a dream. If anyone struggle to make their own City version, i really recommend it.
  5. Interesting. I have given up trying get everything right in terms of how City play (unrealistic anyway), and instead i have taken Rashidis version and made changes that seems effective in terms of possession in the game: Mentality: control. Shape: very fluid. Team instuctions: shorter passing, play out of defence, retain possession, lower tempo, work ball into box, fairly narrow,close down much more, offside trap, tighter marking, get stuck in, prevent goalkeeper short distribution, roam from positions. wingbacks on support with PI to stay wide, inside forwards on support with PI to get further forward & stay wide. Complete forward on support. Apart from that player roles are the same as Rashidis version. Possession numbers now 53-59%. vs West Brom 67% Defence is quite solid, only conceded 4 goals in 7 games. The attack isnt good enough though, so that will be my next task.
  6. I am assuming you play similar to City, how do you set up and which changes did you make to increase possession?
  7. Anyone else struggle to dominate games in terms of possession? I have used both my own version and Rashidis City tactic in 10 games each. Possession numbers between 46-53% each game. I thought the tactic maybe were too agressive so i changed to standard/structured with TIs WTIB, and retain possesion. Still only managed 53%. Maybe its a beta issue?
  8. Im looking for help to try understand the inverted winger role. Would i be wrong to say Robben and Ribery under Heynckes in the 2011-13 period were inverted wingers? Which role (Fullback, wing back, CWB) do you recommend to link up with the inverted winger? im a bit confused as wing backs link up well with inside forwards and FBs are great with wingers. Thanks for any help.
  9. I dont disagree with that. Just pointing out my opinion on which player roles in game that is the best to replicate City in real life. People might disagree, and thats fine. From my observations when Aguero/Jesus plays as a lone striker, they drop deeper to play one-twos and roam from position to receive the ball in space, and sometimes tries to beat the offside trap. In my view, a false 9 is a playmaker and i dont think Aguero and Jesus plays like that. The description of the roaming playmaker is "the player is the heartbeat in team", and KDB certainly fits that. He often receives the ball deep, sometimes in the left half spaces, sometimes in the right half spaces / the right wing. On top of that he scores most of his goals outside the box. The roaming playmaker is the role that replicates that the best in game in my opinion.
  10. Dont think F9 is the right role, Pep has only used it a couple of times with KDB vs Barca and in the end of matches to keep possession. CF on support would be right. I would say that KDB is playing as a roaming playmaker with PI to move into channels. Also, when Mendy is playing, both wide players are inside forwards imo. In terms of the tactic vs top teams i think the mentality drops to counter, but the player roles maintain the same, apart from some examples (Chelsea away in real life, both wide players as wingers, Walker and Delph as inverted wing backs).
  11. It will be interesting to see how Liverpool will play in real life when Lallana, Mane, Salah, Coutinho are all fit. In game would try Mane and Salah as inside forwards, with Coutinho as a roaming/advanced playmaker and Lallana as a mezzala. How would you set up?
  12. Mertens: Max Meyer from Schalke. Best posistion is AM, but has played as a false nine in real life i think. You could always train him in that postion if he isnt familiar already. other alternatives to check out on the top of my head: Berardi, Fekir, Balde Keita. Hamsik: a unique player, hard to replace. But you could check out Fred from Shakthar or Milinkovic-Savic from Lazio. Both are dynamic CMs with huge potential. Apologies if my suggestions are hopeless, i cant remember every detail about these players, so you might think they dont fit your vision of Hamsik & Mertens.
  13. I think you are spot on here, yonko. Only thing i would add is that when Mendy plays LB, Sterling will likely play on the left and Sane on the right with both cutting inside. Guardiola did this vs Bournemouth (B.Silva on the right), Watford (Jesus on the right) and Palace before Mendy got inured. Sane is now playing as a winger on the left because Danilos left foot isnt good enough for him to play as wing back on the left, and Delph is more suited to be an IWB. So the key is to adapt the roles in terms of the players you have available. From my observations, Sane and Sterling are very diciplined in tracking back quickly when the opponent counter attack. This made me think: Dont you think a 4-1-4-1 with Sane as a winger & Sterling as an inverted winger would be more accurate than a 4-1-2-2-1 in game?
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