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  1. @Uncle_Sam great work! are the logos ready? and is the ncaa tournament like in real life Where you can also qualify by winning a conference tournament?
  2. Great work man! Any progress update?
  3. Thanks it worked 🙏🏽. Altough I now have another question. The first four rounds of my cup don’t include all games on tv. I only want the top teams or big matches to be televised, but when I set up tv fixtures I can’t seem to find which of the options does this, for example big cup matches. I did this and tested it but still no games are televised. Which one do I need to select to make this work?
  4. Hi, I’m making a bene liga. I have 5 levels and everything is working correctly. The only problem is that all the league and cup games are played at the same time. I want them to spread the games out over the weekend and for cups Tuesday, Wednesday and thursday. I have set preferred match times, but that doesn’t seem to solve the problem. Does anyone know how to force different match times?