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  1. Does this one work? https://mega.nz/folder/xegBSYyA#bXuxkWyiXRRfhwgJBvyB6Q
  2. Hi @Andrew Price I uploaded a new link. I think it should be working now!
  3. Hey, I have created a full BeNe Pyramid and now ready for FM21. It consists of 5 League levels: - BeNe Liga (20 teams, Dutch & Belgian) (3 relegated) - BeNe Championship (20 teams, Dutch & Belgian) (2 direct promotions, play offs for last spot - 4 relegated) - BeNe League One (20 teams, Dutch & Belgian) (3 direct promotions, play offs for last spot - 4 relegated) - BeNe League Two (20 teams, Dutch & Belgian) (3 direct promotions, play offs for last spot - 4 relegated to respective national leagues) - BeNe Conference League (40 teams, separate national leagues) (each 2 promotion spots - relegation dynamic (depends on nationality of relegated teams) - Inactive national leagues (dynamic national relegation, so national leagues will never be filled by teams from the other nation) Cups - FA style large cup (all levels) - BeNe League cup (levels 2-5) - Amateur Final (level 5, between national league winners) - Super Cup (winner BeNe Liga vs. winner FA style cup) Youth (I would like to build a separate pyramid with promotion/relegation, but I haven't figured it out yet correctly) - Reserves (level 1-3) - Under 19s (all levels, national divisions) I have also made custom logos for every league, which I have attached: BeNe Liga Logos (insert in graphics folder) I have simulated it for more than 10 years and everything seems to work fine. Please let me know if you find any bugs or issues! FM21 BeNe Auto Youth V1.0.fmf
  4. Hey @baasblack could you please explain how you managed to get the promotion and regulation set? Much appreciated!
  5. Hey, in previous years it was possible to open a file in-game even though it was not verified by the pre-game editor, however this year I can't open the file as FM says it is not verified and therefore doesn't load the file. Does anyone know how to pass around this and let it work in game so that I can test it there? (I keep having the issue of promoted and relegated teams not matching up error, however the file worked fine in FM19 and I think it will also work in FM20. I have created a whole system with 30000 changes, so the editor never lets me verify it even though it works in game for years)
  6. is it still possible to open an editor file on FM that has not been verified, worked for me last year, but now it seems impossible?
  7. you should change the club coefficients to combine the points of Belgium and Netherlands into one, so that it increases the number of places. However, you still will have to put all the teams into one competition. I haven't created one this year yet, but I know you have to change something in the code of the pre-game editor to allow changes to the coefficients, if this is enabled it will appear under the nation information and you can change the coefficient points per year
  8. Awesome that you are back at it again! I just wanted to let you know that the Dutch system has changed now: -2 teams are directly relegated from the Eredivisie to the KKD -the playoffs in KKD consists of three rounds: - first (6 teams -> 4 period winners and top 2 teams w/o winning period, ranking based on overall ranking #2 to #7) -semi finals (3 winners, lowest winner #KKD ranking plays first away at number 16 (#1) of Eredivisie, other matchup also includes highest winner playing at home first) -final (highest # plays at home first, winner promoted to Eredivisie) next to that, the periods in KKD are now including all games again -> not 4 of 8 games, but period 1: 9 games; period 2: 10 games; period 3: 9 games; period 4: 10 games) https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nacompetitie_(Nederlands_voetbal) (can translate to English) Thanks and looking forward to it!
  9. You have to change all the Dutch teams continental nation to Belgium in the Editor, otherwise they will not play international However, you can revert their Based Nation back to the Netherlands so that Feyenoord still comes from Rotterdam for example and not somewhere random in Belgium
  10. Hi, I want to import a custom fixture list with results of the current season in the advanced rules, but I cannot find where. Does anyone know where to import these results and fixtures? Thanks in advance!
  11. Here is the link to the media fire folder which should give you the ability to download the graphics http://www.mediafire.com/folder/sd2v8xvbcb319/BeNe_Liga
  12. I am still working on verification in my free time, but I am busy with school. However, I cannot figure out why it is not verifying, as it is working in game and the error the editor gives is not actually interfering in-game.
  13. I fixed the issue with the homegrown player rules for Belgian players, so now teams should be able to comply with all the squad and match rules. It is updated in the first post
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