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  1. Hi Freddie, Just to note, it also appeared in 2026, so I think it is going to be every year now.
  2. I just drew my FA Cup 3rd round match 1-1 after 90 minutes. I was sure it would then be ET. However, it is now a replay? I looked at the FM in-game rules tab and it does say, "after a draw at 90 mins there will be ET then penalties"....??
  3. Incidentally, I had to play a GK at LB and also RB amongst other greyed out players. In fairness, Liverpool had a similiar problem but not as severe as mine. Strange game, I was 0-2 down and won the game 3-2. Go figure !!!
  4. Hi Christopher, Save game file is called: "NEW Tottenham Hotspur FC" Many thanks.
  5. Furthermore, IRL, if this scenario was to ever happen, a common sense approach would be made to re-schedule the match due to the importance and very nature of the competition/final.
  6. Please see attached screenshot. I am playing Liverpool in my first Euro Super Cup on 6th September. The majority of my squad are unavailable until the 9th September. I am sorry, but this feels like either a bug or extremely unrealistic as this would simply never happen in real life, ever. I certainly have never ever seen this IRL in all my life watching football. It has ruined this for me as I do not have any players for this match and will therefore lose (which I don't mind losing if it was a fair playing felid).
  7. Save file is called, "NEW Tottenham Hotspur FC".
  8. Yeah sure, give me a moment Christopher and I'll upload it now. Two more screenshots from this season to corroborate.
  9. I believe there is a bug in the European coefficient rankings, as Liverpool do not feature despite being the most dominat (overpowered) side winning everything ...
  10. This is very frequent, like every match day it changes. @ SI - please would you investigate, may thanks.
  11. Yes, I just came on here to report this very same training bug. I've been monitoring it for a while now and it is a bug.
  12. Hi Andrew, Yes, I am Tottenham. So, I have to wait until the summer transfer window and hope to sign him on a free? Ok, no problem.
  13. SI, Please see hre: I think this may be a 'contract bug'. Anthony Martial's contract is expiring in June, it is now the January transfer window and I believe I should be able to have the option to sign him as an 'Approach to sign' option. However, there is no such drop down menu. Also, please see my arrows. There is a permanent 'enquiry' status marker by his name under the Man Uts squad and when I try to remove the option 'withdraw' it doesn't disappear?? Something appears very odd about this .... ????
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