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  1. Very interesting read here: https://bitterandblue.sbnation.com/2019/1/16/18183556/manchester-city-tactics-the-benefits-of-proper-fullbacks-tactical-analysis-wolverhampton-wolves
  2. Hello A bug where the board staff personnel show two entries for 'U18 Assistant Manager' ??? Thanks
  3. Good evening, Please look here: It states 5 data analysts, where infact there are none? Many thanks if you would look into this.
  4. Just to let you know, I choose an EPL club to manage (Spurs) and loaded the 'big' leagues. So, I am unsure whether a bug or legit? The link above was the 'French' example, but if you look at Germany, they are all set to none. Holland and Mexico for example the 'none' is greyed out. For your convenience, to make it easier Neil, I have uploaded the save on the FMcloud, called, "TEST NEW DB" just now....
  5. I was setting up my save last night and picked my leagues/nations etc and then I went to 'match detail level' to change them to none. As I scrolled down, some of the nations (not all) still had some competitions set to the default 'later stages' and that you couldn't change them to 'none' as it was greyed out. E.g. I remember France, Holland & Mexico were like that from memory. Unfortunately, I do not have a screenshot to show you, but I can this evening.
  6. No disrespect herne as I 100% personally agree with you, but have a look here at this thread: https://community.sigames.com/topic/465062-won-every-league-game-38-0-0/ Makes a mockery of the game.
  7. Are we still talking about his 'ARGUS 3-4-3' here: Yeah, this tactic looks like real life to me! I see RL managers like Conte using this. 3 x CD on stopper duty. 2 x WB on attack, both CM on BWM/B2B support and 3 strikers - 2 on AF and 1 x poacher, very realistic !!! Together with attacking mentality, high DL and high LOE with counter and counter press. This is simply ridiculous, him, the tactic and the game. Choose one, all of them are fubar in that case.
  8. Completely understood SD. I wasn't referring to the tactics, player roles/duties etc, I was implying a potential save and reload aspect in conjunction with his history on the 'tactics sharing' forum which is renoun for plug n play tactics/exploits etc. If he is winning (albeit with Spurs) in his first season without purchasing any player(s) and scooping all the four major trophies and winning the league by 24 points then either he is cheating or there is something completely and utterly wrong with the game. Now, I know FM is not perfect, I have played it since its inception, but the game (ME) is not that completely fubar for his outrageous claims. I am unsure whether even Cleon, Rashidi & co could manage this (apologies guys if you can).
  9. Personally, I think you have cheated looking at your first season with Spurs, most probably exploiting the game and with no explanation whatsoever but just to show off. Winning the EPL (by a 24 pt margin!) , ECL, FA & LC. I simply don't believe you and to the other forum users, watch out for people like these who gloat!
  10. 2feet - have a look here, I posted the exact same thing on the bugs forum: Russell (SI Tester) explains the reason why - no bug.
  11. Codename47

    First Team Training = NONE

    Hi Russell, Many thanks for the clarification, appreciated. No bug then?
  12. Hi Please see screenshot attachment. You'll notice that I have highlighted first team training where coaches have been assigned areas to train (check the stars). However, at the bottom where it should say 'heavy', 'average' or 'light', it says 'none' !!! This is surely a bug and the players are moaning that they are not getting the required training, only to find the above bug as the reason. Please would you fix this. Let me know if you require my game save to investigate. FYI, I have uploaded my game save called, 'Tottenham' dated 09/12/2018 @ 15:55 hours. Please acknowledge that you have received it and investigating - many thanks
  13. Apologies in advance, but I just need confirmation, couldn't find it on the above fixed thread. My last FM was FM16, so the re above topic title, have those sliders now disappeared? And you now get your tactic familiarity (and match preparation) through training schedules and selecting the most appropriate ones that train these?