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  1. This has just happened to me again and I am shocked that this bug has not been rectified after I and many others reported this many months ago. I think all things considered this is quite a major bug that surely supercedes alot of the others. Disappointed to get so far to then realise most of my first team are out of action.
  2. Thanks ED. Formation & Tactics noted/bookmarked for next time. Very similar set-up to my current save...I do have the players for those roles/duties.
  3. Thanks Rashidi. Shamefully, I was toast and embarassed by the result, however, it was their first win against me and I do sit in 2nd place with a few games to go until end of season. I can't wait to face that formation again and try some things out...
  4. Fantastic, thanks Westy for your input and explaining your theories. Yes, that thread of yours I have read along with Hernes and Experienced Defender. Sometimes, I just like reading your guys threads where even now I can still learn. ;-)
  5. I forgot to add, I have Sanchez as CDd and Toby as BPDd. I also have Felipe Luiz.
  6. Yes, that looks good. I must admit, I have already played this game a few days ago and lost. I had 3 victories in 3 against City, but that was when they played the 4123 like me. I tried but failed in this set up they used above, but I will remember your advice for next time I face them away from home. I have no problem dropping my wingers back a strata. I'd rather lose a little bit of tactical familiarity and gain a better chance of winning, than have fluid TF and losing. I do play as Spurs and I use either Dier or Tousart as a HBd role. I think that may still be ok and maybe change the role to a DMd. Kane could be my DLF and I now have Felix who could be the IW on the left (he cuts inside) and Gelson Martins on the right. So, provisional set-up could be like this: DLFa IWs BBMs CMa Wa DMd FBs CDd BPDd FBs SKd Lloris on goal (I also have a maturing Lafont) Tierney as FBs aswell as Militao on FBs? Dier as DMd? Felix as IWs? Alli as CMa? Martins as Wa or maybe IWa? Eriksen is not a BBM but with Alli attacking as a CMa, maybe Eriksen as a RPM or APs? Kane as a DLFa? What do you think Westy?
  7. Hi, As per subject title. Just seeking opinions please. I use either the 4-2CM-3-1 (Wide) or my main tactic which is the 4-1-4-1 DM Wide (which I think is now the 4-1-2-3). They are weak centrally with only 2 CM's who are not really defensive minded, however, they could be weak down the flanks with their aggressive wing-backs overlapping/supporting their wingers? Attack narrow through the middle and defend wide perhaps? Many thanks
  8. Experienced Defender, Your DL(Rose/Davies) is an IWB/su, and I am guessing you have opted against a WB/a or a CWB/a (overlapping the AP/s) due to the fact that you have the MCL as a MEZ/a? However, as I like the overlap on the left (WB/a - AP/s), what role/duty would you have for the MCL ? This change would then affect the penetration up front, so what would your roles/duties be for your striker etc?
  9. Hi Freddie, Just to note, it also appeared in 2026, so I think it is going to be every year now.
  10. I just drew my FA Cup 3rd round match 1-1 after 90 minutes. I was sure it would then be ET. However, it is now a replay? I looked at the FM in-game rules tab and it does say, "after a draw at 90 mins there will be ET then penalties"....??
  11. Incidentally, I had to play a GK at LB and also RB amongst other greyed out players. In fairness, Liverpool had a similiar problem but not as severe as mine. Strange game, I was 0-2 down and won the game 3-2. Go figure !!!
  12. Hi Christopher, Save game file is called: "NEW Tottenham Hotspur FC" Many thanks.
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