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  1. Thanks ED. Formation & Tactics noted/bookmarked for next time. Very similar set-up to my current save...I do have the players for those roles/duties.
  2. Thanks Rashidi. Shamefully, I was toast and embarassed by the result, however, it was their first win against me and I do sit in 2nd place with a few games to go until end of season. I can't wait to face that formation again and try some things out...
  3. Fantastic, thanks Westy for your input and explaining your theories. Yes, that thread of yours I have read along with Hernes and Experienced Defender. Sometimes, I just like reading your guys threads where even now I can still learn. ;-)
  4. I forgot to add, I have Sanchez as CDd and Toby as BPDd. I also have Felipe Luiz.
  5. Yes, that looks good. I must admit, I have already played this game a few days ago and lost. I had 3 victories in 3 against City, but that was when they played the 4123 like me. I tried but failed in this set up they used above, but I will remember your advice for next time I face them away from home. I have no problem dropping my wingers back a strata. I'd rather lose a little bit of tactical familiarity and gain a better chance of winning, than have fluid TF and losing. I do play as Spurs and I use either Dier or Tousart as a HBd role. I think that may still be ok and maybe ch
  6. Hi, As per subject title. Just seeking opinions please. I use either the 4-2CM-3-1 (Wide) or my main tactic which is the 4-1-4-1 DM Wide (which I think is now the 4-1-2-3). They are weak centrally with only 2 CM's who are not really defensive minded, however, they could be weak down the flanks with their aggressive wing-backs overlapping/supporting their wingers? Attack narrow through the middle and defend wide perhaps? Many thanks
  7. Experienced Defender, Your DL(Rose/Davies) is an IWB/su, and I am guessing you have opted against a WB/a or a CWB/a (overlapping the AP/s) due to the fact that you have the MCL as a MEZ/a? However, as I like the overlap on the left (WB/a - AP/s), what role/duty would you have for the MCL ? This change would then affect the penetration up front, so what would your roles/duties be for your striker etc?
  8. My current version states 19.2.3-1187971 (m.e v1922) Game created on version 1177438 Am I on the latest version of the game?
  9. Just need clarification whether the following still occurs 'under the hood' in the match engine OR whether it is now separate i.e. Mentalities, Defensive Line, LOE. So, in the previous versions of FM, if you'd changed your mentality from say Attacking to Counter, your DL would also change to a 'deeper' setting. However, now and from reading I am not 100% sure whether this is still the case or not as DL and the new addition of LOW being introduced whether the mentality is just the risk setting and the DL and LOE now adjusts how high/low your DL is and the LOE sets the engagement?
  10. Very interesting read here: https://bitterandblue.sbnation.com/2019/1/16/18183556/manchester-city-tactics-the-benefits-of-proper-fullbacks-tactical-analysis-wolverhampton-wolves
  11. The year is 2034-2036. Absolutely anyone can pull this off as the game becomes notoriously easier by then, you can just 'click & continue' for fun, it becomes boring. But hey, well done on your feat.
  12. Just to let you know, I choose an EPL club to manage (Spurs) and loaded the 'big' leagues. So, I am unsure whether a bug or legit? The link above was the 'French' example, but if you look at Germany, they are all set to none. Holland and Mexico for example the 'none' is greyed out. For your convenience, to make it easier Neil, I have uploaded the save on the FMcloud, called, "TEST NEW DB" just now....
  13. I was setting up my save last night and picked my leagues/nations etc and then I went to 'match detail level' to change them to none. As I scrolled down, some of the nations (not all) still had some competitions set to the default 'later stages' and that you couldn't change them to 'none' as it was greyed out. E.g. I remember France, Holland & Mexico were like that from memory. Unfortunately, I do not have a screenshot to show you, but I can this evening.
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