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  1. @wkdsoul Excellent skin, thank you! Quick question , my player images won't show when i scroll over them. Any idea how to fix?
  2. If a 4-4-2 on attacking has 100% pressing as a TI, do I need to play my two strikers as PF's to "max out" their pressing, or could I get the same effect with other striker roles (such as a P and DLF) since my TI's on pressing are already maxed out? The individual player pressing bar looks to be maxed out no matter the role, but wanted to see if you have any insight. Thanks!
  3. Great advice, thank you! I'll look to test out whipped crosses against teams who tend to sit back and crowd the box against me.
  4. I looked at the tooltips, and they still leave me a bit confused. Both whipped and low crosses seem to be targeted at smaller players, but I'm not sure what traits I should look for out of my players to differentiate between the two.
  5. Where can I find these tool tips? I’ve just looked at the descriptions on the tactic screen. Thank you.
  6. My attack has average height but excellent off the ball, anticipation, finishing, with above average heading. My main crossers have above average crossing and with excellent speed, agility, acceleration. Should I opt for low or whipped crosses? I’ve never really understood the benefit of low crosses compared to whipped crosses unless you really want headers instead of balls into feet.
  7. @AceAvenger Any update yet on your new 1860 save? Very interested to hear how you're coming along. I got interested in Pep's total football and messed around with that, but the results were nothing close to the gegenpress you built. The goal-scoring potential with the 4-4-2 you created is insane - definitely happy with it and will be going back to it now after I've won 4 straight Bundesliga titles. Now I just need to win he CL. I finally have the players to do it (I think). I have some great CB's coming through that have excellent BPD traits. Might get creative and try 2 BPDs...
  8. I’ll try a PF-A up top and go with IW-S on each side and see how that works. Thanks!
  9. @DjuicerI’m still not getting many good scoring chances, still having the same Issues as before. Not really getting my best attacking players scoring chances, even with a F9 with good attributes and comes deep to get ball. Any ideas?
  10. Thanks for the suggestion, I might give this a go. Just need to see how it'll affect player's mentality and my high press. I like the striker position because it allows me to press higher up.
  11. Good call, I'll buy someone this window to play the position. Now I guess I also have at least two players I thought could play the position I need to sell... I'll also add the "stay wider" to my right IW-S. Hopefully this draws play closer to the right boundary to open up the left.
  12. Thanks! Really hard to find the right player with all these traits... I have players who have all the right attributes, but all three in the right role failed to pick up the "comes deep" trait on my first attempt.
  13. @Djuicer@OJ@crusadertsar Quick update on my save, my tactic is very very good defensively. I'm at the mid-season break and currently sitting top of the league and won my CL group - winning lots of games which I'm pleased about. However, I'm not winning by a large margin (especially against weak teams), and most of my goals are coming from good shots from talented players, not clear cut chances. Going into the second half of the season, I'm looking for some ideas on how to get my best striker who I've been playing as a IF-A on the left more involved. He often gets stuck out wide with the ball and is always marked well by the opposition. I'm struggling to get him in space. He's been the leading goal scorer in Europe 2 or 3 years now and is hardly scoring for me at all now. I tried to put "sits narrower" on him but then he's just marked more easily - I'm trying to get him to move into the channels (has the PI) so when I overload the right, he's finding gaps in the defense for scoring opportunities. The kicker to my formation is that I don't have any players with the "comes deep to get ball" trait. I believe this could be a big issue based on what I've read on this board about the way the F9 is used in this years game. From here, I'm considering one of two options that I wanted to get the board's opinion on: 1. Simply buy another F9 with the "comes deep to get ball" trait. 2. Convert my IF-A who has excellent OTB and ANT into a CF-S up front instead of the F-9 and change the IF-A on the left to a IW-S. Of course I drew PSG in the CL first knockout stage...
  14. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Fantastic thread! Do you use any PIs like "get further forward" for your IWs?
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