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  1. Can someone help me out here? Thought I heard that this was a new feature this year. Thanks!
  2. Great, ill give that a go, much appreciated! i was thinking more patientt as well... might use some pre-sets as far as defensive alignment and other new features go until I get a better feel for the game.
  3. haha thanks for the suggestions, i dont get to watch too many bayern games so any player-specific ideas are welcome, looking forward to giving this a go. so far i think i want to mix control possession and gegenpress styles
  4. Thanks @herne79 I am referencing FM19 and had a chance to play with the tactic creator. I like certain aspects of the "retain possession" pre-set tactic but am looking for ideas that cater specifically to Bayern. Was hoping to get some more ideas of how Bayern plays in real life, especially considering width, when/how to counter, set up defensively, etc. since there's so much more to the tactical equation this year.
  5. I am looking for ideas of how they play that I can incorporate into FM. I know they usually play a high line and try to win the ball back quickly with heavy possession, but that’s all I can think of. Ideas are welcome!
  6. I took 1860 to the top in '18 to win three straight Buli titles over Bayern. Still didn't win a Champions League with them though... Don't know whether I want to go with them again or play as Bayern, my favorite team... ideas???
  7. I figured it out, loans weren’t part of the deal but I negotiated them. A little bit misleading but oh well
  8. it says it is a loan partnership, can someone explain what the deal is?
  9. @FrazT@Roger West Brom is my affiliate since I am in the Bundesliga and they are in Sky Bet, I've even had the option to match to buy their players so I know we have an affiliation, just not seeing the loaning option
  10. The date is within England’s transfer window and the player is available for loan
  11. I'm still not seeing the option. Please advise, thank you
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