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  1. Yes it does, I'll send pics and try and get a save later. Bournemouth had out bid for Zaracho but apparently that transfer didn't go through.
  2. It's as simple as the title, I'm Fulham and struggling to sign anyone as my budget is pitiful, whereas clubs such as Bournemouth, are spending over 80 million on players. Outbidding me 3 times for different players with an apparent unlimited transfer budget. Yet when I started a save with Bournemouth my budget was peanuts. How can I compete when teams around me are spending untold fortunes and I can't get more than 20 million? Bournemouth aren't the only team, even Huddersfield are splashing money like its nothing.
  3. See pic attached but apparently England have a lack of goal keepers and left backs as the current squad is relying on fake greyed out players to fill the squad.
  4. No I do not. It's not the end of the world just a little frustrating.
  5. Can I add to this, seems odd, but I signed Ben Wilmot on the back of scout reports suggesting potential 4* ability. He arrived with the same potential, I've been playing him and his performances have been steady and I look at his potential and over the course of a game week it dropped from 2 stars for current ability to 1 star, and 4 stars for potential too only 2 stars potential. How does this happen? Not even half way through my first season and I already feel like I've been conned into buying a player who apparently has no future at the club.
  6. Just compressing the file on my phone, then uploading it.
  7. You'll notice on that save, 5 transfers, pre-contact agreements won't go through, so the players are in limbo. Stuck at one club in a perpetual transfer that won't go anywhere.
  8. 2 different saves I'm playing, but juventus seem to be culprits.
  9. Does it matter I'm almost at the end of the season? If not ill upload the save. Both players have yet to play for the first team and are sitting in the under 23s. And I keep getting notifications that they're glad to be back in the side etc yet this comes up as them being in the u23s still. Edit: there are a host of crazy signings on this save. Teams signing players and letting them go almost instantly. Playing them for 4 or 5 games then releasing them. Alot of free signings who never end up playing a game. Just seems bizarre.
  10. Any luck on this? L played once, for 3 teams so far. Free agent again. And not even half way point of season 1
  11. This happened alot on fmm18 and I see no change, if anything it's worse, juventus have signed fekir and Boateng. For over 100 million combined and both players are in the U23s and haven't yet played for the first team? Why? Another issue, lots of teams are making some bogus signings. Ie City signing a 20 year old gk who will never play as he is awful. But he was a free transfer. That or clubs like Oldham are signing 15 players, then releasing a lot of them 3 or 4 games later only to then sign a other 10 players all on free transfers.
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