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  1. Good comments. But I'm finding with MLS rules I know, it's difficult to find where to apply them or review their status in FM. DPs would be one example. Clear info on the current distribution of Allocation Funds or where to adjust them. Perhaps setting up custom player list views? Feels suspiciously like doing a tax return!
  2. I realize FM is mostly undocumented, but finding how to manage MLS sides seems particularly difficult. I know enough about the complexities of MLS rules to at least know I am not an expert. Three times I've run a team to the point when registration needs to be completed but I cannot get designated player designations or resolve other player classification problems. The messages in FM that suggest where to go to fix problems don't seem to match options in those screens. But wth the lack of FM documentation in general, it's easy to see how an option can be buried somewhere unexpected. Perhaps the goal of playing MLS is just to get past registration ;-) but that does make for short games/careers. In spite of the impressive modelling within FM the game this aspect of the interface is really detracting from the game and my rating of it for MLS is crashing. Any comments or suggestions on where to find out how to meet MLS requirements in FM? Cheers,
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