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  1. Ah I just tried it and I don't think it works anymore
  2. Is there any chance at all of the ability to use a 'real' manager photo, as was possible before the latest patch, making a comeback? I understand that it wasn't supposed to be in the game in the first place, but given how many people have said that it negatively impacts their enjoyment of the game it seems weird to have removed it.
  3. artiebucco

    Manager picture!!

    So is there any chance at all of this feature coming back? It sounds petty but I have found it virtually impossible to really get into a save whilst being forced into using the generated manager picture.
  4. artiebucco

    Manager picture!!

    Definitely agree with this. It's a shame it got patched out, because other than not being able to use a manager picture, this has been one of my favourite FM titles. Without being able to choose a picture I find the generated avatar spoils the look of the game alongside using the facepack, which really hampers my enjoyment of the game. There seems to have been a lot of support on the forums for bringing back the manager picture before the workaround was discovered, which makes it fairly puzzling as to why they patched it out.