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  1. Unfortunately the Lato font you used doesn't "yet" have all characters in Extended Latin. Sadly for me, that also includes the ĂăȘșȚț letters in Romanian (that I checked, I'm guessing there are more missing). I'll do my best to try and find a replacement font on my own that doesn't break the UI, but please use a font with a full set of characters for the final version. Edit: the otf font you included doesn't have the characters, but the ttf version which I got from here does. All works fine at first look after a quick search and replace in the files.
  2. Trying these out atm. I noticed that youth schedules are only separated into GK, CB, MC and STR. Can anyone tell me if it's better to put a, for example, 17 y.o. ML into MC (youth) or leave him in General training?
  3. I've put a reminder in my Google Calendar for 15.10 to come back here and look for photos. Have fun there!
  4. According to some sources I found (can't be sure they are correct though), it should be: Parid Xhihani ~parid dzee-hanee. The accent should fall on the 'a' in the first name and the final 'i' in the last name. The Algerian one is more complicated since you don't know in which language he pronounces his last name. The first one is pretty clearly French so it's /lu:'ne/. The last name could be either (imho) /ga.wa.'ui/ or /ga.wa.'wi/ with the accent on the last syllable.
  5. Thanks for the link. I uploaded my save as well.
  6. I have two screenies for you: Granted, 6.60 isn't great, but it's not his fault my defence makes it easy for him. Childish, but I lol'd.
  7. Seeing as how it was 0-0 at the time, this is probably the most redundant phrase ever uttered.
  8. IPA: /mihaj onikaʃ/. Pronounced roughly as mee-hy aw-nee-kah-sh. The accent falls on the 'a' in both words/
  9. Well... this was hard to beat. What's next on the list?
  10. This must the best name ever! Poor kid must've suffered a lot in school.
  11. When tutoring younger colleagues, start every other explanation on why stuff isn't working as it should with "it's your tactics".
  12. Simon Kjær: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBWD1wACTmE&feature=related at 1:08 and 1:40, during a Danish award ceremony.
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