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  1. Thanks - can you point me in the direction of the thread?
  2. Not sure if this is known, but since the last update I have 2 issues with match engine: 1 - slight pause before each goal 2 - Yellow cards appear on the bottom of the screen at the start of the match! I have a JPEG, dunno how to upload
  3. Is this a known problem? It has been doing this on my laptop since Wednesday when the update was auto downloaded. Takes ages to load a game. when it loads, it keeps freezing and looks like it will crash. anything I can do?
  4. Been playing this morning, looking for the old match overview, which enabled me to see match stats and ratings while there were no highlights Really disappointed that SI have removed that. Really.
  5. Hi all, I want my match screen to be like FM12 - so when there are no highlights showing, I want the left side to show player ratings, and right side to show match stats. and then when there are highlights, those to take over whole screen any way of doing that in FM13?
  6. Beta version to DVD

    Hang on, is version 13.1.1 the right one?
  7. Beta version to DVD

    Thanks for help, loving it
  8. Beta version to DVD

    So I do not actually ever need the DVD?
  9. I downloaded the Beta version I now have the game on DVD Is it best to delete the Beta version and then install the DVD?
  10. When should we have got our codes? I pre-ordered yesterday
  11. Been playing this game for a while, but as of this morning, when I click "load last game" it loads about an inch of the blue line then the whole laptop freezes any ideas? There is no message of corruption or anything
  12. Hi all, I have got this error message, out of nowhere! Any ideas why - it was running fine when I last played FM last week. All that has changed on my laptop is today it ran a CHKDSK. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the suggestions guys - I have worked on something and it seems to work 4-2-3-1 Balanced and control. Full-backs both automatic 1 CM is box to box The other CM is set to Defend The AMC is set as AM The left winger is set as Inside Forward The right winger as winger The AMC set to dribble often, through ball often. Box-to-box to shoot often and run with ball often The forward is Advanced Forward Short passing, middle tempo, counter attack and you know what, it works a treat. Loads of possession, loads of attacking threat but a rigid shape means I am defensively mean.
  14. In game, Palace have Zaha and Scannell - both dead quick. So I have those outlets - I just want to keep a solid defensive base, organisation and minimise the chances the opposition has. I need help!