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  1. 现在的引擎AI的进攻很多就是后场一个大脚就完全单刀了,很不合理,建议修正,尤其是对于那些位置感与盯人都极佳的中后卫,频频被长传打身后失球是很不合理的
  2. 我2080显卡玩儿着都卡,据爆棚论坛一位网友的调查,是因为游戏运行的时候一直在尝试与一个爱尔兰的服务器连接,然而强国是有墙的,所以就会无限尝试连接又连接不上,导致大陆玩家比赛时候无论如何都会卡顿或者感觉帧数极低,但是要是把网线给拔了就好了
  3. 说白了直接给个球员数据库可选择语言的选项不就得了
  4. is it a new game to take effect or can be use to my current game?
  5. but why did you change the transfer window...... what is the point of doing this?
  6. i have been playing for half a season. Is there a way to solve the problem of the transfer window bug?
  7. are you kidding me the bundesliga's transport window from December 29th to August 30th?! you waste me 65 hours......
  8. i find text in the dortmund 2 summary:“do not introduce players older than 23” but did not say cann‘t use players over 23 years old.
  9. Why is the Dortmund 2 team have age limit? players who reach the age of 24 will not be eligible to enter
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