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  1. also forgot to mention I was getting hammered by bottom table teams in league when I was like on 1st 2nd posiiton?? is there something i want to do versus these teams?
  2. After reading this I turned white and stopped to breath... I played for weaker team in first czech league "Zbrojovka Brno" (possesion focus) AND I HAD INCREDIBLE SUCCESS... 3rd in league!!! (1st Sparta Praha and 2nd Viktoria Plzen, it was kinda obvious these two would dominate...) overall I enjoyed watching it so the great result was extra for me (my focus was to stay in league, get some confidence from owner of club and slowly but surely upgrade players for each role - EURO CUP NEXT SEASON??? I DIDNT SEE THAT COMING LOL) BUT TO THE POINT => MY AP were insanely invisible to
  3. b) http://imgur.com/a/Ug5HX so for example it should look like 20% team cohesion (2 new players) and 80% of one general training? c) so if i choose general training attacking and adjust winger,striker and midfielder to train finishing (or some atribute from attacking training) it will go better? 2. omg i was so wrong then... vs stronger teams i would set for defending, vs weaker attacking etc. + 1 additional question - I have 100% tactic knowledge, how should i set this: http://imgur.com/a/IEKrL
  4. Hello, I have a few questions, please help: 1. General training - I know what each type stands for but my question are: a) How long should I stick with one type for example Attacking? (3 weeks? 3 months?...) b) There is training overview with % for all types. Any prefered distribution? - Especially for my possesion/control tactic? c) Your opinion on balanced training? ... Result of 24/7 balanced? 2. Preparation for match - should i get scout with tactical knowledge and scout current skills => with tactical knowledge and current skills he will suggest most suitable prepa
  5. Hello everyone, could you advise me what player traits should I train my players/youngsters - so they are prepared already for possesion/control tactic? Like for example DL (FB support) and DR (FB attack) could possibly have "likes to switch ball to other flank"?? If you're bored ---> Help appreciated a LOT!
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