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  1. I alreay have Chief Scout Dave Leadbeater who is decent, but I needed more scouts, so I've brought George Rooney and Derek Langley. I've just signed Derek Langley as chief scout for Portsmouth in L2, great minds
  2. Just going by what you've told us there is naturally going to be a big gap behind your wingers, especially if you are playing them in the AML/AMR slots. I don't believe that CMs alone would be able to cover this ground and the middle of the park also, so unfortunately it may be a case of sacrificing some of the attacking potential of your wingers to a more conservative approach. Personally I would try playing them in the ML/MR slots with a support duty. Maybe give them player tactics that restrict how far up the pitch they go but still provide decent assists opportunities for your two strikers. Things like 'cross ball from deep' can be helpful, meaning they will beat a man and deliver an early ball without consciously striving to touch the byline. Crossing attribute would likely have to be strong and well as anticipation/off the ball for your strikers.
  3. I picked up Fabio Coentrao from RM for around 9mil, he was great as a first team player and fit the team perfectly in the wingback system I was using. Could most definitely play as a more conventional LB though. I cheekily resigned Cesc too, he was listed as world class and managed to negotiate a transfer of 18mil in the first transfer window. Great first team player, scored goals and made assists. The best thing was that he contributed to the home grown quota too
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