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  1. FM11: Blackburn Rovers Thread

    Mingus how do you set up your front 3?
  2. The chairman just accepted a 31mil offer for hamsik I didnt want to sell him, wanted to keep him until he retired Anyway im at the start of the second season, finished 3rd. Any good players, preferably better than hamsik that i can get with that money? Edit: He rejected Man United!
  3. FM11: Romelu Lukaku

    I play find the complete forward role suits him best
  4. FM2010: Alberto Paloschi

    yea i made a team and put it in the championships etc castries is the capital of st lucia which is where i am born
  5. FM10: Toni Kroos

    great player too bad germany nationalis messed up, he would be great! Maybe he will soontake the english nationality and be great for them
  6. FM10: Lacina Traoré

    great target man
  7. drew first game of the season. Giggs saved his team with a free kick on the edge of the area but nonetheless i though we did pretty well
  8. what instructions would you guys give to tevez and adebayor up front? currently tevez is a ancd forward and adebayor a deep lying forward support. About to play my first game of the season vs man united :S
  9. hi i just started a save with man city playing a upside down T formation should i get gourcuff or riquelme as a trequartista? will update all my transfers after the window
  10. FM10 - Official Players Role Thread

    can anyone help me with kikin fonesca, alexis sanchez and di natele? Fonesca plays up front on his own with sanchezon the right wing and di natele on the left wing. Gone 5 games without scoring :O
  11. gonna start a save with udinese. will update after my transfers
  12. First Save In FM 2010?

    Chelsea cause i support them and then man city cause its always fun to use them