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  1. Are there any good players close to getting Saudi citizenship? Some of your loan army?
  2. Will u continue this or has this save stopped?
  3. Great work Timo. Not sure if I will play fm20 soon, but when I want to, there are really fun leagues available thanks to you.
  4. Brilliant save so far and really interesting idea!
  5. Going brilliant so far. Hope there are gonna be some amazing youngsters in the coming seasons. Do you scout in Africa? There are always great cheap players there. Especially for sides like this.
  6. Brilliant save once again Makoto! Looking forward seeing u manage in the countries that normally act in the AFC Cup. Vietnam is a really fun country to manage in!
  7. What countries are available with the current airmiles?
  8. Amazing save once again! Maybe the spin of the Hexagon challenge in the challenges section is something for you.
  9. How do teams from Cyprus do in the Europa League for the past seasons?
  10. How many teams from Cyprus qualify for the champions league in your save?
  11. Is the Cypriot national team any good? I notice that a lot of foreigners are now from Cyprus in your game. How long does it take for foreigners to gain Cypriot citizenship?
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