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  1. Brilliant save once again Makoto! Looking forward seeing u manage in the countries that normally act in the AFC Cup. Vietnam is a really fun country to manage in!
  2. What countries are available with the current airmiles?
  3. Amazing save once again! Maybe the spin of the Hexagon challenge in the challenges section is something for you.
  4. Where did Omonia manager Schlager go?
  5. How do teams from Cyprus do in the Europa League for the past seasons?
  6. How many teams from Cyprus qualify for the champions league in your save?
  7. Is the Cypriot national team any good? I notice that a lot of foreigners are now from Cyprus in your game. How long does it take for foreigners to gain Cypriot citizenship?
  8. Timo released enough countries to start the challenge in his latest update
  9. Really nice challenge! Especially the African and Asian countries will be a challenge, resources are very limited. When will u start?
  10. Best career on this forum in my opinion. I was just wondering what your all time best/favourite first team would be of this save. We already know who is the striker
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