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  1. Probably it is never going to be done? cause I've read somewhere yours PC burned down...
  2. Is there any file with 2005-06 or 2006-07 setup?
  3. Where has this thread disappeared? https://community.sigames.com/topic/520279-fm19-suffering-from-ptsd-post-too-many-saves-disorderor-perfectionist-take-six-damn/page/3/#comments
  4. Mate are you working on it? as you have not released anything for a while
  5. Would someone do Slovakia to level 8? All data is on http://futbalnet.sk ,I can help you navigate through the pages.
  6. Eswatini First Division (D2): Young Movers Vovovo Hlathikhulu Tycoons Ludzeludze Killers Tambankulu Callies Umbelebele Tinyosi Rangers Seven Dreams Madlenya Mbabane Citizens Illovo Source:http://pls.co.sz/Soccer/2020/01/22/callies-face-umbelebele
  7. Turkmenistani 2nd division: "Final six": http://tff.com.tm/tk/news/birinji-liganyň-toparlary-türkmenistanyň-çempionatynda-bäsleşerler-0 search for all zone winners and you will get the league tables: http://tff.com.tm/tk/news/birinji-aýlawyň-duşuşyklary-tamamlandy http://tff.com.tm/tk/node/1401 http://tff.com.tm/tk/news/“kerwen”-birinji-orna-dolandy http://tff.com.tm/tk/news/kaka-etrabynyň-topary-birinji-orny-eýeleýär http://tff.com.tm/tk/news/«derýaçy»-―-birinji-liganyň-lebap-zolagynyň-ýeňijisi http://tff.com.tm/tk/news/“olimp”-ynamly-öňdeligi-eýeleýär
  8. Please add to your Comoros file too Mwali and Ndzuani (Anjouan) second divisions. https://m.facebook.com/SportsComores/photos/a.798153893575919/2134890576568904/?type=3&source=54 https://m.facebook.com/SportsComores/photos/a.798153893575919/2633496800041610/?type=3&source=54 https://m.facebook.com/SportsComores/photos/a.798153893575919/2725825394142083/?type=3&source=54 Thanks!
  9. Great @Weiry! Please make Slovak pyramid too... Info about leagues is at this page I can help you understand it! ;)
  10. Totally overhauled tournament and that obligate opening match between Oceanic and domestic champion still stays
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