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  1. Third League Bratislava Teams in database: Slovan Bratislava (B Team,7560713), Rača (63000901), Pezinok (63002691), Dunajská Lužná(63023685), Bernolákovo (63010797) Missing: Devínska Nová Ves (Bratislava), Rohožník, Rovinka, Most pri Bratislave, Báhoň, Tomášov, Malacky, Rusovce (Bratislava), Ivanka pri Dunaji, Vajnory (Bratislava), Lozorno Third League West Teams in database: Púchov (138174), Šaľa (7562533), Nitra (B Team, 7565210), Trnava (B Team, 7565211), Gabčíkovo (63025681), Nové Mesto nad Váhom (63000906), Nové Zámky(63010801) Missing: Malženice, Beluša, Lednické Rovne, Kalná nad Hronom, Veľké Ludince, Galanta Borčice (63027870) merged into Považská Bystrica Nemšová (63000914) merged into Trenčianske Teplice Please create B Team to Zlaté Moravce (or maybe reactivate Vráble (63000917) and put affiliation as B Team?) Link Third League Center Teams in database: Ružomberok (B Team, 63001423), Rimavská Sobota (1301171), Liptovský Hrádok (63032362), Fiľakovo (37073713), Zvolen (63010804), Lučenec (7564895), Námestovo (63023675), Martin (63023671), Podbrezová (B Team, 63001432), Čadca (63000880) Missing: Oravské Veselé, Žarnovica, Kalinovo, Poltár, Liptovská Štiavnica, Krásno nad Kysucou Third League East Teams in database: Košice (63035357), Vranov nad Topľou (7560021), Humenné (1613), Stropkov (63000891), Spišská Nová Ves (63000895), Prešov (B Team, 63002925), Milénium (63025385) Missing: Snina, Šarišské Michaľany, Svidník, Krompachy, Veľké Revištia, Gelnica, Plavnica, Giraltovce (Rožňava withdrew) Fourth Leagues: Bratislava - Veľké Leváre (7560710), Svätý Jur (63031002); Senec (63000904) is not extinct? West - North-West Myjava(63010727), Vrbové (63000920), Prievidza (63029455); Jaslovské Bohunice (63004278) are not extinct? West - South-East - Topoľčany (7560020) Center - North - Bánová, Teplička nad Váhom, Dolný Kubín Center - South - Rakytovce East - North - Poprad (B Team), Stará Ľubovňa East - South
  2. The database seems to be a mess, bearing in mind that Slovakia has similar pyramid to nearby Austria and they have all leagues in database and for Slovakia there is not even a 3rd division like in all other countries with 2 divisions...
  3. should be ticked to make them go to play-offs
  4. Why are you telling him fake rules? It is 9 groups of 10-14 teams IRL –––––––––––––––––––––––––––-- It must always hurt when the rules dont work Lithuanian and Montenegrin 3rd leagues seems similar to Kosovar in terms of database (but there are some teams to remove), could you look at it? https://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-2019/league/2300049/lithuanian-lower-leagues https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_II_Lyga https://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-2019/league/62002147/montenegrin-lower-league https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montenegrin_Third_League
  5. History should be only in 1 file, otherwise it will be duplicated
  6. There is option in editor 'Can non-promoted teams play in top play-off?' or something like that
  7. I certainly did not wanted to ask not politely, probably just used bad phrase as I dont know English good And agree with Kosovo 3rd div, but it is not possible to make them gain more CL/EL spots I afraid
  8. Would you mind doing the 6th division of Holland? Especially when there are only 11 leagues, while in Austria, Portugal, Norway etc there are 20+ leagues added?
  9. 'lower leagues divised in 2 for good relegation/promotion with the 2nd tier." Means that that you divide the teams into Bosnia Lower League and Republic Srpska Lower League?
  10. Do you have domestic cups in your databases + have you Saint Barthelemy (which was not last year in game)?
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1558639824&searchtext=
  12. Probably imported rules from previous FMs are incompatible with this years editor https://community.sigames.com/topic/454831-bug-when-testing-rules-from-imported-fm18-file/
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