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  1. For people playing with the hotfix now, could we get a screenshot of a player being rejected? Is there a bit more detail in the reason given so that we know if it's close or not?
  2. I surely hope now that all is announced, SI will provide more info for the managers attempting to buy foreign players, perhaps via scouts informing the manager that "player A will get so many points because of playing so many games for country and so many games for club". Miles just replied to my tweet telling me to post on the forum's suggestions forums, but I think this topic here is the place to push for such changes to be included in the hotfix being prepared. For me, that fix will determine whether i'll buy the game i've been playing since the CM days, or it'll be the first year tha
  3. Look at the OP. This topic is not about editing Brexit
  4. Could this topic be renamed slightly, like "brexit impact on the game" or feedback on brexit impact, so that it helps users post accordingly?
  5. Thanks for your reply. I really don't mind about any brexit scenario, even if that means I'll only have to buy English players. But from what I had read the whole system was flawed, with teams not readjusting their visions, having appeals accepted after 6 months after no changes in player status, etc. I'd like to know whether those issues seem sorted now
  6. Could someone please post about the actual topic, namely how Brexit looks like in the end product? Do the issues discussed in here still appear? Still waiting for feedback to see whether I'd get the game or wait for patches...
  7. Could anyone post how the Brexit rules appear in the game now? Eager to purchase, but definitely want to see whether they've become any clearer
  8. Yes i know that section, but does one know what that threshold is, i.e. how many more points are required, and how those points are allocated?
  9. No, not asking about the real-life future. CJG21 is saying that he has not seen anyone posting screenshots of players who fulfil all the criteria and not getting work permits. So, I'm asking him to list the criteria, maybe he's got inside info as to what they specifically are
  10. I see you don't have a recruitment package, would that also limit your scope of players? Even if 42 out of 6845 does look like very few.
  11. Yep, having been monitoring this discussion since its start, the two different discussions you rightly spotted are: People annoyed at SI implementing the hard Brexit (which is likely to be the scenario anyway) and trying to find ways to change that so that it won't "ruin" their experience Vs People who (like me) want the point system to be more thoroughly explained, and bugs allowing people to sign any talent on appeal to be fixed before the official release
  12. I'm only fuming about it because it is flawed, well i'm not really fuming yet because it IS only the Beta. But I'm really waiting to see how this flawed system will be sorted, so that I decide whether I will buy this year's game. And i suspect i'm not the only one who doesn't like the idea of exploiting this flawed system either. I don't mind the Brexit, i didn't mind about the different Brexit scenarios implemented in other FM versions, because they were coded properly, albeit there was some random effect involved, which was understandable anyway.
  13. It is even documented on video now on youtube, i don't think i'm allowed to share, but obviously everyone can do a search, that the work-permit system is clearly broken, just having to wait for 120 days and all work permits for promising youth are granted. I really hope this is sorted in the final release.
  14. Even the wording before that "wage of N/A or above" seems to imply that the application failed!!! ("Upon appeal he would fail to meet the required points threshold")
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