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  1. Thanks for your reply. Just checked this with a new game, signed 7 players on loan, all over 25 years old, screenshot:
  2. I tried multiple saves with Non-League teams (Vanarama North/South and Vanarama National) and it seems that the game doesn't count loan players towards the long-term limit of six. So I can basically get unlimited number of players on long term loans... The funny thing is the game does apply the second loan rule (2 players per club), so it won't allow you to get a third player from a club. I searched everywhere for this issue, and raised this in the bugs section, but I'm just wondering whether it's only my game. This wasn't an issue in previous versions of the game....Can anyone please confirm if this is a known issue or not?
  3. Could any LLM players talk about their budget when they got promoted to Vanarama National though? I mean did anyone else experience a huge bump from 30-40k to more than a million?
  4. So are you saying that it's almost unrealistic for a 6th-tier team to beat a 4th-tier team (Walsall) 1-0 at home on the First FA cup round, then beat a 5th-tier team (Hartlepool) 1-0 and then be drawn away to Chelsea? Really?
  5. Thanks for the reply. I haven't progressed to next season, so the only thing i see is from board expectation is that the plan of promotion to Vanarama National was completed 2 years ahead of schedule...Still regardless, within the same save I checked the highest total paid for transfers in the Vanarama National (29k from Barnet) and even Sky bet League Two (400k from Colchester)... surely it feels highly unrealistic and even like cheating, to be getting a 1.4 million transfer budget?...
  6. Just got promoted to Vanarama National with Dulwich Hamlet after season 1, and from 10k budget that I had, the board gave me 1.38 million euros. I only got 53k from players sold during the season... OK i went deep into the FA Cup (lost to Chelsea in the third round), so my overall balance is 2.5 milion...but is it realistic to be offering more than half the balance as a transfer budget? Is it not very unrealistic? I've been playing LLM football with every FM version for years, this is the first time I've come across this...
  7. I've been searching everywhere for this, I have exactly the same issue, tried multiple saves, multiple teams from Vanarama National League South/North and Vanarama National League. This is very annoying.. I don't want to start a long-term save where obvious bugs like this exist...
  8. It affects a LLM save in the long term, as WorcesterLegend said, going from the Championship to the Premiership. If it is a hard brexit, then you'll struggle to survive in the Premiership if you ever get there (that's what happened on my last save in FM18), if it's a soft brexit or no brexit, it won't really matter much, it can even be beneficial. I don't really care if it's a struggle, what I do care is the random date it is triggered. I even have a long save in FM19 that brexit never happened, and every single year there's the news item of "UK will not be leaving the EU". My fellow spurs fan, it's different to turn off injuries or the offside rule...these are fundamental. But what about the developers giving an option to mask attributes or not? That does change game experience doesn't it? Or adding key staff, or how about the official transfer data update, which has players transferred in the January transfer window from the start of your game if you choose to? Those are all unrealistic options in a simulation game.
  9. But having a few of those options coded in the game and activating one of them in a random date (year 1 to year 5!) makes this a frustrating game experience, at least for me. It STILL is a game. I don't want to play for 5 years until i know which of the scenarios the developers coded into the game will activate. I'm not talking as a manager in a random country, but a LLM manager. It's not like all the random funny things in the game like the world cup changing a country due to protests. That won't affect game experience. Within a game, it doesn't make any sense to feel the same uncertainty as in reality regarding brexit, if anyone playing LLM in England enjoys this randomness, please feel free to comment.
  10. But for LLM players, different brexit scenarios as they are coded in the game have a massive impact on game experience! It's like having easy/normal/hard mode. When a fact like this affects game experience so much, there should be at least some structure - lets say, a predetermined brexit scenario AS SOON AS you start a new game, so that you can fast forward and check if this will ruin your game or not. Don't get me wrong, if this was hard-coded, then I'd say, fair enough, I will play with the option the developers gave me. But to have so much randomness (in date/type of brexit) feels like I'm gambling when I start a long save.
  11. Hey guys, I thought so far that Brexit was determined when a new game starts, so because I don't want a hard brexit to ruin my long-term llm save, what I did was saved the game, went on holiday, and waited for the scenario to trigger... In one save that I progressed on holiday, a soft brexit did happen in 2021. So I decided to go back and start with the SAME save game, expecting the same outcome....Well, guess what, a hard brexit (work permit for everyone) triggered in November '18!!!.... I definitely don't want to play with that scenario, but I don't want to remove the brexit outcome all together.... Is there a way in a save game to determine the brexit scenario about to triggering?...or even the possible date. I don't want to play for 3 in-game years and then facing the worst possible scenario. This shouldn't be so random...
  12. I'm a premiership manager after gaining promotions from the conference, and I'm still getting linked to jobs from lower league teams, and asked at interviews if I'm interested...
  13. Ok, here's an update. I went on holiday for 3 years now, each year trying to see if the option is there to upgrade my training facilities, and the only option is to upgrade my youth facilities. I have been playing this save game for over a month now, I'm very disappointed, I always rely on developing my own players, and having poor training facilities doesn't help at all!!! I really need some feedback on what can I do to save my game here. Can I use an editor JUST to make the board request option appear??
  14. Hello, I'm not complaining here, I've just got a couple of questions/remarks for my Solihull Moors save. After a decade or so of in-game LLM football, I just managed promotion to the Premiership. While the team was in conference, I got an affiliate club with impressive training facilities, I think it was Loughborough University or something. So I was extremely happy to keep that affiliation since my training facilities were very poor. Now being in the Premier League and having millions in the bank, I decided to stop the affiliation, so that I improve my training facilities (an option never available since I had shared facilities). Problem is, the option to request the upgrade is not there (I stopped the affiliation in June and now it's July). Moreover, I have the feeling - from previous Fms that was the case - that it will take many years to fully upgrade the facilities, half a star each year. I understand that managing to promote a conference team to the Premiership is unrealistic, but since this unrealistic outcome is possible in FM, then surely a newly promoted club in the premier league can upgrade training facilities from very poor to decent in a year or so? And the final thing that bothers me, the club has a longterm affiliate (Birmingham) that says my youth players share training facilities with Birmingham. What exactly does this mean? Is upgrading my youth facilities of no use? Any feedback welcome. Thanks
  15. Thank you so much for the quick reply, save game uploaded named "Solihull Moors pantelas"
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