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  1. pop shot

    Last World Cup for...?

    Jamie Vardy Ashley Young
  2. pop shot

    Quarterfinals: Brazil vs Belgium

    Has neymar run his updated patch on his rag doll physics yet?
  3. Such a shame that one of these great, fantastic countries has to go out today...
  4. Perhaps the ‘it’s coming home’ ***** can stop now. First game against a decent team and England show their true colours.
  5. pop shot

    Germany v Sweden - 20.00 CET

    Come on Sweden.
  6. pop shot

    Poland - Senegal, 4pm BST

    Le twit.
  7. pop shot

    World Cup Betting Thread

    Whose the money on for Costa Rica vs Serbia then?
  8. pop shot

    England have just won the World Cup. What would you do?

    Wake up probably.
  9. pop shot

    The BBC asks "why is rock music less popular now?"

  10. pop shot

    Netflix thread.

    Does anyone know when this Sunderland doc will be available?
  11. And still £24 for 6 months on Amazon. Half Price basically.
  12. Yeah I've heard that, only a couple of hours to go till we find out I suppose.
  13. Seriously thinking about Game Pass - spesh now it on a deal on Amazon.
  14. My body is ready. Come on, MS - you need to pull a rabbit or two out of the hat.
  15. Other than that, do you recommend the game?