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  1. Can you write the corner/throw in setup for those of us who wants to set it up ourself?
  2. Wow, really? That would really steer me away from using FMT.
  3. Should've been uploaded now. Name is Per Frederiksen - Chelsea2
  4. I were using the newest database at the time. I just created a new game and he's back. But now another player is missing from the game, Ian Maatsen from Chelsea. This is a new save.
  5. Won the Premier League with Chelsea 2 seasons in a row with Beowulf. It's the tactic that has worked the best for me in this year's FM. I get too many yellow cards though, so I'm experimenting with the aggressiveness setting.
  6. It seems the winter update has removed Billy Gilmour.
  7. Which one would you recommend? Also, in TEA FOR ONE 451 P103, can I change which side the IF plays on?
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