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  1. If you switch to, for example the squad screen (F3) during a match, then the players status will go to full regardless of how tired they were. See screenshot.
  2. Sometimes the players are invisible, as you can see on the screenshot. I've also had a game, where there were a third color shirt on the pitch. For example, Blue Team, Red Team and Black Team.
  3. Can you show some results from the start of the game, and not when the game is filled with regens?
  4. For some reason, it seems that every other round in Champions League, it reverts back to the old substitute rules, with 7 on bench and 3 subs during match. Must be a bug?
  5. Can you write the corner/throw in setup for those of us who wants to set it up ourself?
  6. Won the Premier League with Chelsea 2 seasons in a row with Beowulf. It's the tactic that has worked the best for me in this year's FM. I get too many yellow cards though, so I'm experimenting with the aggressiveness setting.
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