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  1. Omg later i ll post screens...just won 2-4 barcelona with original squad alaves...match egine f... Up...with the 4231 narrow 3 AMs....i ll contonue to see if is that good...three amc doing party every game
  2. has anyone else tried 4231 narrow 3 AMs ...i have found very succesfull tactic...knap how your test league went whith the 4231 narrow 3 AMs ??
  3. Knap if its possible could u make 4321 ??which works cause mine i tried and havent good results
  4. When u say the narrow u mean the 343??can u post the tha formation of your west ham save?i want to see your statistics to the players...tnx in advance
  5. Knap...which one of the 3 defenders is tge best for underdog??343..3412...or 3511 iron maiden..???and we use oi??
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