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  1. Yes, is same point every time,Its 20 may 2018. I have antivirus but it is turned off. (name: AVAST antivirus) I have no Custom Graphics installed Yes, I have editor data files in my save game. I've tried to go on holiday, but still crashes.
  2. Yes, I've tried everything on that list. But still the game crashes, please help!
  3. Hello, last month i bought Football Manager 2017 I have played it much and often I also got little errors but that did not bother me. But until I get my 3th season started on the road to the Premier Division started to crash (application error) when I click on continue. I have tried everything in order to solve this. I have my drivers upgraded, I deleted Cache and Preferences, I have no skins or mods, my antivirus is turned off, there are no problems with my PC. I would like to get this resolved, can someone help me here? This the application error name: FM 2017 v17.2.0.914095 (2016.12.28 18.26.39).dmp System name: Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise
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