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  1. Team like Athletic Bilbao

    Hi, i want to know if there is any possiblity of create a team like Atheltic Bilbao, but for Catalunya. If there is, can you tell me? Thanks in advance.
  2. New "Adding B Team" Feature

    i want to know more about this too
  3. Great Burn (grande Burn ) I expect will be here a great database!
  4. *UNOFFICIAL* Basic Guide to the Editor

    Hey guys, How I can add a player's international debut?
  5. Project "Reino Manager

    Portuguese Third Division + Regional League (BETA) And don't forget that BETA does not include the teams with players. Warning! For the Update function properly should load all players playing in Portugal. (Demonstration / Example: http://i48.tinypic.com/332rrjr.jpg) Tutorial Well this little tutorial I intend to be guided by the changes incorporated and resolution of possible problems that you can find. New Leagues Portuguese Third Division The Third Division is divided into 8 series (A, B, C, D, E, F, Azores and Madeira). Each series (A through F) is representative of a local region of mainland Portugal, as the Azores and Madeira are representative of Azores and Madeira, respectively (ie the game won't always see. More information below). In each series the last 2 classified descend automatically to Regional Divisions, the 1st place of each series is promoted to the Second Division. The 2nd place and penult go to a playoff for promotion and relegation respectively. Also in Third Division, we had made the series history and Awards of the competition. - Promotion Playoff It realized on a little league mode with 2 legs between the 2nd placed in each series. Of the eight, the 4 winners rise to the Second Division. - Relegation Playoff It realized on a little league mode with 2 legs between antepenult teams from each series, the last 6 ranked down to regional divisions. - Regional League This division consists in the championships of all Portugueses Football Associations. Although the rules are the same for all, which changes each FA for FA. In this Update, the minimum number is 5 (Horta) and maximum number is 21 (Portalegre). In this Division, the 1st place of each Football Association is automatically promoted to 3rd Division, while the last 2 placed teams are relegated to the lower division. Unlike Division III, doesn't include History and Awards. - Lower League This division is inactive and is the last step in Portugal, in our Update. New Cups Bodas de Diamante Cup In reality this is a trophy to be held between teams of AF Horta, in order to give teams more games and competition, since the league is very short because it only has 5 teams. In our Update, this cup will be slightly different. However, a future version of the Bodas de Diamante Cup will be only with AF Horta's clubs. To begin, the number of teams in the AF Horta is odd (5), so became impossible to a Group Stage, so only in this BETA, there will be all seasons a team of AF Ponta Delgada invited to enter this competition. So are 6 teams divided into 2 groups of 3 teams, playing the 2 legs. The first 2 teams from each group go to the semi-final and then, the winners of the semi-final go to the final and the winner of this final, obviously, is declared the winner of the Bodas de Diamante Cup. Known Errors / FAQ Why is my club went to the wrong AF ? The league where the club will go is set in 2 ways: - Via bounderies - Via Regional Divisions But the problem as we would expect is that the clubs don't always go to the proper division, and why? If we see each AF has a fixed number of teams, imagine the AF Porto, after the 1st season, the champion up to the 3rd division and the last ones down to the lower league. However up two clubs of lower league from Porto and from 3rd division downs two clubs from Porto, so ... there is one more club than the number of AF Porto(18), soon there will be a club from AF Porto, which will go to other AF. Unfortunately it is so, we cannot do anything, nor do and we think that SIGames cannot do anything too, because, in fact, the format of these competitions will change every year for some reason. Now, for the next version we will release, these errors will still be less frequent, because we have designed some methods that have yet to be tested but could be very good methods (but of course never 100%). The number of season tickets sold by the club that I manage shows "-1". We have seen it and don't worry because there are no major problems. This happens because we put the number of tickets of the season each club would sell. Where a training club that updates and they will have a valid number. I saw a team in the Update that no longer exists in reality. One hypothesis is that team is a Junior Team. Go to the panel information and see the status of the team. Another hypothesis is that for what has been indicated above, in some cases we had to create teams to maintain balance and there is less margin for error. Why my club has a stadium in a completely different reality? This was a Bug Editor that has treated correct but sometimes we may miss some any club. We use an option in Editor(Data Compact), except that this function has led to some errors that occurred including the stadiums and club's cities that were in the database, "to unite" put the stadiums and the stadium's cities incorrect. Therefore, any error don't hesitate to contact us. Why a club in the same AF that I play, plays for Portuguese Cup and I don't? The clubs of the AF's play for the Portuguese Cup? What is happening is that the clubs going to the Portuguese Cup, are the clubs in 3rd Division and a few more clubs in the Regional Leagues. Already without our Update, some Regional Leagues clubs usually go to the Portuguese cup, and thisis programmed by SIGames. How do install this Update? And how I open in the game? You must extract the file to the folder Documents \ Sports Interactive \ Football Manager 2010 \ editor data. You will open a new game, click in Change and choose III Divisão + Distritais What versions compatible? 10.1 and 10.2. Although we tested on 10.1 and it was functional but we recommend the use of 10.2. http://www11.multiupload.com:82/files/C998EE924A553A8004698458E7718495DEE2006F9D1B4C01CA4ED20F525B97EF00385D6616DF349A777E6D112C19DC69A5B89B6FD4AFDF58E444B0EC2EC32D90B51BEABBADFAECFF534E04771A956F/III%20Divis%C3%A3o%20Portuguesa%20+%20Distritais%20(Beta%20v1.1).zip Good FM 2010 and all good to you all! And don't forget to report all errors that you find! And sorry for my bad english.
  6. Legends Database 2009 - It's Out

    Hi, Deus. I'm from Portugal and if you want, I can help about the portuguese legends teams, with my friend of CMPortugal forum. The site is: http://www.cmportugal.com/index.php?showtopic=116074&st=15 My e-mail is: daniel.ferreira15@live.com.pt Thank you.