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  1. I just finished a season where 3 teams were on the same points with 1 game to go. I was one of them but I lost out on goal difference.
  2. I have to tell my team not to get complacent after every game. Everyone is too confident. How can I change it? Its starting to get boring.
  3. How much ram are you running with? Sounds like the game is too big for your setup to handle.
  4. On that reasoning, why can't 4 or 6? When you stack up the teams it gets ever more unlikely. As I said in a previous post. Football is unpredictable, but this OP season asks questions.
  5. Do you really want me to tell you how much stuff I remember? I do follow the EPL, so yes, I remember a lot of things about it.
  6. Of course I remember, who can forget that season. My point is that having 2 teams who almost always have finished in the top 10 to be struggling as bad as they are is not really believable.
  7. I think that is a bit of a cop out. Would you expect those positions in real life at that stage of a season? I know football is unpredictable, but for 2 teams especially Spurs to finish in the top half the last decade to be fighting a relegation battle almost half way through the season does not really sit right.
  8. Its funny because Fm17 is the most played Fm game in many years. I still feel like picking up my save again and continuing, perhaps I will. However I have only just started my journey save and scored the first goal and win of the season. Don't give up. Try again! If you succeeded everytime the game would be too easy, right?
  9. Sounds like you have a better rig than me. I am not seeing any problems my end. I have heard a lot of problems with the 1080 though, could be that.
  10. How about just going random? Or do you perhaps like being the leaders or the underdogs? Do something you never done before! Enjoy the game and have fun.
  11. I voted for FM12 purely by the hours that I put into that game compared to the others. Although CM 97/98 was probably my favourite game.
  12. Whats your point target for these games? I would say a 9 point total would be pretty good. That said. At least you get a chunk of the big games out of the way very quickly.
  13. Always rotated him with Martial as an IF. In the end I offered Ibra a contract with 2 days remaining. Bought Gelson, to support Mkhitaryan, Lingard to support Mata. Still got some money left to buy a half decent forward.
  14. Hey Guys. Could do with a little help finding a striker who can replace Lukaku when he is not fit/ on form. Just finished the first season, won the FA cup and the CL. I am releasing Ibra, even though he did really well for me. I got about 100m in the kitty. Belotti is out of the question and Dybala is proving very difficult to sign. I wouldn't mind signing a young striker, but I need to make sure he can deliver the goods when called upon. Just looked up above and read about Lincoln. Will go give him a gander. Can't seem to find him on my game. Guess I need the Brasilian leagues loaded?
  15. Oh great. Way to make me feel bad as a manager of the club.
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