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  1. FIred, again! I applied and declared interes to a lot of jobs, and they decided to fire me, after i acted like a douche.:))
  2. I didnt have a lot of time and my pc is slow AF (i also have 160K players loaded) and i just finished my 3 season in charge, second in N, Ireland with Lounghgall. Thing worked very well but i dont know if ill continue in this country. This season i lost 2 of my best players (5 star) but stiil won the league.
  3. and we go to Olympic games with Algeria u23. I made a big mistake to select 3 over 23 players, in Mahrez, Slimani and Ghoulam. Worst decision ever. Silimani missed lots of changes and Mahrez underperformed. 6.1 in the first game, also 2 red cards doomed my chances!
  4. End of the season. We did the double!
  5. First year in N. Ireland was a succes. I got the title. If i dont get a better job, i will continue here. This was the match that decided the championship.
  6. Being India u23 manager was really fun. i think i defied expectation and got a good result overall. I dont think they even expected to qualified to this tournament, especially getting 4 th place. Also, i didnt have an Ass man so i manual picked the player, with only potential to be seen.
  7. what i what for my tactic is to work on everyteam, every opponent. 1) a counter attack 2) focus on the flanks, especially on the right
  8. Can some1 look up to my tactic. i feel like this tactic is going well, but not sure about de MC role. it seems like the weaker role 1261416308_4-1-3-1-1shona.fmf
  9. I didnt have much time to play, and didnt have a job interview succesful, but after 6 months, i found a team. Next stop N. Irealand
  10. I have accepted a job at india u23... untill i find a new club! in england i started my national A license.. dunnoa what happend In the spare time, after i applied to every job possible, with no luck, andi played the groupstage in the U23 asian cup and the results...amazing:
  11. easy game, and i lost my job. i really think i could get more reasults Next stop.. loading..
  12. and i was wrong.. i already had the "talk" with the board. next 3 games are crucial Here is november and december At least those are easy games also.. this happend
  13. It's better for me to play, than using instant result. i hope i dont become bored soon. Finally found our best elven
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