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  1. What I am gonna say to retailer? Its a shopping centre in istanbul, its because of you that have no idea how to help me like last year !
  2. is it any way to take my money back ??? I could not able to play last year too. and same disaster this year. any tips work for me. No way ! I have High end Nvidia and play Call of Duty with no problem !!! Lol ! Si I want my money BACK !
  3. SAME PROBLEM AGAİN !!! ı Could not play Fm18 because of this problem. I bought this game again this year stupidly !!! STİLL LAGGY MATCH ENGİNE with high end Nvidia !! No solutions ! last year I was able to play a bit with nvidia inspector when you change sync to FAST ! OMG !!! DONT CREATE A GAME if you have no ability to CREATE İT completely !!!
  4. İt was showing 5 stars but I made a clean windows install and updated all the drivers latest version. Now it shows 3 stars. Whats wrong What sould I do ???
  5. Today in the league match I realised player names incorrect, ( like: Asddf, Dg) I restarded the pc and the game problem seem to gone, whats that ??? Any idea ?
  6. ı am managing telford in skybet league 1. I would like to share one experience ı had in my last save. İn the inbox it says : this player could not have work permit and must wait for 120 days but he is able to play the day after is it bug ? ( he is portequese and 20 years old)
  7. İn my last save I got them to the national with championship in the first season. I got them to the sky bet league 2 but still we dont turn to professional team status. We still look like semi pro team even we will be able to play sky bet league 2. My board planed to turn professional a year after !! Damn it ! İn the previous versions; when you jump into to skybet league 2 u automatically turn to professional team
  8. Andy cook from tranmere and great right midfielder dayle grubb from weston-super-mare
  9. Try free agent players ın my opinion. And loan players better way to create a powerpul team
  10. Ahh. İs it form table ? Sorry 🤭🤭🤭
  11. I told many times in different topics about crazy team talks. İts sure not fixed !!! Exmp: ı stand 1. İn vanarama north managing telford. Playing against nuneaton. One team talk choise is like this: we ( telford) are 13. , they are 8. Lets beat them ! ( in fact me 1, nuneaton 19 ) there are so many stupid team talks like this !!!!
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