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  1. Kind of nice to hear that i'm not alone with this problem Sure, this problem is very annoying and its close now that this game will end to my recycle bin too. I'ts now four games after FTP upload with these line change madness. I have noticed same think too; Sometimes also opponent team have this problem. Sometimes couple of games go as normal, but usually this problem occurs.
  2. OK, i have now uploaded "kölvi_instant line changes" -file to FTP game save folder. I have played two games after that save. Both games have this line change issue, starts beginning of the second period and last until the end of the game.
  3. Yes, i can upload saved game to FTP as soon as problem occurs again. I'm unfamiliar with FTP. Where can i find right file that you need? Thanks for your help already!
  4. After start of second or third period, my team line changes go crazy (tactical view). This happens more often than not. Line change happens for every face-off, always when you even got a puck or if you lose a puck after attack. It looks like line change happen immediately after your last line change is ready. Most ridiculous shifts are like 5 seconds. I have tried different settings in tactics menu (shift lenght, forward/defence line usage etc.), no affect to this problem. After line changes goes tumbled, it last until the end of a game.
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