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  1. still no, I've uninstalled the anti-virus and reinstalled the game, it's still the same...
  2. lots of Chinese programs. These 360.cn series are anti-virus programs, others are some netbank related programs etc. Belarc Advisor Computer Profile.html
  3. not working, I've uninstall both graphics card drivers and re installed, still the same
  4. here is what I did. under "3D settings-program settings", I chose FM(17....) from the list, selected the Nvidia card (tried the integrated card as well), the same message kept showing ...
  5. btw, Fm2016 works just fine, already close the Anti-virus program
  6. I bought the game on Steam today, when I launched it, it says "cannot run game: Failed to set up graphics system". OS is Win 10 64-bit, Nvidia GTX 850M, updated to the latest verision(Dec 14, 2016). dual graphics settings checked (on Nvidia control panel-Manage 3D settings ), doesn't work. Framework 4.6 Dxdiag attached (Sorry about the Mandarin) Pls, I'm desperate.... DxDiag.txt
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