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  1. For several months now, I've had trouble getting my GM rep up I've noticed that after winning a championship, mine or the AI GMs reputation has gone down instead of going up. The other teams GMs that managed well in the playoffs however do get a rep increase, only the champion GM gets the rep loss. I've had this bug happen in the Finnish Liiga, Danish Metal Ligaen and the European Champions Cup. However international tournaments like the Euro Hockey tour, World cup or the IIHF world championships do increase rep The problem does occur on both modded and unmodded games. Like I said I've had this bug for months now, it started around/after the update that added the European champions cup (Yeah should have propably reported it earlier, my bad) I've uploaded an unmodded savegame with my username to the ftp and savegame folder that dates to the same day as the ECC finals, to reproduce it you should just advance to the next day, just check the change in GM rep before and after depending on which one of the 2 finalists wins the title. Hopefully that will reproduce the bug, although if it's something in my version of the game (steam) or whatever, that might not happen. Still, I've tried to get rid of the bug but nothing has helped so I'm calling for help here Thanks in advance, hope i've given enough information at this point
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