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  1. I just got promoted to from 2nd to 1st league. So on the 17th of June 2019 I went to 1st league rules to check them, and i see last 2 teams will get relegated from 1st to 2nd. So i think to myself hmmm maybe i will have a chance. I continue playing and again i went to check the rules on the 5th of July 2019 and now the rules changed. 4 teams are getting relegated from 1st to 2nd??? And what is even more strange only 2 teams from are getting promoted from 2nd to 1st??? So how am i to continue playing my long term save if everything is out of order. PS what is even more strange i holidayed one year and i got relegated to 2nd league but the rules of the 1st league changed again when I was not there. I uploaded my save its called Ivan Milos - HIK.fm PLEASE HELP
  2. Show match info between highlights is checked in MATCH UI. As you can see between highlights it just shows empty pitch?
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