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    D.O.B is 1991 not 1996!! for some reason its like that!

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  1. Im normally quite fine, unless its a big game an loose stupidly like 5-1 or something daft and just swear at the screen! Im not as bad as when I go watch the football anyway! On the other hand however I made a stupid mistake of lending my laptop to my brother a few years ago so he could play, got it back a week later and the screen literally had a hole in it!! he got stressed and punched it!! Bought me a better new laptop though cos of it haha
  2. Just quit the game to download it, but not sure if it would of done it whilst I was playing? Nothing happened when I restarted steam anyway
  3. It becomes available midnight tonight, not sure whether it does it automatically or not though.
  4. I thought I had it bad getting up at 630! Boss asked me come in at 7 instead of 8 tomorrow about 5mins before I left today!! Gutted I was, Gonna be on it till 1am maximum! (I hope) haha
  5. Loving the game so far and can imagine it being even better once the full game is released on friday, keep it up SI, also one request that should be in this fm and that's the overview screen in the matches I really miss that screen then the game would be perfect to me and with bugs sorted, cant wait.
  6. Thanks for the reply but I may of seen the problem certain players had there setting as close down whole pitch for some reason, I'll see what happens now after a few games, and report back if theres still an issue.
  7. Hi, I have played 14 games in the league so far and 6 europa league games, I often rest big players for the europa league such as hamsik and cavani etc so sometimes even with a week off some players will be knackered such as the 2 above and some will be perfectly fine even when they had a midweek fixture. Cant understand if im doing something wrong or not, but just never had this issue on FM 12
  8. Hi, loving the game so far, was wondering if any of you are having this issue where after a game a few players condition is too low and by the time the next game comes up it will be about 80% condition so I cant play him till the game after where hes back to 100% ish! I have m setting so they are having rests before and after the game aswell. Just hate not been able to play players like hamsik almost every game! Might just be something im doing? any suggestions?
  9. Blimey wouldnt like to be in your shoes for them games, I think your in for a tough season, especially if you loose all the rest of them, well done on doing Chelski though! On a side note does anyone know if there's a way to skip friendlies by having assistant manager take charge?
  10. Not sure if this has already been posted but playing this FM just doesnt seem like a normal FM, the interface seems to complicated, and im not liking the little things like the massive banner at the top when I press continue! Also when watching a game on 2D classic I dont like how it loads to wait for another highlight, I want my big overview screen back whilst waiting! Just small things like that bugging me and making me think SI maywell be starting to get carried away with adding to much without keeping it simple at the same time? What are your thought on the interface and other small things etc?
  11. Saw this on sky sports so thought i'd share this with you all, hope its not been posted already! http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11667/7978957/If-RVP-went-to...
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