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  1. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    @XaW those things just happen.. I can see it's a problem with only 12 players available, but those international breaks (or maybe it's the continental matches that) just come when you really don't want them. I have completed this stage, but take a look at this: 6 players on int. duty while I'm playing CL final... 5 of these players started the first leg, and I had to make do without them for the last game. Also want to say that stage 2 looks really interesting. I've been managing in China once before, but got fired rather quickly back then. Hopefully it will be a much better experience this time, managing a big club. Just made a spreadsheet so I can try to keep track of the points, even though I'm certain it will just be a mess. Won't start the challenge before the holidays because of exams, but there should be plenty of time to complete it after that..
  2. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    My journey in Cape Town is now over. I really enjoyed this challenge, and hopefully I can get the same from the following stages as well. As for this save, I probably did the exact opposite of what I did in the prologue. While in Sweden I really wanted to focus on defensive structure, and I had a lot of close 1-goal win/defeats and draws. This time I just forgot everything about defense and just wanted to score more goals than my opponents. It worked fine most of the time, but I've had some annoying games where the ball just wouldn't cross the line.. Having scored 164 goals in 70 games and winning 52 of them, I would say it was somewhat successful. But now over to the interesting stuff. Screenshots Manager profile – end of season League table – end of season Fixture 1 – Season 2017/18 Fixture 2 – Season 2017/18 Fixture 3 – Season 2017/18 Fixture 4 – Season 2018/19 Transfer history Keegan Ritchie – player history Which should result in the following points: Yellow jersey: 30 pts. for winning the league; 24 pts. for Ritchies 48 matches = 54 pts. in total Green jersey: 8 pts. for losing finalist in Super 8 Cup; 8 pts. for losing finalist in SA KO Cup; 10 pts. for winning SA Cup = 26 pts. in total Polkadot jersey: 15 pts. for winning the Champions League = 15 pts. in total Stage win: SuperSport Utd – 1 win; Orlando Pirates – 2 wins; Kaizer Chiefs – 3 wins; Bidvest Wits – 2 (3) wins; Mamelodi Sundowns – 2 wins = 10 wins in total (2017/18 season) // 11 wins counting the continental run 2018/19
  3. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    Then my screenshots is taken 2 continental matches late. It shouldn't make any difference for league table and manager profile which can't change much, but my player of choice will have 2 more continental games played. Hopefully it's not a problem to just take away those 2 games when counting the score.
  4. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    For the special player in stage 1, when do he stop to accumulate points? When I'm playing the Champions League group stage it's still considered a part of 2017/18 season by game schedule, even though 5/6 matches are played after the premiership ended. Did take the screenshots now, but they might have been taken 2 matches late, half way through the group stage when the squad went on holiday.
  5. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    5 games left of the season 2017/18, and I've managed to get a small gap at the top of the league. Probably going to need it too, given these are my last 5 matches..
  6. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    Seems like both African Confederations Cup and African Champions League is possible. If I'm not mistaken it will depend on who wins Champions League 2017, so if a South-African club that's already qualified from league position were to win, they will qualify as champions and we get the 2nd spot for SA-clubs. If someone else goes and win the cup, I guess you end up in Confederations Cup.
  7. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    https://imgur.com/4TNY2Tn Just getting into the competitive matches, and play like this the 2nd league game. This is following after a 4-0 and a 5-0 victory (cup & 1st rnd). So far a pretty fun team to play with!
  8. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    Just checked now, seems like I enter the African Confed. Cup 2018..
  9. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    I can duplicate my save and holiday a bit forward when I get home from work, @TheEarl. Champions League starts early 2018 in case?
  10. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    Great. Then I'm on my way on stage 1: Fight for the capital. Setup Manager profile Really looking forward to managing in South Africa again. Had a few good seasons here in FM17 with Golden Arrows, but I know it won't be an easy stage. Looked up a few of my best players from GA but seems like they are not quite as good this year, at least not this one season. Hopefully I can get through this stage in a good way.
  11. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    Earliest possible is January 2017 (First matches in 2017 continental cups). Assume it's a mistake and we're supposed to start early pre-season 2017/18?
  12. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Rushall Olympic FC My first attempt at this challenge starting at this moment, and hopefully I can bring glory to Rushall Olympic in the coming years. The club is semi-professional and newly promoted to Vanarama National League North. Founded 125 years ago, I really hope to give them a worthy celebration. The home ground is Dales Lane in Walsall, with a capacity of 2500. Manager profile Let the journey begin!
  13. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    So I've completed the prologue, and I'm happy enough with the result. Difficult team to manage and couldn't get my strikers to score on a regular basis through the half season. Did climb from 16th to 8th place after beating AIK in the 92nd minute in the final game of the season, sending them down the table. A few results could have been better, but can't really complain on how it went. Screenshots Manager profile – end of season League table – end of season Fixtures – pre-challenge Fixtures – challenge I'll try to calculate the points as well, but you might want to double check in case I make a mistake.. Yellow jersey: 3pts. for 8th place; 8pts. for 8 wins; 2pts. for 20 goals = 13pts. in total, given that I still know how to count correctly.. Green jersey: 2pts. for drawing 1-1 away against Djurgårdens; 5pts. for winning 2-1 away against AIK = 7pts. in total Stage win: Taking my team from 16th to 8th place, climbing a total of 8 places. Now at least a day off before heading to Cape Town. Happy to see that stage published this early so I hopefully get to finish it before I get to busy.
  14. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    Let's give it a go with the prologue.. Setup Manager profile League table 16th of July