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  1. It is been long time from the last answer and i dont know is will be active in this forum but i have a question here. What and why is this change of wingers with trequarista? I have something in my mind, so have you upload the first version of this tactic or tell me just what is change for next updates? The tactic is realy interesting, my team scores beautiful goals. It is a little bit shaggy in defence but still. : ) Greetings Guru!
  2. Hello Frank, This tactic looks promises, deffinately i'll try it asap. I've wrotte a lot, but i don't see what i'm looking for. So, first of all i'll try it on my save with Arsenal for the second season. My squad is something like that (i'm away from my CPU): Kiliyan Mbappe, Sanchez, Ozil, delle Alli, Ramsey, Wilsher, Bellerin, Zeca, Xhakka, Tah, Mustafi, Koscielny. So, how important is finishing on DPF, i'm having intention to fit Ozil in this role. His vision, passing are awesome, but not scoring skills. Otherwise, Sanchez is more rounded. What attributes are important for shadow striker? Sanchez could play in all positions, but not the others. Somewere in the previous pages you said Delle alli has beast as SS. So, if i change his role to SS, what kind of players have to looking for in the middle? Defenders are rock anyway Greetings: ) Ps. I've start last night with this tactic. 1st game against Southhampton 1:0 (Mbappe) and very strong defend 2nd game against Sevilla 7:0 (Mbappe x3, Ozil x2, Sanchez, Adelaide) astonishing attack, good football and stable midle all the time. 3rd game against Hull City 2:0 (Mbappe, Walcott) quite game, i've replace Kiliyan with Walcott at '60 and even he score. Thats it for now, i'm happy with. Ozil's (dpf) performing is inconstant and no risky passes, most of the assist are from Alexis(ss). As addition i lose very much from Sanchez goal scoring skills. But i'm sure with this tactic Mbappe will finish as goalscorer of EPL.
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