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  1. A fun pre-season match against a top class opponent.
  2. Season Summary - XaW - Folkestone Invicta - 2021/22 Table | Past Positions | Squad | Transfers | Finances Well, this was a season to remember! The aforementioned takeover by the Indian billionaire, and the changes it lead to. We've finally gotten the pitch relaid, we got the youth recruitment and youth coaching improved, as well as both training and youth facilities under improvement. Along with this we also turned professional, so a lot of changes to everyone involved with the club. The sudden money flow gave me the possibility to bring in a lot of players for big cash. Though
  3. I wish! Though I have the cash, it's still kind of hard to find players willing to join. I found this fellow though, who are way too good for the conference.
  4. I have a transfer budget just short of £12M, so I guess I'm going shopping now. Edit: Oh, and the most expensive player who want to join me is worth £20k...
  5. It happened! We also turned professional! And we have quite some cash in the coffers..... Now this changes things.
  6. If it goes through, I would get a sizable transfer kitty.....
  7. Thanks guys, this could be fun if it happens, if I'm allowed to keep the job though. No news so far, but I'll let you know as soon as anything happens.
  8. Season Summary - XaW - Folkestone Invicta - 2020/21 Table | Past Positions | Squad | Transfers | Finances A new season, a smaller wage budget. I've turned more and more players to non-contracts, but we are still above the wage budget. The board is annoyed by this, but there's not much else I can do if I want to try to win some matches. I brought in a couple of loans, as well as some new faces to give us some more options, but the squad is much the same as last season. Still, we had more experience, and I had hopes for some improvement this season. We started ok, and were mid-tab
  9. Season Summary - XaW - Folkestone Invicta - 2019/20 Table | Past Positions | Squad | Transfers | Finances Our first season in Vanarama National. At the end of last season our wage budget was cut a lot, down to about £4k p/w, but I was far higher than that of course. This meant the recruitment this summer was a rather slow one. We got in a couple of new goalkeepers since we lost both we had, but other than that we had the same squad more or less. At the moment I have 11 players of part time contracts, while the rest have a pay-as-you-play contract. Even with this I'm still way ab
  10. Halfway into my first season in Vanarama National, and I'm having a hard time, just as expected. In the relegation zone, but we have a decent chance of survival. In the FA Cup we are into the 3rd round where we are drawn against Crystal Palace away. Hopefully this will help the finances!
  11. Season Summary - XaW - Folkestone Invicta - 2018/19 Table | Past Positions | Squad | Transfers | Finances Before the season I managed to get rid of quite some dead weight and bring in some more talent into the squad. Luckily, I did it just before the board decided to cut our wage budget in half. This means I'm well above the new budget and it stayed that way for the most of the season. We are in a right financial mess, but we are at least not losing as much as we did last season. On the pitch it went better though. We managed to win the first 4 matches, and kept at the top part
  12. Heh, well, Gnahore was great and are still great. Though he was with the club before I took over. Auger was, well, the best right back I could get, and he did ok. I have gotten a better one this season, so Auger is only a decent backup on a non-contract.
  13. Just into January in my second season. We are placed in the playoff spots, and might have a shot at promotion. Fingers crossed!
  14. @Mr_Demus: I haven't had any issues so far (unless you consider my inability to handle our finances and issue), and everything seems good to me.
  15. Season Summary - XaW - Folkestone Invicta - 2017/18 Table | Past Positions | Squad | Transfers | Finances A good season all in all. Even though we started poorly, we managed to pick some points here and there throughout the season and we were never really in danger of relegation. Our main problem this season was our defense, and our lack defensive control. We let in way to many easy goals, and that led to many lost points. The squad is way too big at the moment, but that's due to many of the players I inherited were to poor to play much, but most of them will be gone as soon as
  16. Halfway into the season I'm slightly above the relegation zone. I'm struggling to find a working tactic, so I guess I'm tinkering way to much. Got some good players, but can't get the defenders to play well, so we concede a lot of goals. I think I have a good chance to survive the drop.
  17. Great intro post there, @yerug. Nice to see another Norwegian trying their luck in the lower tier. I'm finding it curious that we speak fluently German as Norwegians. Fair enough that we might understand a bit, but I'm certainly not fluent. Anyway, Wiles looks like a diamond on this level. Good luck with the season.
  18. Just played my first competitive match and lost 6-2 away to Bath. This could be hard.
  19. Scrapped a 2-1 win over the U23 team. Hopefully we'll do better soon.
  20. Reloaded a bunch of times, but didn't get any one I wanted more. I'm the new manager of Folkestone Invicta. Here we go!
  21. Releading and trying to figure out who I want. Got Folkstone Invicta as one potential. Going for them unless I get any other fun teams.
  22. Ahh, lovely to see the thread. I'm in, once again. Maybe I'll finish it this year.
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