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  1.      Lög UMFN | Ungmennafélag Njarðvíkur

    Ungmennafélag Njarðvíkur - Season 2027 Review

    Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances

    Before the new season even started we played our final matches in the Europa Conference League from last season. We beat AIK, but lost to Vitória de Guimarães and finished 3rd in our group.

    Finally we won the title! It was a tough fight though, and both Valur and Keflavík followed us to the door. In the end, though, we only needed a single point in the last game, and we could even take it with a loss, but we finished the season on a high as we beat KR 6-1 to really take the title in style. We are also building a new stadium! Our current one have a capacity of 849, so that is a major improvement for us!

    In the Deildabikar we won our group, then beat HK to reach the final. There we lost to Keflavík to finish as runners-up.

    In the Bikarkeppni we lost to Fylkir in the 3rd round.

    In the Europa Conference League we beat Gap Connah's Quay of Wales, Dečić of Montenegro, and TCS of Serbia before losing to Gent in the 4th qualifying round.


    A pretty good preview.


    Not a fantastic intake, but still a very good one.


    Ísleifur Hjartarson 27b is a very promising full back with amazing mental attributes for a 16 year old.




    We got in an Albanian this time.




    They won the U19 Division A again this season.

    In the U19 Cup they beat Fylkir/Elliði and KR/KV before losing to FH in the semi final.

    Record Breakers:

    Most goals in a match: Kristinn Jensson 26e - 4
    Fastest goal: Anton Helgi Sævarsson 23b - 56 seconds

    Trophy cabinet:

    Pepsi-deildin - 1 (2027)
    Inkasso-deild karla - 1 (2022)
    Bikarkeppni - 1 (2025)
    Meistarakeppni karla - 1 (2026)

    U19 Division A - 3 (2024, 2026, 2027)
    U19 Cup - 3 (2024, 2025, 2026)
    U19 Division B - 1 (2023)
    U19 Division C - 1 (2022)


  2. You should not look at the xG in isolation. If you have 100 shots from the halfway line, then you would still get to a high xG! You need to see how many big chances you create, not the aggregate of them.

    Have a look at the "Match story" and see if you see any big jumps, such as this, then you should (probably) have won.


    And you have too look at it over a period of time to know for sure. If you see big ones, then you create big chances, but if they are often missed, then your strikers might not cut it. If all you see are small incremental steps, then you create bad ones and your issue would be tactical. Of course, the issue is rarely as clear cut, but it can give you ideas as to how well your tactic creates big chances or not.

  3.     Lög UMFN | Ungmennafélag Njarðvíkur

    Ungmennafélag Njarðvíkur - Season 2026 Review

    Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances

    We keep on losing our best players, but we also keep qualifying for Europe, so that will help out a lot. Towards the end of the season we got the best news ever in that we are going professional again before next season! Keflavík and Valur proved too good for us this time, but I hope to challenge them next time around.

    Before the season started we played in the Meistarakeppni karla, a sort of Community Shield and we beat Breiðablik on pens.

    In the Deildabikar we were unbeaten, but still finished 2nd got knocked out

    In the Bikarkeppni we lost to Þór in the 3rd round.

    In the Europa Conference League we beat Gorica of Croatia, Olimpija Ljubljana of Slovenia, and Botev Plovdiv of Bulgaria to reach the group stage. There we have drawn AIK of Sweden, Vitória de Guimarães of Portugal, and FC København of Denmark. So far we've beaten AIK and lost to Vitória de Guimarães once and FC København twice. We have a very unlikely chance of going through, but most likely we are getting knocked out. I'll update how things happened in the next season review.


    A very good preview.


    Some very good personalities, and some potential in addition.


    A promising goalkeeper this time.




    Only local lads this season.




    They won the U19 Division A again this season.

    In the U19 Cup they beat UMFA/Hr/ÁI, FH, Grótta/Kría, and Þór to do the double!

    Record Breakers:

    Most goals in a match: Ómar Ingi Hermannsson 23c - 4
    Most goals in a league match: Ómar Ingi Hermannsson 23c - 4

    Trophy cabinet:

    Inkasso-deild karla - 1 (2022)
    Bikarkeppni - 1 (2025)
    Meistarakeppni karla - 1 (2026)

    U19 Division A - 2 (2024, 2026)
    U19 Cup - 3 (2024, 2025, 2026)
    U19 Division B - 1 (2023)
    U19 Division C - 1 (2022)


  4. Been a long time, but sure, I'll join!

    Player Name: Xavier Alden

    Nation of birth: Guadeloupe

    Month and date of birth (year will be set for all) July 10th

    Ht/Wt (in meters/kgs) 1.92cm / 95kg

    position(s): GK

    Assign one attribute (4 total) (technical/mental/physical) at 18, 15, 12...and 3. Rest of attributes will be randomized by the database.:

    Handling- 18

    Reflexes- 15

    Throwing- 12

    Off the ball- 3

    You may select one PPM: Uses long throw to start counter attacks

  5.    Lög UMFN | Ungmennafélag Njarðvíkur

    Ungmennafélag Njarðvíkur - Season 2025 Review

    Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances

    A rather strange season, this. I didn't think we did very well, but somehow we finished in 3rd, only a point behind 2nd. But when I compare it to last season, we only had 4 points more. Usually, this points total would not be enough to finish in the European spots, but for whatever reason it was fine now. I'm happy with it, but I still think we need to improve going forward. One problem though is that quite a few players are not willing to sign new contracts, so I might lose some before next season. Viðar Már Arinbjörnsson 22c is among them, and he has already signed a contract with Norwegian side Kristiansund.

    In the Deildabikar we won our group, but lost to Valur in the semi final.

    In the Bikarkeppni we beat Þróttur, Fylkir, Stjarnan, and Akraness to reach the final. There we beat HK on pens to claim our first cup win.


    Back to a golden generation, but less positive lines than normal.


    A very good intake this season with loads of potential.


    Yes, yet another striker is the best. Now we are getting quite saturated with strikers...




    We got a Norwegian fellow this time, so that is ticked off the list.




    They finished 2nd in the U19 Division A this season.

    In the U19 Cup they beat KR/KV, Víkingur R., Grindavik/GG/VíkÓ, and Haukar/KÁ to retain the cup title.

    Record Breakers:

    Most clean sheets: Hrannar Hlíðdal - 12
    Most league goals overall: Helgi Þór Jónsson - 53
    Oldest player: Sean de Silva - 35 years, 232 days
    Oldest goalscorer: Sean de Silva - 35 years, 82 days

    Trophy cabinet:

    Inkasso-deild karla - 1 (2022)
    Bikarkeppni - 1 (2025)

    U19 Division A - 1 (2024)
    U19 Cup - 2 (2024, 2025)
    U19 Division B - 1 (2023)
    U19 Division C - 1 (2022)


  6. 5 hours ago, Proffa said:

    Just had a board takeover. The new chairman made two bids with clauses: 47,5M and 74M. :eek:

    During this save I have managed to get a nice amount of money by selling players and lately with Premier League TV rights. Then this guy Dennison just wastes everything for two players.

    I cannot cancel these transfers. Do I have to just accept them (if they go through) and put the players in reserves?

    I think I lost motivation to play this game. :mad:

    If you can, at any time, cancel them, then do so. If not, then dump them in the reserves and try to sell them asap. They cannot be used for any match at all, nor any mentoring or similar. It doesn't stop you from playing this challenge though, we've had this happen before. You won't really struggle with money as long as you stay in the PL, so it won't hurt you too much.

  7.   Lög UMFN | Ungmennafélag Njarðvíkur

    Ungmennafélag Njarðvíkur - Season 2024 Review

    Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances

    Well, the seasons here are really short, so another got finished quite fast. This was a really strange season. We were amazing the first half, but from around half way we started to have issues with fatigue and I had to rest the best players regularly the rest of the season. That really hampered our results, and we had a horrible end to the season. I mean, look at this position graph:


    We were in contention for the tile before we imploded. Not a good end to the season, and it's something we need to work on going forward.

    In the Deildabikar we finished 2nd in our group and got knocked out.

    In the Bikarkeppni we beat Grótta, Breiðablik, Víkingur Ò., and Grindavík to reach the final. There we lost on pens to Valur.

    We also had our first go in Europe. So in the Europa Conference League we beat Bohemian of Ireland before losing to Sint-Truidense of Belgium.


    No golden generation this time, but I hope for a good intake.


    Good potential and some better personalities than previously.


    Another promising striker, and we are getting a lot of them now. I'd rather have some other positions in the future.




    Only Icelandic players in this intake.



    They won the U19 Division A on goal difference ahead of FH, so they are the best U19 team in Iceland.

    In the U19 Cup they beat Völsungur, ÍR/Léttir, KR/KV, and HK/Ýmir to win the whole thing.

    Record Breakers:

    Most player of the match awards: Helgi Þór Jónsson - 7
    Worst discipline: Arnar Helgi Magnússon - 16 yellow, 0 red
    Most league apps overall: Andri Fannar Freysson - 196
    Most league goals overall: Andri Fannar Freysson - 46
    Youngest player: Haukur Gíslason 24b - 15 years, 270 days
    Youngest goalscorer: Gunnar Jóhannsson 24d - 15 years, 296 days
    Oldest goalscorer: Sean de Silva - 34 years, 50 days

    Trophy cabinet:

    Inkasso-deild karla - 1 (2022)

    U19 Division A - 1 (2024)
    U19 Cup - 1 (2024)
    U19 Division B - 1 (2023)
    U19 Division C - 1 (2022)


  8. 14 minutes ago, Zemahh said:

    Central play is definitely improved compared to FM 20. Maybe @XaW can bless you with one of his glorious GIFs:D

    Anyway, there's a free Demo available, so you can see for yourself.

    Indeed I can, they are quite big, because I can't be bothered by compressing them, so allow for some loading if you are on a slow line.

    Just had this lovely move. Did have to score on the rebound, but still a good example of central play.


    But this other goal was so much better. The opponent were sitting back a bit, so this was very satisfying to have.


    It's all about creating movement between the lines! :D

  9. 12 minutes ago, Domoboy23 said:

    I do not consent to this survey.

    A huge update file size for it also, and player nationality flags no longer show. Save games taking ages to load now also. Great, nice one.

    How about for surveys you have a link on the forum? Or the steam page? Why are we at a stage where every single update terrifies me and makes me regret not having auto update turned off? Every update prompts more worries for me about what's going to be broken as a result.

    You haven't answered anything unless you press it. The big update was so that they can update the link from the main menu without having to use updates in the future.


    As for save games, they are the same as before for me, so report it as a technical issue, please.

    Where are you missing the nationalities? I've had a quick look in the original skin, but I see it fine:


  10. 1 hour ago, Mars_Blackmon said:

    The problem is though is that you can have that success with doing the very minimal. You don’t need any of that nor do you even have to dive into any analysis in the game to figure out what’s wrong with your tactic currently. 

    Sure there are people who just suck at making a tactic or those guys who come on here to complain after losing 3 games at straight. I don’t thing I’ve ever seen multiple threads about someone complains that they can’t win at all. It’s always “I had more shots and got cheated” on this specific game. Meanwhile the person in question is leading the league in points.

    I’m confident that the casual guys who want instant success are those guys who download tactics or get them from youtube. I’m not sure if people who wants a challenge are actually doing that. That would be a contradiction. It would be like reading a strategy guide while saying the game isn’t challenging.

    There is a reason people are saying that the game have meaningless fluff, it’s because you can pretty much ignore 50% of it. 

    The reason you don't see much of that here in GD is because we mods do our job! ;)

    On a more serious note, there are loads of threads all the time regarding this, but most are referred to the tactics section to get help there. So if you are in doubt have a look in the discussion part of it. I've even seen threads where people complain about losing with downloaded tactics as that should be impossible... never expect everyone on the internet to make sense! :D

    The question remains though, how do SI make the game harder for those who want and still keep it fun for those who already find it challenging? And at a cost that will give enough return on the investment? I don't know, but if you have any clear ideas, I'd say to suggest them in the correct sub forum for it since I would like to see ways of making the game harder.

  11. 24 minutes ago, JAwtunes said:

    Quick question.  Is there a way to add nations/leagues in a save as 'view only' (FM20)?.  I am regretting not loading the big 5 (in Europe) as view only in my Poland save.  When I try to add the leagues they seem to load as fully simulated (at least I think so, as its much slower than my previous saves on FM20). TIA

    I can't remember how it is in FM20, but in FM21, you can.



  12. There is one key aspect that most people seem to be missing, this is not only a game for hard core tactical geniuses who can beat the game blindfolded in a drunken stupor. It's also a game for the masses who like to take on their favourite team and win some matches and be happy.

    Have you guys seen all the "the AI are cheating"-, and "my tactic works, why do I lose"-threads popping up around the place? The reason for that is because the game is too complicated, or they are misunderstanding, or that they just want an easier game where they can win a couple of matches and have fun. Not everyone thinks of a major challenge when they want something "fun".

    So SI have to cater to all these types of users in a base game and the balance in itself is pretty good. The issue is when someone thinks it's too easy while at the same time uses all the resources they can find online. Such as tactics, shortlists, guides, etc. That's like saying a puzzle game is too easy when you are sitting with the walkthrough next to you! Of course you can make the game easy by doing that, and that's why limiting yourself is part of making it more challenging. There are millions of ways to make single player games easier, and there is a reason why strategy guides and walkthroughs are out there, it's because someone just want to play it without the challenge.

    All of that is easy to forget for us here at the forum, since most of us have a much higher interest in the game than the average user. And that's also why you see people in here suggesting ways of limiting yourself when playing, simply to challenge yourself in ways you haven't. That's the whole reason why many games have community initiated challenge runs, speed runs, or in any way beat the game without using X. It's all about replayability when you really like the game, but the base game is too easy.

    Those are just a few of my points in the whole debate about the game being too hard or too easy.

  13. 15 minutes ago, the_hdk said:

    Small  question: I  got partnership with Ajax now...what do  I do if they loan someone out to me, am I allowed within the challange to play him?

    No, cancel all loans of possible, if it's not possible to cancel, then he cannot play in any match, not be used for mentoring or anything. Just rot in the reserves until he leaves.

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