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  1. 3 minutes ago, Brentmeister said:

    I'm gonna put my Brazil save on hold, it's going a bit stale for me even though I just won the Copa Sudamericna!

    I have a real urge to give England a try and seeing as a few of you have recently started there too, i'm getting involved.

    Looking for a south west team, Truro, Tiverton, Taunton...massive untapped potential there. I'll be back with updates soon.

    I reloaded for a while, and Truro was one of the clubs I was thinking about using, but since I have a soft spot for Folkestone I chose them instead. I also have a soft spot for Cambridge City, but since they fell down even another tier, I don't think they can come up in the first season any more... 

  2. 200px-Folkestone_Invicta_F.C._logo.png

    Folkestone Invicta - Season 2021/22 (Season 1) Review - Vanarama National League South (6th tier)

    Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances

    So I'm back in the UK, and back to Folkestone. For those who don't know, Folkestone is a small town just west of Dover, on the south-eastern corner of England. So while it's not a big city, it's quite in the middle of things, and only a 2 hour drive from central London. The club has never been higher than the 7th tier before the promotion last season just before i took over. So it's quite a small club in that regard, and while it doesn't have a grand history, I chose to focus on it's grand future instead. When I took over the club it had a grand total of 15 players, of which, it had 3 goalkeepers... So realistically, I had 2 substitutes for injuries, before I had to got to goalkeepers. For the most part it went fine, but I had a few matches of a goalkeeper as a winger in order to actually field a team.

    As to the season itself. Things started really great as we scored after 19 seconds of the first match, and we ended up beating Hemel Hempstead away. As it turns out, they finished rock bottom of the league, so the achievement was not as big as I first thought. Still, we continued to pick up wins here and there, mostly thanks to our top scorer David Smith. He often took it upon himself to jet past a defender and slot the ball calmly into the bottom corner of the net. Our troubles came as soon as we had some suspensions or injuries, and we lost quite a few matches when I had to start with goalkeepers in outfield positions. Even so, we were quite close to a playoff spot at times, but one win in the final five matches, slid us a bit down and we finished in 14th place. A position I'd taken if I were offered it before the season. At least next season I will have a full bench at all times, and avoid playing goalkeepers in strange positions!

    In the FA Cup we went on a bit of a run as we beat Dorchester Town, Dorking, Dover, and Salford (League Two!) before we finally succumbed to AFC Wimbledon in the 2nd round. A very good run, and it also brought in some cash.

    In the FA Trophy it didn't go as well as we lost to Weston-super-Mare in the 2nd round after a replay.

    Off the pitch things went well as I managed to get a National C licence completed, as well as improvements to the club. Junior coaching went from Fairly Basic to Average, and Youth recruitment went from Limited to Basic.



    Any intake was welcome, but I am a bit under-whelmed by this. I had hoped for a bit better, due to the poor crop of players I started with.


    The problem with Callum Moody 22h as the best prospect is that goalkeeper is the position I have one of the best players at the club. I'm still happy to get him in though.


    U18 team:

    They didn't play in any league system.

    In the FA Youth Cup they lost to Oxford City on pens in the 1st qualifying round.



    A nice variety of nations, and we have 3 continents already.




    Trophy cabinet:



  3. 15 minutes ago, hyrule_king said:

    How do you all plan out your teams tactics?

    Best Positions for each player or Just fit into a certain system you choose?

    Same as normally for me. Try to find out a formation and roles that fit best and see if I can make a reasonable tactic out of it. If I can't then I start the retraining of the players to fit the closest sound tactic I can make. Then I chop and change whenever a youth player starts to enter the team. So I usually have two versions of the same thing, to switch around at times and based on who is fit. Then I have the experimental tactic that I use every once in a while, especially for matches that doesn't matter towards the end of the season. That changes a lot over time, while the two main ones are slowly evolving into what I want based on how well things work.

    Not a very good and exciting answer, but it is what I usually do.

  4. 4 minutes ago, lohwenjie said:

    Yes, I had been winning Champion League for consecutive years, but my stadium seems to have half full every time, even in a Champion League semi final home leg. That's feel so weird....

    Anyway, how do we organized a fan day?

    The board does and we have no impact on it. They usually do whenever they think they can sell more tickets.

  5. 6 minutes ago, lohwenjie said:

    Is there any way to increase attendance other then waiting? I had been winning champions league, domestic league and cups, but it seems that the attendance is still underwhelming thus it is hard to request for a new stadium.

    Not really other than winning. Improving your reputation will increase it. You can also increase it if your board decides to have a "fan day" and you do well then. You could also ask for affiliates in other countries, but I'm not sure if that impacts just marketing, or also attendances.

    7 minutes ago, lohwenjie said:

    Additionally, do the game increase season ticket prices? Example if I start at lower league and when I reach higher league, I am not aware if the board had changed the ticket prices.

    I'm actually not sure. You can see the prices in the "General" tab of the club info, so monitoring that could give you an indicator.

  6. 1 minute ago, Bilbaoboy said:

    Would you get displaced for saying something negative about the game i wonder

    No we don't. We don't have any "company line" or anything else to follow. The only thing we do is to make sure everyone follows the house rules. Several mods have said what they do and don't like about several parts of the game, myself included. SI are very attentive to feedback, both positive and negative, as long as it's constructive and not abusive. I've said I don't like the press conferences currently, for example, but I've also made some suggestions to how I think it would be improved. No clue if any of my suggestions will make it in the game at any point, but I've at least made my view clear.

    Why would we be silent if we have feedback? We are not paid for this, and simply do it on a voluntary basis because we like the game. We have ever self interest in making sure to let SI know what we think.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Viking said:

    Can someone explain what happens in the game after the half of the season is done? Suddenly I can't win for the life of me. I lose against teams I beat 6-1 before the winter break. And it's not like they are playing good, either. Their players have like a 6.4 rating, still they win the shots, the possession, and the match. Tedious.


    Well, in short, it's your tactics, but let me elaborate a bit. If you have a tactic that relies on space, or time to play, and you are not a favoured team initially, it will work wonders. All the other teams will give you the space because they think they can outplay you. However, the AI have learned to react, albeit slowly. So after a chunk of the season is done, they reassess you and come to the conclusion; "hey, this team is better than I had expected, I'll go more defensive against it". So now, you are facing teams that stay further back, play more on the counter, and restrict the space much more. So your tactic that has worked wonders when given space, doesn't work when the space is not there. If we also add in that your players are seeing you are overachieving then they will take their foot of the gas unless you hold control of their complacency (easier said than done!). Those things compounded can really change a season that looked amazing for a long while.

    And most teams will encounter this, it also happens to the AI. Some times you can see AI controlled teams are flying in the 1st half of the season before falling flat in the 2nd half.

    So how to fix it? Well, I'd usually suggest having a couple of different versions of the tactic at all times. If you have something that works, try to find one that is a bit slower in tempo, a bit more controlling. Where you are wary of counters, but expect to have a lot of the ball. Make sure you have pivots to be able to recycle possession if the space is not there. Create runs through the lines to open up that space. Then switching between the two will make it harder for the AI to react and also what to expect from you. Without knowing the tactic you use, it's not easy to give details, but posting it in the tactics section will allow others to give you some feedback.

    The other thing is to see it coming. Giving your players a smack at the back of the head after the first signs are showing is a very good remedy for complacency. A poor win over a poor team in December is an excellent time to tell them that was poor even if you won it. Being more demanding will often cause the players to refocus. Still, it gets harder and harder the more successful you are to stay focused and not become complacent.

    This is very common though, and happens to just about everyone of us one season or another.

  8. 1 minute ago, eXistenZ said:

    That would explain why I can ask for a new one. If the hard cap of 20y was there, it shouldnt have been an option.

    Any idea why the board refuses or what I can do about it?

    It can be simplified down to two things. Do you have the money for it? Do you sell out your current stadium just about every time?

    If both are yes, then your board don't want to do it, and you just have to continue asking for it. Perhaps your chairman is very cautious and not very ambitious, and thus does not want to take any risks because he is happy with how things are going. Could be many reasons, but I'd advise you to just keep asking as long as you have money and a full stadium.

  9. 3 minutes ago, gam945 said:

    You need to compare it at the same levels, comparing non-league men's football to Arsenal Womens is aberrant (even though I'm sure that any non-league side would still beat the Arsenal ladies). Furthermore, the criteria I've listed are not exhaustive. 

    The attendances for the women's top league are higher than Vanarama National. I posted the number earlier in this thread. So you are saying we should exclude more leagues then if they are not at the level of quality that you want?

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