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  1. Very interesting set up! Looking foward following your career! I just started the (much) easier version of your challenge (on fm12), with Crewe Alexandra..
  2. FM Genie scout

    well, no PA, CA and no Sale Value: no point in using it then for me. just a question for the people who have donated: are the sale values actually correct? cos that is the only problem i have with all the other scouts/editors out there at the moment. let's hope Amster's miniscout solves that problem and it's much more useful anyway!
  3. someone, please?! it's so frustrating: after a week delay, hoping that i'll be able to play FM, the patch is here but i still can't try it out...
  4. link to the thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=67951 thank you very much!
  5. yeah, can someone just put it on rapidshare or something, please!! torrents don't work with my internet connection.
  6. I agree, ... well sort of: Do you mean like how the teams were in june or at the end of the transfer window. Cos for me, they should have kept the data like it was at augustus the 31th. Everything after that should be in an optional database.
  7. Or clicking to see an early goal in a game of mine but having to watch the whole match! Bit off-topic: I think it's a nice new feature, but you could already leave during a game whenever you wanted, just by going to the fixtures page of one of the 2 teams, and declicking 'attend'. Also nice to see the whole pitch degradation module. Really looking forward to november 2nd !!
  8. Tactics notepad

    I hated that too, but since FM08 i found out i could set shortlists as active/inactive. Maybe that option has been there a long time, but then i just didn't know. So only my immediate targets and players with a lot of interested clubs i put in the default shortlist (=always active).
  9. MiniSE

    Nope, I tried that.
  10. MiniSE

    Well, I always wait till the first patch comes out before I really start playing. Then the major bugs are out (like not getting transferfunds at the end of the season) and the minor ones don't really bother me. After that I don't change anything anymore. That way I play the all year with the same match-engine, so the same tactics have the same effect. With a new game or a new patch i always feel like i enter a new football world, and i don't like that transition period (and that only applies to the match-engine offcourse, i love to explore the other new features -including 3D- in the game every year). I also don't like data-updates during the season. cron
  11. MiniSE

    Hello, I'm still on the first patch of FM2008, and I'm not really planning to change that. I've used MiniSE 1.3 till today, but now it doesn't start up anymore. I've tried everything to get it back to work, but nothing. Then I searched for this old version on the net and I found the link on Amster's site but it was dead. So could anyone who still has this version (1.3 - for 1st patch) upload it somewhere, please, or if Amster would read this, could you reupload your links, please ?? Thanks!! cron
  12. Not offered contract?

    Did you guys all started a new game after installing the patch??
  13. I haven't tried it, i will have to wait a couple of hours to do so, but... This is absolutely fantastic!! It's everything i need, except maybe for filtering nationality, like mentioned above. Great great great!!
  14. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Nonlondoner: Jpee, I understand, will be working on the new FMM as soon as the full patch is out. The full patch was due this week, unless it's out and I haven't spotted it. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> LOL
  15. [Release] MiniScout beta

    great tool!! even when FMScout 2008 comes out (finally), i will still use this program! FMScout is just to do a searsh twice a year, and for the rest of the season i can use this little small program, which gives me everything i need!! (unless you implement a search function too offcourse) thanx a lot!!!