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  1. Think hold shape is more related to the defensive aspect of the team. Will they go out their way or is keeping the shape the way to go?
  2. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! such a shame you had to sell Ruben Dias (whom you had a captain). Look at this profile. Is this intelligent, creative enough for you? @axehan1 welcome to the club . All of them professionals and model professionals
  3. That XI though My favourite thread on here. Dantas, Gedson and Martinez look absolute beasts. I always though Jota was underwhelming on FM19 since he's a bit selfish and isn't as intelligent as others. How does he perform for you? Shame that Rulli isn't a Model Professional anymore. His attributes have decreased a bit too.
  4. I think, in FM (not sure if it was 18 or 17), if a player is tutored by a Model Professional or a Model Citizen, they become professional or perfectionist until the age of 23. After that they become Model Professional/Model Citizen. In FM19, things are a lot different, since the old tutoring model is gone.
  5. Thanks, I can't even edit my own post, which means I can only edit my last post or the markup is broken.
  6. Something isn't right when quoting posts. It has happened again when a huge white space is somehow inherited in the quote. @herne79 do you think you can help with the formatting? @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! had a similar issue on the previous page.
  7. How is he performing? I take it he is a bit more aggressive than Luis? I'd still like to see the 4 of them in midfield on the full-time basis. Since you're an Arsenal fan, how about the W-M formation? Cleon's been using it in this series with great success.
  8. Beautiful Did I read your mind or is that just a theory?? Would love to see some analysis. That midfield looks absolutely unstoppable.
  9. I wonder how Dantas will do in the RPM role since his flair is quite low (at least on FM19 it is) You also said said: Have you considered toying with the 343 total football? It hurts me seeing all that potential in Fernandes being used as an all-around FB. Would love to see you giving it a go. Something like:
  10. For the 3 or 5 at the back systems, does it matter if the midfield is in the DM/MF strata (Perhaps a mix of both)?
  11. Not trying to steal the limelight from @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! but I thought I'd post a nice home win against PSG. Bar Gedson and Ruben Dias, no one else in this team is world class, this team is certainly well drilled.
  12. I'd say Busquets would be your typical HB. Fernandinho could be anything. It all depends on the opposition really. Sometimes is he a pure DM, against teams that play on the break I'd say he's more of a BWM or Anchorman in order to stop counter-attacks. In FM terms, if you want to play the DM has a Regista, note he roams and takes risks, so he may not protect the backline as much as the other roles.
  13. Money in the bank isn't necessarily the problem. I've got about the same: The problem is the debt, which at the moment I'm paying around £2.3M/month. I employ the same loan strategy, along with a few sales, but so far no profit at the end of the year. Maybe I'm too OCD. Do you have plans to start an FM19 save, or are you waiting for FM20?
  14. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! since you've kept most of your top players, how are your finances looking like? You did mention you kept the conveyor belt running, so I take it you earn money mostly through loans? How is the PT league ranked? Do you get more through TV deals? I'm in 2023 and still struggling to make any profit! Also, tutoring (now mentoring) has completely changed in this year's FM, meaning signing (old) players with great personalities isn't enough in order to spread good personalities/traits across the team. Those players must have a way to significantly impact others. Previously (as stated in the OP), you could decide whether you wanted to pass on just the personality or personality and traits, now it is a bit unpredictable which I absolutely love. You almost need to have the perfect player/s (personality and traits) in your squad, playing regularly, so others can be influenced by them. I'm sure you're gonna love it too should you buy FM19
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