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  1. Not trying to steal the limelight from @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! but I thought I'd post a nice home win against PSG. Bar Gedson and Ruben Dias, no one else in this team is world class, this team is certainly well drilled.
  2. I'd say Busquets would be your typical HB. Fernandinho could be anything. It all depends on the opposition really. Sometimes is he a pure DM, against teams that play on the break I'd say he's more of a BWM or Anchorman in order to stop counter-attacks. In FM terms, if you want to play the DM has a Regista, note he roams and takes risks, so he may not protect the backline as much as the other roles.
  3. Money in the bank isn't necessarily the problem. I've got about the same: The problem is the debt, which at the moment I'm paying around £2.3M/month. I employ the same loan strategy, along with a few sales, but so far no profit at the end of the year. Maybe I'm too OCD. Do you have plans to start an FM19 save, or are you waiting for FM20?
  4. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! since you've kept most of your top players, how are your finances looking like? You did mention you kept the conveyor belt running, so I take it you earn money mostly through loans? How is the PT league ranked? Do you get more through TV deals? I'm in 2023 and still struggling to make any profit! Also, tutoring (now mentoring) has completely changed in this year's FM, meaning signing (old) players with great personalities isn't enough in order to spread good personalities/traits across the team. Those players must have a way to significantly impact others. Previously (as stated in the OP), you could decide whether you wanted to pass on just the personality or personality and traits, now it is a bit unpredictable which I absolutely love. You almost need to have the perfect player/s (personality and traits) in your squad, playing regularly, so others can be influenced by them. I'm sure you're gonna love it too should you buy FM19
  5. Hey @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! I must say your threads are very inspirational. I've long been waiting for this update, so thanks for that. Some players (Trincão and Xadas) were bought a few years later so the AI hasn't developed them as much, but they're still good enough to play a part. Being Portuguese and a massive Benfica fan, I tend to manage them in FM and this year is no different. In terms of Youth development, I didn't put the same emphasis as you did, therefore some players didn't develop as much but I'm still having fun. The biggest issue is definitely the finances. So far I haven't been able to finish a year on profit, even after winning the CL. It looks as though the more I sell, the worse it gets My biggest achievement has to be the CL win against Liverpool, where 7 from the XI (plus a few others on the bench) came from the academy. First Team this season Tactical approach Style and Shape are very similar to yours (hence why the first line of this post ), but not as aggressive as overload. I've got a few tweaks lined up since our shot conversion isn't great, but we're doing well. League campaign (so far) Keep up the great work
  6. Valid point, though his traits are very direct if I remember so he will attack them anyway. I guess it depends whether you want him to be more of goalscorer threat. I didn't use him much since his mentals are terrible. Same applies to Pizzi, he's got "Get into opposition area" so the support duty you're suggesting there makes sense. Grimaldo's and Gabriel's roles are more difficult to replicate but I certainly see Grimaldo's way more aggressive than just a WB-S.
  7. I take it you're managing Benfica, so start with the basic 442 and pick Lage's preferred XI and watch the players movements. A couple of suggestions though: Drop Felix to the AM strata, and play him at SS or Treq. Pizzi as WP-A Rafa as IW-S (get forward more, dribble more) Good luck.
  8. Thanks TTF. The warlord was enough to win the CL final as underdogs, with a few tweaks (dropped the SS to the DM strata, and removed a few dribble mores in certain players). 7 out of 11 that started the game came from the academy
  9. This. But even on support, he still plays on the shoulder of the last defender, though he is will to drop a little deeper in the build up. I've tried to unlearn that but he is not willing to. Herrera will always shoot when he has a chance, so I got him playing BWM/CM-D.
  10. I'm a 433 guy but because it's a defensive system, it can be hard (at least to me) to get the striker in scoring positions. I always prefer a creative striker when playing 433. You said your IF-A doesn't score much, who do you have there? Rafa? I had him there but his mentals were poor. I think generally in FM19, it's hard to get strikers to bang lots of goals.
  11. I'm also playing with Benfica and while I didn't win the title in my first two seasons (a lot of tactical tinkering, and focus on training/youth development), I will definitely win this season. I also struggled to get my strikers to score in my first season, whether he was Jonas, Castillo, Ferreyra or Seferovic. I ended up selling all of them (Jonas whilst being the best of all 3, has seen his physicals decreased). Eventually switching to a 4231, from 433, helped getting the strikers a bit more involved. I also re-trained Salvio to be a striker. In FM19 I noticed that not using counter-press and dropping the D-line a bit has helped me not conceding many goals.
  12. Late 2019... but the ss should give you an idea.
  13. I think both of them play in the Australian League, so you're gonna have to load it.
  14. Paul Galimi, Brad Bartels, Peiser have the best personalities in the game (all model citizens), however I haven't been able to get players to inherit their personalities (I'm sure there's some criteria for that). Afaik there are only 3 perfectionists in the game, Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Suarez and ter Stegen. Palombo, Rodrigo Taddei, Kallstrom, Herrera, Valencia and Luisão are some of the players I use for tutoring.
  15. That is exactly my point. If your build up is slow (low tempo, short passing and retain possession) you're just gonna keep possession for the sake of keeping possession. If the opposition is sitting deep and with a slow build up, I'm sure you're gonna be in circles with no penetration whatsoever. I'm sure you watched some of the LVG games. Maybe post here the match stats of that games vs Watford along with heatmaps and key combinations.
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