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  1. MadOnion

    Best Tutors on Game

    I think both of them play in the Australian League, so you're gonna have to load it.
  2. MadOnion

    Best Tutors on Game

    Paul Galimi, Brad Bartels, Peiser have the best personalities in the game (all model citizens), however I haven't been able to get players to inherit their personalities (I'm sure there's some criteria for that). Afaik there are only 3 perfectionists in the game, Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Suarez and ter Stegen. Palombo, Rodrigo Taddei, Kallstrom, Herrera, Valencia and Luisão are some of the players I use for tutoring.
  3. MadOnion

    Troubling away form

    That is exactly my point. If your build up is slow (low tempo, short passing and retain possession) you're just gonna keep possession for the sake of keeping possession. If the opposition is sitting deep and with a slow build up, I'm sure you're gonna be in circles with no penetration whatsoever. I'm sure you watched some of the LVG games. Maybe post here the match stats of that games vs Watford along with heatmaps and key combinations.
  4. MadOnion

    Troubling away form

    Some of the TI's don't make sense (in my opinion). Teams are likely to defend against Man Utd, so passing into space may not be a good idea, especially if you're playing with a low tempo and retain possession. You are probably getting a lot of passive possession with those TI's. I would keep it simple, by increasing the tempo, close the opposition more and give more creativity to the team (adjust the shape/mentality).