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  1. I'm pretty sure that whatever portal/app you used just laid out the formation/tactic as such without any context. It probably has no meaning whatsoever. While Benfica predominantly plays the 442, on the pitch it is very fluid, morphing into a 4231, 4222 (picture), 424 or even 433 when Waldschmidt drops deep.
  2. Not necessarily an issue. You can be really aggressive upfront, by defending from the front, if you have the players for it. Some prefer 1-0s others 5-4s. It's called risk/reward ratio, unless you have 22 world class players. How fast/intelligent are your CBs? Once your Line of Engagement is crossed, your midfielders/striker will start counter-pressing. I suspect if you play against a system say 4321, you will have at least 3 players beyond that line, and therefore a 3v3 situation. I'd personally try a couple of things with the caveat of knowing absolutely zip about your play
  3. This wasn't hard to achieve when you have Bastoni (6ft3 and imho best CB in the game) and Ajer (6ft6) as your CBs (Anel Ahmedhodžić who is 6ft4 is the first backup alongisde Teden Mengi). Bruno was in charge of all free-kicks (indirect too) and corners. Free-kicks were set as default, but corners were all going to the first post where the CBs were lurking! But the tactic was also designed for him to explode the key passes (I think he got 100 more than the 2nd places)... The advanced playmaker on support in bog-standard 4231. It was fun indeed but not sustainable since Martial's produ
  4. Manchester United has a very good playmaker in their books. You might have heard of him. (Granted these stats have been inflated by set-pieces).
  5. It goes without saying but morale is really important. If you're on a bad run don't expect to hit the ground running with the new tactic. Praise their conduct/training etc... I also tend to keep an eye on possession and number of shots. I'm not sure how good Brighton but those possession stats, and allowed shots on targets, aren't great for a team as good as yours, especially playing at home. You may add "Dribble less", in order to aid possession. Your attacking duties will be responsible for dribbling along with and other players with "running" traits. There's also the "work ball in
  6. How many times have you started a new save? Whenever you open these kind of threads, your XI is always from the first season. One thing that is obvious is the fact Madrid is much better than Benfica, so my approach would be to either hit on the break (like you're trying to do) or dominate possession by being super cautious. As you're trying to play counter-attacking football, and if your fullbacks are being exposed drop your wingers to the MF strata. If I recall both Rafa and Everton aren't the best in terms of work-rate, teamwork and aggression/bravery. Grimaldo is suspect too. So
  7. The HB is quite an aggressive role. I play with one and he goes everywhere, but he's also very good (Florentino Luis). There are 2 thing you can do to help this: Teach him to stay back at all times (PPM) Ask your goalkeeper to distribute to him I found these two help achieve that behaviour during build up, but since I play counter-press and a higher defensive line (as you do), he will naturally venture forward if the chance is there.
  8. What do you mean about controlling games? More possession? Less shots conceded? You can still have your Mezzala there, but if you want more presence in midfield, you can try using an IWB instead of your FBa. It's likely your Mez and winger/if will be using the flanks a bit, so unless you want to overload that flank even further, I'd try a IWB on defend and watch a few games. Be wary since a IWB requires a slightly different profile. An alternative is to reduce or passing/tempo but again, watching the game (more than results) is key.
  9. @Toronto Blizzard to be blunt, we can only speculate about what suits your team. Instead I'd recommend you to play a few games offline first and do your own analysis. A CM-su next to a WB-A is fine, provided both players have the attributes to cover each other. Having a DM does help, but I'd still keep an eyes on things. How? Is my right flank being exposed? Am I conceding too many goals? On the other hand, is my DLP able to find my IF and the attacking WB? It can be a potent weapon. That might be a good compromise or your method to the madness. Speculation 1: I'd say
  10. It looks as though the loss against Stuttgart was more of a consequence of players being sent off. @frukox mentioned a couple of good points. It's all about finding the balance and hitting that sweet spot. I'd keep an eye on possession but also the number of shots, that requires changing the strategy some time to time. Against Hertha, did you have space into space and hit early cross on? Was that effective at all? Such strategy is beneficial when there's space to exploit. It doesn't seem that was the case. They had 0 shots, which can be a credit to your defence, but also to their unw
  11. My main tactic in FM21 uses a regista. Is there a reason you want to use it other than its fancy name? Do you have the player for it? It's quite an aggressive role. When I think of a regista, the first name that comes to mind is Pirlo. Ahead of him he had hard-working players such as Vidal and Marchisio ready to do the dirty work for him (he won't defend much) as well as being keen runners. I have two ball winning-midfielders who are excellent defenders but also provide enough support going forward (PPMs help). Behind him he had world class defenders. I wouldn't use any special r
  12. What is your media prediction for the season? I'd be wary about using counter-press, a much higher defensive line, tight marking and get stuck in. I'm ok with the first two, but if the tight marking and get stuck in fail, that could leave your team exposed. I suppose the main question is how/why are you conceding those goals? I'd go back a few games and analyse them. You may be able to spot a pattern.
  13. I struggle to understand why people think the 442 isn't suitable for possession football! Any formation can play however you want, provided the strategy is in place. By the way, the 442 can become anything you want, again depending on roles, duties and PPMs, but that's a conversation for another day. The high LOE coupled with Lewa's and Kane's work rate are great tools to defend from the front. What was the reason behind the loss against Werder Bremen? Set-pieces? Balls over your defence line? It seems they were quite happy giving up the ball and seize their chances. They were also so
  14. With the 4231 you have enough bodies to both press and create goalscoring opportunities, however with your roles and duties I feel like another avenue of attacking the box is needed, either from deep CM/AM or one of the fullbacks. Their PPMs may drive them forward, but probably not as aggressive. What do you mean by the striker not getting involved? Goals, assists, touches, dropping too deep? Since both Bruno and Martial are on support duties, have one tried one on support one on attack? On a personal level, I'm not sure Martial is suitable as a CF. His concentration and vision are p
  15. Another excellent update. Time for a what have I learned from the save, and what would I now do differently? part 2? @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! On a serious note, I think your team is tailor made for the 343 LvG used in 95. Both Alves and Pinto are/were fullbacks but very capable centre backs (De Boer/Reiziger... or Sergi/Ferrer at Barcelona). Don't think you've introduced us Guimaraes. Dantas at the base of the diamond, flanked by Valentim and Costa. Leao, the Litmanen incarnation. Jota and Embalo on either side of Felix. What do you think? Unfortunately, in FM21 you can
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