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  1. I know what you mean, it's too ambiguous and lacks context. I sort of think in ranges, so very attacking anything from 16-20, attacking from 12-15, positive 9-11 etc... So I decided to fire up FM20 again. Positive - Very Fluid The Inside Forward (Support) becomes Very Attacking, with the Wing back (Support) Positive. If you use Look for overlap/underlap, their mentalities are affected: The Inside Forward (Support) down to Attacking, with the Wing back (Support) now Attacking, creating the compactness you're after. If you use both Look for overlap/underlap and Focus Play Down Left/Right, the IF-S stays Attacking but the WB-S now becomes Very Attacking. If you use Focus Play Through the Middle the CBs go from Cautious to Balanced. The SK-U also becomes Attacking To be honest, not a lot has changed , if you think in ranges like I do. It's more of a case to adjust the brain to think in labels rather than numbers
  2. Another great post O-zil. With the absence of team shape in FM19/20, roles/duties are definitely more important if you want to achieve a more structured style of play (if you believe team fluidity is more than a label). Also, since the training aspect of the game has been revamped, doing a youth development is definitely more challenging (and time consuming) since there are a gazillion of ways to train your players. If you're a control freak, this is actually a good thing. The biggest challenge is spreading good personalities across the team, since the old tutoring was overpowered, signing players with high-reputation/good personalities may end up being pointless. The academy is still bearing fruits in FM20 and with the addition of the u23 team, managing a club with over 70 players is truly a challenge. I never use pre-sets although they're useful if you want your assistant manager to train a certain style of play (it also helps if your assistant manager also likes the said style of play). You can always reset all TIs/PIs/OIs and start with a clean slate. Though I love FM18, it feels natural to move on and accept the game has changed.
  3. I'm having the same issues. Having being up 1-0, I switched to the park the bus preset with some modifications and duties on defend and somehow the AI managed to bypass my defensive line. I now watch games in comprehensive until I, either score a goal, or past 20min just to make sure these still through balls aren't happening as often.
  4. When I thought you couldn't out-perform the class of 2018, you come up with a World cup performance of 27 goals scored, 0 conceded . I think this Thread has reached its climax. Truly unbelievable! The work you've done since day 1 thus far is remarkable and since I'm a Benfica fan, this is probably the GOAT thread. I'm yet to start my Benfica save on this years FM since I'm waiting for patches to make the ME engine better, but reading this thread back and forth is making me start the save rather soon. Keep the updates coming!
  5. I guess you have to try everything, even Pep went long ball against Wolves (although that didn't work either)
  6. Since you're dominating possession and you're probably camping in the opponents half, perhaps it's a better idea to go bit more direct? You're pressing the opponents quite a bit (positive mentality, counter-press and more urgent pressing), so relaxing that a bit, could help dragging the opponents out? Provided you're happy with your roles and duties (I don't really see that being a problem, as I play a similar formation, but I achieve variety using PPM's and PI's), you can certainly tweak the team instructions. If, after say 30min, I haven't scored a goal against a team I should be scoring, there are usually a couple of things I do, without changing mentality since that affects a host of things. The list below obviously depends on the context (at this point I'd be watching the game in comprehensive mode). Go wider and remove work ball into box Pass into space and lower LOE Add mixed crosses and hit early crosses Subbing in a player with a different profile, whilst playing the same role, can also have a meaningful impact (I normally start here) Last, but certainly not least, use shouts and pay attention to their body language Good luck
  7. Should be able to upvote this more. It really grinds my gears when people open threads on here and their systems are pointed out for being too one-dimensional by just looking at roles/duties without understanding PPMs (and player attributes) add variety to a system.
  8. One thing though, you mention 4231 but your formation is 4141. Benfica will dominate the league so it's normal to have a high volume of shots, but what you should be after is quality and not necessarily quantity. Teams will sit deep against you in the league. You're asking the team to play with higher tempo and counter but then you're asking them to slow play down in conjunction with attacking duties. That, in itself, looks a bit confusion so I'd revisit that. Since you have a few attacking duties, I'd remove "slow play down" and start with a balanced mentality, then watch a few games, particularly if you have enough men in transition, otherwise they will shoot if they have no options. This is an amazing thread you can read about SLB and how @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! evolved his side over the years. I've also wrote something similar (to a much lesser extent, although it needs updating).
  9. I try to prioritise football intelligence, so the mentals are my absolute priority. My u19s spend the majority of their time improving anticipation, decisions, composure and work rate, first and foremost. That's the basis of their training, however their individual focus is normally spent around technicals. I find physicals improve other time and with game time.
  10. Apologies for being missing in action, but I've been on holiday and away from the keyboard. One of my concerns about changing the striker's role was due to the mentality (see below) going from balanced on support, to very attacking on attack (Team mentality is still set as Positive). Since I wanted my striker to be involved in the final third (to score and assist), the DLF seemed the right role. The DLF is the right role, but changing it to an attack meant Lincoln turned in a different beast (Thanks for the suggestions). Felix, though, as a Trequartista is still very cold but I suspect is due to the fast transitions (counter enabled as a IT) and wing play. Since we're doing well, I'm probably too obsessed in trying to get the best out of him. I thought you might recognise a few Dantas is very good on the ball, but very lightweight still. He's still got a long way before becoming the finishing product, so I will keep him around for a few more years. I know he is being under-utilised but I don't want him as a playmaker (yet) as I'm trying to solve the Felix conundrum. The Trequartista on a positive mentality becomes Very Attacking. The role becomes Attacking when changing the team mentality to balanced. The DLF-A is still very attacking on both mentalities. The PF (pressing forward), I think, replaces the old Defensive Forward. @Rashidi had great success with the Trequartista (thanks for featuring the save on your YT channel) with the balanced mentality, so I might give that a go. Playing the wingers as IFs, in my option, would limit the space for Felix and Lincoln to operate. Even as wingers they still cut inside (again, alongside the striker, they're the team's top scorers). I've struggled in the past, even with easier groups but the whole point here is the development of the team and adjusting the tactics to the players. Regarding the roles, this is the exact point of the OP. The roles alone mean nothing since the PI and PPM make players behave differently on the pitch. With the wingbacks high up on the pitch, the wingers can do whatever they want without being too predictable (high flair, decisions and agility play a big part here). I will be playing Dortmund (first game away) in the CL and that should pose an interesting threat to the current system.
  11. Much appreciated! Thanks Exactly, my 4 wingers have different set of traits/attributes which adds variety, but I'm also not rigid in the sense that at times, the wingers might swap flanks. I might even start two left footed wingers which makes the right wing even more unpredictable, or vice-versa (Again taking a leaf out of Pep's book). That is applicable across the squad. See my wingbacks below: Grimaldo is my starting LB and Daniel Bragança the backup, while the former is technically better the latter is a converted left footed DLP with a complete set of traits (dictates tempo, likes to switch the ball to other flank, tries long passes, etc). Daniel, is a swiss knife who can unlock anything. Gedson is my starting RB but with an all-round, high-octane profile. In the same mould of Dani Alves or Maicon. His deputy, Rafael Brito is a pacy, intelligence yet low flair/crossing full back. Inspired by, what I like to call, your clean slate thread (https://community.sigames.com/topic/487345-no-tactic-and-lots-of-experimental-shouting/) I use a combination of personnel change and shouts to bring the best of the squad. I thought long and hard before writing the OP since this is something I hadn't done before. My point was to inspire others, who like me, may think their tactics are too predictable/one-dimensional and fail to understand that variety can be achieved by attributes/traits/PIs/TIs. More time needs to spend on training and squad development. One thing are roles that cannot co-exist, another thing is to dismiss an approach because it looks predictable on paper by just looking at the roles (I'm excluding TIs here). I'm no tactical guru, this is just my interpretation. Regarding the striker role pointed by all the contributors so far. Having an attacking minded role whilst playing on a positive mentality, it hugely affects the striker's mentality from "Balanced" to "Very Attacking", whilst this works in Europe, to a certain extent, in Portugal against team that sit deep, the striker is often too isolated. Meaning he goes missing for large chunks of the game, contributing at times, with a grand total of 10 passes/game. I didn't try the DLF-A, so that may well be the answer
  12. Disclaimer: I’m no means a FM expert, though I’ve been playing the game since CM97/98, so please bear with me. Whilst I live in the UK, English isn't my first language! I read this far too much on here, therefore I’ve always wondered why is that such an issue, specially if you have the personnel that can pull it off! So that inspired me to write my first ever thread (see disclaimer). More like myth busting, so to speak. Would it hurt my team too much? Will it prevent it from unlocking its true potential? All questions needed to be answered in my head. Context Like any manager who is influenced by different philosophies, I’m no different. In real life I’m a fan of Pep’s approach, Klopp’s style of play. In the past, Capello’s Milan and Lippi’s Juve team. Del Piero and Rivaldo are one of my favourite players ever. Over the years reading this forum, I’ve been influenced by a few members of this forum: @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! I love his writing style which includes football philosophy, team shape, fluidity and complete footballers. @herne79 helped me through understanding squad development (DNA, scout reporting, team shouts, etc) and he is second to none when it comes in getting his message across. @Rashidi mainly through his Youtube channel (very underrated), training tips, LLM, and his constant tinkering in order to beat AI. So, some of the things you will see below are heavily influenced by their views. I’m a Benfica fan so I tend to manage them in each FM iteration, but this year (again influenced by O-zil), I’ve decided to do a Youth development save with a heavy bias towards Portuguese players (either coming through youth intake or poaching other teams in Portugal). I've bought the odd player mainly due to scarcity of Portuguese strikers. The team is yet to reach its peak, though we’re going in a direction where players are becoming more and more complete. In my view, complete footballers are the one whose mental attributes are solid across the board. Mainly anticipation, vision, composure, decisions and work rate. Of course, anyone that can’t pick a pass, isn’t technically gifted or can’t run will be out of the squad. Since this is a tactical thread, I won’t dwell too much on under19s/23/B team or squad development, but I still want to give some context to the thread. Squad Development (The XI and the 11 subs) In short: Goalkeepers need to be able to defend (who would have thought), but also be creative and reliable with the ball at their feet. Centre Backs, like in modern football, need to know how to play from the back, not necessarily great in the air, but excellent readers of the game. Wingbacks need to be creative, so they can play as Inverted wingbacks. Midfielders, if they have no flair, will probably play in a deeper role, otherwise further forward on the pitch. Wingers/Forwards/Strikers should be able to play anywhere across the front 3. They're all 24yo or under, bar Zoet and Grimaldo. I’m in my 4th season, so whilst I’ve won everything domestically, the aim is the Champions League, and I’ve always fell short due to constant tinkering. I’ve decided to take a step back and start with a clean slate (thanks @herne79), and slowly tweaking as I understood more about factors that could influence the game. Whilst I was happy with the results, I always felt the urge to tinker again. Tactical Approach and Style of Play We’ve just approached the winter break, so 6 months of football are being us. The idea is simple: Attack with width as I want to stretch the opposition as much as possible (Positive mentality plus wide TI). We defend narrow with a high defensive line -> Force the opposition to go wide. The above resembles like Guardiola’s style of play, but we don’t tiki-taka, instead we pass and move with pace (Klopp) and press aggressively, though we don’t counter press. PIs come into the mix. Both flanks mirror each other (yes one-dimensional which is the whole point of this thread), however there is a twist. The N10 role Whilst I’m not a huge 4231 fan, I’m adamant Felix has to play as Trequartista (or possibly SS), since I don’t link him coming off the flanks or from deep. He’s the star of the team. My Del Piero. Everything else is built around him. He’s been hot and cold with only 1 goal in the league, but has assisted for goal 7 times in return. Wingers Trincao, my LW can cross and is left footed. Jota, my RW, can also cross, however since he is both footed, has low team work and has the Get into Opposition Area trait, he will get at the end of crosses. Basically a tap-in merchant. Since both players are intelligent with above average off-the-ball, their runs vary. They’re amongst the top scores and lead in assists. Although Trincao is a classic winger, he arrives late in the box and has scored goals some important goals too. We tend to score a lot by crossing low, with pace for a 2nd post tap in. The kind of goals Manchester City scores. Full Backs Both on attack, bombing down the flanks. Due to their intelligence they will either hug the line, or going inwards. Gedson, my most complete player (literally can play anywhere) has Get into Opposition Area trait which comes in handy when I change his role to IWB. He’s a BBM by trade and can play as a Mezzala too. Grimaldo is a modern fullback (think of Alba) and was at the top assists ranking the previous season (in a slightly different setup). Centre backs One of the best partnerships I’ve had in recent years. Lisandro Martinez (just signed for Ajax in Real life), is one of the most creative CBs in the game, whilst Ruben Dias (club captain) is as aggressive as composed. Both capable BPDs or regular CBs. Think of Rio/Vidic or Carvalho/Terry partnership. Centre midifield I want bias towards my N10, so I don’t need these guys to play any fancy roles. The CM-S, though, I want him to take more risks, dribble more, move into channels and roam from position. Basically a free 8 in Pep’s system, but with the stamina, work-rate to track back should things go wrong. Striker Here lies my biggest challenge, I can’t decide so I keep tinkering between a DLF-S or a CF-s. Occasionally I play him as a PF-S. He either goes on a goalscoring run, or has a goal drought of 10 games. I'm not overly concerned about his output, but I'd like to see more since both Lincoln and Arp are highly creative with room for improvement. Training I won't be talking about training, but I do spend an awful lot of time working on mental attributes every week. Other factors come into play depending on opposition and how many games in the week we have to play. In-game Stats Fixtures Assists Goals Have I been successful? Domestically yes, but that’s not the real challenge. The barometer is the champions league. Statistically we still squander too many chances. Since most teams defend against us, scoring goals is a tough ask. Too one-dimensional? Hard to tell. I am, however, seeing a variety of goals and assists and that's due to the players' intelligence, PPMs, PIs. I'm not pretending I ruined the myth, but I’m enjoying what I’m seeing so far.
  13. I know what you mean and it can be tempting. I do have a couple of wonderkids in the reserves, but at the moment I rotate between Zoet and Svilar. Felix is the 3rd GK. At the moment my number is a 30yo (Zoet, model citizen) is the #1, whilst Svilar (who is already better than Zoet) plays in cup games and easy league games. I also have Felix coming through. Zoet is currently mentoring both, so I'm hoping their personalities improved. That is the sole reason Zoet plays since I need his squad status to be as influential as possible. 1st Choice Backup (arguably better than the 1st choice) (Best under 19 GK in the squad)
  14. Amazing thread @herne79 I tend to micromanage a lot and at times I should really go back to basics, so I've decided to give the "clean slate" a go. The 4231 was already the formation the team had been playing for some time, but I had other roles in mind I wanted to try, particularly the Shadow Striker and the Regista, so this is what I came up with. The clean slate. No TIs, PIs, OIs. The only changes I might make is to turn the RG into a more conservative role (DM Support). If the SS is being isolate, I might turn him into a AM-S/A. I might tweak the striker too, but very rarely. Other than that, all roles remain the same. The IWB overload the midfield, but they also run down their flanks (PPM) to stretch play, if needed. One might say the tactic is too one-dimensional, but since my squad is quite intelligent and have diversity in terms of PPM's, we tend to become unpredictable. This is a Youth development save, so they will only get better. Squad DNA We've enjoyed a fairly good run, the results inside the red box are from when the team started using the clean slate system (highlight is the 4-0 win against Liverpool) In terms of shouts, well things vary really: Regardless of what happens, if after 20min we haven't scored, I will ask them to get more creative. After 40min, still 0-0? Show some passion/Demand more. 2 goal advantage against tough opposition or 4 goals against easy opposition? Praise them. Calm down if we're committing too many fouls or get early yellow cards. Obviously there's context in everything we do... it's not all black and white. Having this clean slate has allowed me to understand more how each role plays a part in the system and I'm definitely having more fun playing the game. Overcomplicating has definitely been an issue for me, so by using the shouts, I'm putting all my trust on the players to go out there and enjoy it (however don't you dare losing the game). I've also changed my approach with regards to training, so depending on what happens in the last game, I change the schedule, eg: if I struggled to score, the first 2 days after the game are spent on improving chance creation/conversion. Likewise if we're struggling with possession, I ask the lads to spend more time doing ball retention, press resistance, etc. The other days are spent on attribute development (particularly footballing intelligence). A truly inspiring thread
  15. Well done on creating those I just didn't know the assistant could pick up from custom schedules, I do have a few since I'm in charge of the training in all my squads, but I never noticed him picking up anything from my custom schedules. Maybe I was looking at the names, instead of the actual cards/schedule. I will give it a go this evening.
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