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  1. Your only solution is to win the Champions league as often as possible and hope the board liquidates some of the bank loans. You should still be in red, but the bank balance should be healthy. I've got around £700M, and only won the CL once. I'm in 2027. The TV deal does help, but only if the league reputation increases. If Sporting, Porto and Braga (to an extent) aren't doing as well in Europe, I'm afraid the league will be around 5-7th. Regarding salaries, in real life, the top earner will be lucky to get £200k a month, let alone per week, so that's something to bear in mind. When it's time to renew salaries, I give them as low as possible, with no bonus, but a big yearly rise (20-30%) with the option to extend the contract by a couple years. That means their tied with the club for like 6-8years. Each year they will complain about their low salaries, but I tell them they have a lot of years left on their contract. They will moan, but with their professional personality, eventually they keep quiet.
  2. The new "newgens" coupled with proper training and mentoring can also be exploitable Though Sampson and Lei as beasts there are better players riding the bench of the likes of PSG/Manchester United/Barcelona/Madrid. It's easy to assemble a team of Monsters á la Space Jam but that takes away the fun in my opinion (I'm a bit stingy as well, currently with almost £1bn in the bank). You can achieve compactness on flanks on Very Attacking (Overload) if you play with IF's on support and CWB-s with overlap set; both will have attacking mentality (whatever that means in numbers). The rest of team sadly will be on Positive/Balance, unless you "play through the middle" (I wonder if a DLP-S with an Attacking mentality is fun to watch ) To be honest, in order to achieve a 2-3-5, the above works quite well which isn't too bad. The midfield 3 sits/recycles with the odd shot from outside the area.
  3. Grilo made some noises and ended up leaving for £100M. I'm not happy with that but one of his negatives traits was "Doesn't feel comfortable playing in big matches" and a "fairly consistent performer". That was definitely seen in certain games. Sampson came in as his replacement I already have Harvey Elliot which suits the AMR - cutting in role I'm thinking Sampson as AML, Elliot AMR and Lei F9, though I'm sure those 3 can play any roles across the front. The supporting cast is as good.
  4. I don't remember the quality of newgens on FM18, but on FM19/20 teams are generally stacked with world class players, particularly physical specimens. They're easy to find too. My Benfica side (FM20 in 2027) is as good as yours (I'd like to believe so anyway ) and I have a couple of players that can definitely play the F9 role. I know a team is only as good as the sum of its parts, including the manager. I'm no @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! and that makes a huge difference Domestically: There's a gap but not a massive one. I do face a lot of 4222DM in Portugal, which means I have to micromanage at times in order to get wins, regardless it's a walk in the park (generally speaking) In Europe: The challenge is greater (Top teams are stacked), buying players for +£100M is the norm. I've won the CL once in 7 years (and that was after a crash dump where I had to replay a semi-final). Some players like Jota/Embalo reached the plateau early and I had to move them on. Jota is 20 by the time FM20 was released. Hardly a wonderkid. It's possible that from an attribute point of view, there are better players than yours in your save, but I suppose you just have a team that clicks and knowing exactly how you want your players to perform plus a great degree of the ME makes the difference (who would've thought ). Potential False 9s Lei - I'd like to believe he's is as good as Felix. Intelligent, two-footed, excellent flair and decent finishing/off-the-ball. Caca - Great Potential, in the same mould as Lei, but a little behind in football intelligence. Grilo is an out-an-out striker. As intelligent as Lei, but a better finisher. I do have other players (for other positions) but don't want to hijack the thread with needless screenshots. In isolation, how would you play both Lei and Grilo? Haven't given up but a frustrating save nonetheless. Dantas, at the age of 26, just had his best season yet, I mean he just gets better and better and that's what keeps me going.
  5. I'm baffled at these numbers. Particularly João Felix as a F9 with a lower mentality (comparatively speaking with the other guys). I know he's a special player, but how is that possible? I know at this point the Portuguese league is a walk in the park but isn't easy to pull off such numbers. I need to read this thread again starting from the "What did I learn" section. Out of curiosity, do you not fancy a one-off save with Barça (FM18 is fine) and try to break Messi's own record of 91 goals in a calendar year, obviously as a F9? Maybe that can be possible with Felix too. I don't like to blame the ME or the Tactical creator but I don't think I've seen such numbers in FM20/19, even with the so called exploit tactics. Massive congrats @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! By the way, that 424 isn't far from the IRL Benfica and with Jorge Jesus coming back the 442/424 is here to stay.
  6. I think Florentino Luis was a bit offended by O-zil's comments about his contribution on the opposition half (to be fair to O-zil, the goal was from a set-piece ) The Squad DNA One for the Dantas' fan club. We're in 2026 and he just had his best season yet.
  7. I think in FM18 players only become Model Professionals after the age of 23. Regarding squad building and since this is a Youth development challenge, I'd keep the squad as young as possible and move players on after a certain age (26/27?), unless there's sentiment towards certain players. I can see you have an emotional attachment towards Dantas, Felix, Jota and Pinto. Do you pay attention to scout reports? I'm sure there are a few players with a higher potential than the ones in your XI. Maybe this is the time to freshen up things? Most of them are fully tutored anyway right? So as long as the levels of Anticipation and Decisions are high, everything else should fit in nicely. Sir Alex Ferguson used to freshen things up every 4-5 years, including his assistant managers, with the core (class of 92) intact in order to keep things interesting.
  8. Amazing goal Felix with the messi-esq movement. Also amazing is the fact you're playing with an attacking mentality which increases width, yet both IFs are so narrow. Something I'm struggling with in FM20
  9. Unfortunatly we see a lot of that (systems being one-dimensional) on here, so I wanted to hear your opinion on it. We seem to share the same opinion. With the removal of team shape, we will never know how (at least I to what extent) how expansive a team can be without using certain TIs (pass into space, be more creative, etc). Very fluid now means lots of support duties. One of things I do is to ask the team to either shoot more or run at defence when trying to break the deadlock, that often generates set-pieces, particularly penalties.
  10. I have the exact same problem with Naci Unuvar. Other players (less talented) seem to be perform better. His scouting report doesn't say anything abnormal, but I do wonder if his concentration and other hidden attributes play a part. Not the best advice, but Man City came with £120M offer and I was happy to let him go. Perhaps a better advice but try him as an inside forward or winger on attack (PPM cut inside would help if you try him as winger though he will naturally cut inside since he's right footed). Changing a working system because of one player may ruin the balance of your tactic.
  11. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! one thing you don't talk about much (I think) is in-game management? The more sceptical ones will look at your tactic and deem one-dimensional but no two players are the same eg: Jota being two-footed and Embaló more direct, traits also play a part etc... Against deep blocks in Portugal (4-2DM systems) and if you're chasing a goal, what do you normally do? Like for like substitutions, but with a different profile? Shouts? Change mentality and patiently wait for the opening? Change Felix's role to something more aggressive?
  12. You say the tactic is working but at the same time something is lacking. What exactly is that? The tactic is indeed aggressive but you do have the players to pull it off. A couple of changes I'd make without touching TIs/PIs: Mbappe and Rashford will attack the same space, which could work if you're trying to overload, but I reckon that area will be crowded against most teams in the PL. I'd swap Rashford/Ibra and make Ibra a DLF/CF on support, to encourage more in that area of the pitch. He's strong and has great hold up play. Pogba will get forward (PPM) and shoot from distance (PPM), so I'd "tone" him down a bit by changing his role to support. Bailly isn't a great BPD. Since you're asking both fullbacks to overlap (which they will anyway), I'd change their duties to support, specially AWB who would be perfect to cover Pogba's run. I'd probably change AWB's role to defend.
  13. I think the last time a false 9 scored that many goals whilst winning the B'or at the same time was a certain diminutive argentine, and that was in real life. It does take a special player to win that award and Felix is that special. PS: honourable mention to Gonçalo Oliveira
  14. Resolution is fine. Change units to "per cent" and update the width to 50% (if it's too small, you can try something bigger). I always have to resize my images before posting them on here.
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