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  1. I have recieved the reciepts for both and they appear as purchased items under history on my account in the play store.
  2. On the save where I bought the son I have progressed right through to the next season and he still hasnt appearred, on the save where I bought the training ground improvement my facilities have stayed at Adequate / Average. I can no longer purchase either of these unlockables in any save as nothing happens when I click them but if I click on Expand Stadium it takes me to the payment page as I havent tried to buy that yet.
  3. Im having issues with the in game store in FMM2017, I have bought both the managers son unlockable and the improved training ground unlockable and although the payment went through neither has appeared in my game. I have gone back to store to try buying them again and now nothing happens when I click on them. Both unlockables were bought in different saves so it isnt the save file thats at fault.
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