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  1. Ah, delightful! Dutch in England should be fun, and whilst I think trying to win the Premier with only Americans would be super fun, it would also be near impossible. Happy trails ahead!
  2. I say you do a double-switch and do Scottish only. That'd be fun and totally impossible
  3. Lazio and Sampdoria do seem nice, recover in Italy a bit before crashing into England.
  4. Of course. Totally. Totally legit. Man, your save has some wacky ex-player managers!
  5. Well, AK's thread was one of my all-time favorites, and I've loved your previous works, so this one should be quite fun.
  6. Must be fun to get a change of pace after squallowing in the 7th tier for forever. Hopefully this can lead to you getting jobs higher up!
  7. I'm convinced Kiltie has some serious dirt on someone at this point to keep pulling off these jobs. What's next, he's managing Barca or Madrid?
  8. That is a horrific image. Now, if he gets the job at Leicester, I'll never be able to un-see it. *shudder*
  9. That's quite the step up, I'd say! Hopefully he can manage the Celts well and keep Scottish dominance! Also, I'm amazed at how quick you go. You mentioned you holiday for most matches and play the bigger ones, correct?
  10. HA! That is just incredible incompetence. You'd have to imagine the Rovers fans are about to burn the stadium down at this point. Part of me wants you to go back to Northern Ireland just to destroy Shamrock. Also, fun to see Greg Kiltie in the running to replace you. A current player from my favorite Scot team - Kilmarnock.
  11. Ah, that's not bad. Good luck! Make sure to spend time in Sweden
  12. I have to ask, how large is that player database? It seems like if you had that many leagues loaded that the game would be crazy slow. Is that the case?
  13. If you ever finish this, doing the same with Europa League runner ups might be fun. If you want challenge, you could even say making Europa runner-ups win the Champions League. Lots of very interesting teams in that runner-up pile. Also, hope some more club openings happen soon. We need fresh options for you to take to glory!
  14. This is incredible. At least you can solace in that the bookies think Pep might be fired from United soon. But, that could make him take the Atletico job, which, even if you don't want it, it would be pretty great. Also, I think Bobby Manc is chasing you. Better watch your back.
  15. I'll rank these and try to give some reasoning. 1. Spain Spain easily has the most competition, as you'd have to overthrow both Barcelona and Real Madrid to win La Liga. On top of that, it's a generally fun league to compete in, with players like Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez. The players are top notch. 2. Italy Italy is a very interesting region that is very different from Austria, even if the competition isn't the greatest. It does have Juventus as a top-flight club, but it does have sneaky contenders with Roma and Milan. Plus, Italian names are fun. 3. France
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