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  1. Morning, I'm not sure if this has already been highlighted but it's affected my save from day 1. Players natural position is highlighted bright green as normal but this isn't circled as normal. It also seems when scouting new players it doesn't scout what should be their most natural position. Example Joe Willock - When I select this player his most natural position isn't highlighted, instead this is showing AML. Is this a known bug ?
  2. Anyway to get round brexit with the pre game editor ?
  3. If I change the display settings on my laptop, I open up the game and can’t click on anything rendering the game useless. Either play a version which is massively congested at 85% or at 50% where the text is barely visible.
  4. Any updates on how to resolve this ? The steps provided above don’t work and the display is still the same ?
  5. None of this worked for me, it’s purely down to size of text & images. Previously you had option between 85% and 50%. Please can you confirm if there are plans to add these ?
  6. The game itself works fine, no issues when clicking and everything aligning as it should. It’s just the interface is zoomed in to much meaning I have to scroll down to view all the squad etc. Whereas in fm20 setting the zoom at 75% I could view everything. Are you sure that this issue is the same as above as this purely seems down to options available being limited ?
  7. Zoom options when playing via Macbook Pro 13 inch model has limited options from 85%, this prevents all required information from populating within the one screen. Previous versions had more options with regards to zoom but this jumps from 85% down to 50%. All functionality works however the user experience is significantly reduced.
  8. Agree, everything is as it should be yet we don't have the option of 75% as we did in FM20. Scouting wise with my custom view i can't see as many stats or players within the list.
  9. After the hotfix when starting a new game my database still shows 2.1.0. I've downloaded the hotfix but does anyone know if this should show when starting a new save ?
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