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  1. Slagelse Boldklub & Idrætsforening Frederik Kjær is now the manager of newly promoted Danish club Slagelse Boldklub & Idrætsforening. After going bankrupt in 2015 as FC Vestsjælland, Slagelse has been promoted from the Series and is now semi-professional. Squad - It's a decent squad and is pretty young, which will give me time to develop the intake players for a couple of years. We already have a decent prospect in Morten Albrechtsen.
  2. I might try to get back to this soon, but I'm doing a save in Andorra and somehow fluked my way in to the CL in 2021/2022, so it may not be for a while.
  3. All I Do Is Win Just a Decent Preseason August and September Wow, what a preseason. We played a lot of games and I've decided on a 4-2-3-1 with attacking full backs, defensive midfielders, and wide attacking midfielders. Transfers It was hard to bring in some players due to the limited scouting range, but I feel we've done very well with most signings. Since we've made so many I'll only show players I think I'll use. Next Time: First real games
  4. Crossing The Pond Back to North America W Connection Football Club is a football club from Trinidad and Tobago, which currently plays in the TT Pro League. The club plays its home games at the Manny Ramjohn Stadium in Marabella. While it may seem like a weird move, this is a huge jump in terms of reputation. Williams Connection is one of best teams in Trinidad and Tobago, and sacked their manager after finishing 4th last season, which shows their expectations. There are also 6 competitions in Trinidad and Tobago, which gives us plenty of chances to win trophies. Next Time: Preseason and plenty of transfers.
  5. Great choice! At least you're finally getting paid decent money (compared to before).
  6. Very good signings and interesting formation! Will be following for sure.
  7. Daniel Smith 2016/2017 Review It's been an eventful year, lifting my first title, the PDL East South Atlantic Division. After that I moved across the pond to take on Hemel Hempstead, bringing them up from 16th to 10th in 13 games, and winning the April Manager of the Month award. You may see I'm wanted Next Time: Staying or going? Transfers + Preseason
  8. Postseason I'll take any chance to make some money May Why are we playing games? Why are we losing by 7 goals? Because we're in debt. Since we weren't in the playoffs, there was an extra week on my calendar where it let me propose friendlies. So, since we were in a decent amount of debt (about $80k) , I decided to host the first ever London Cup! I think Watford had to come since they're affiliated, and we invited 2 other horrible teams from the London area. A success, I guess? At least we made some money (about $30k) and came 3rd, despite getting destroyed 8-1. We then beat our rivals St. Albans in penalties while making $3.5k (I'll take what I can get). Next Time: Manager Review
  9. Coach of the Month! They gave me my own jersey! April We played teams mostly below us and did very well, boosting us up all the way from 16th to a 10th place finish. The results were good enough to earn me the April Manager of the Month Award! End of Season Awards and Review Next Time: Postseason?
  10. "How many countries are in this country?" February and March After going winless in the previous 6 games before my appointment, we've gone unbeaten in 6 games since thanks to new signings and tactics. This puts us in to 13th, 3 places up from 16th when we joined. Transfers Players In Next Time: The last 6 games of the season, all in April.
  11. Thanks! Hopefully I'll get there. My sleep schedule still hasn't adjusted, I've been up all night looking for transfers and adjusting tactics. Luckily it's gone pretty well so far.
  12. Youth Intake I only like ham from the South Looks like we've gotten a decent intake, although Femi might just take off someone's head (20 aggression). Next Time: Games and transfers
  13. Crossing The Pond? Wilmington to Hemel Hempstead Hemel Hempstead Town Football Club is a semi-professional football club based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England. Affiliated to the Hertfordshire County Football Association, they are currently members of the National League South, the sixth tier of English football, and play at Vauxhall Road. That's a long flight A substantial pay raise, an offer from a more reputable league, and not a large risk of relegation tempted me into this job. Next Time: First games in England Transfers?
  14. Incredible. When you're doing worse than an animated lion and Tanzania's prisoners you know you're in trouble.
  15. Title: TBC Subtitle: TBC Rest of Season We lost a game We won the league by 30 points and triple the next best goal differential, absolute domination. And there are "plans" to build a new stadium. At least we know what city it'll be in. Next Time: Staying or going?
  16. @andychar Basically. I have a group of core players who are actually on the B team, however they can be promoted to the A team at any time. At the same time, there are players on the A team who can actually be moved to the B team completely. There are also some players available on a game to game basis. Like when you're managing a top team you might get an email saying "Players available for B team match" or something like that and you mark a few players to play in that match. I get those players automatically added to by tactics page on the day of the game. (I can't always use them though, since the there is a maximum of 3 Over-23 players in the match day squad.) Also, players don't base their playing time off the B team, hence why Homer terminated his contract, and at the end of the season I've had a few others.
  17. It's fine, I'm not too upset. All you have to do is win the title this season to make it up to me
  18. The Reincarnation of Homer? Kyle Parker, Homer reborn. September Kyle Parker has scored 7 in 4, including the two goals that won us the title. 27 points, wow. Next Time: The rest of the season.
  19. Surprise! The title, already? We're well on our way to becoming the best manager of all time
  20. Rest in Peace Wilmington, NC has been mistaken for Ios, Greece R.I.P 2016-2016 Gone but not forgotten August Anyway, it seems there's still football being played... And we're still killing it Just the 22 points ahead Next Time September, that's it.
  21. If you don't go to the Homeboyz I will be very dissapointed.
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