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  1. Wow, a Bielsa esque setup!! This looks really interesting can't wait to try it out. Thanks for your work as always TFF
  2. Just get faster CBs. Dropping the d-line a notch should help in the meantime I suppose.
  3. Could you post your results with Leeds in the PL? Cheers
  4. Looks to be an exciting save with the January additions, Emerson looks pretty good. Just a shame our youth is quite underrated in-game..
  5. Well for a Cech replacement you already have Courtois who has the position locked down and should become a club legend in time. RB there's plenty of options like Aurier, Pereira from Nice/Porto and Cancelo from Valencia, all capable of bursting forward with technical skills although Cancelo shies away from his defensive duties and would be a better wingback. The arrival of Rudiger bodes well in game and you've already got Christensen too who should be kept till he retires as he could mirror Terry I believe if given the chance. Van Dijk is another option to bring in.
  6. Should be an interesting save with the updates considering how thin the squad is now!
  7. If OIs are needed he mentions them in the post, if not then none.
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