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  1. If you want DLPs to get good ratings the only way is to play someone good at set pieces, it's just a match engine thing
  2. Doesn't matter, would just like to have an alternative to the argus 352 so there's a good set of 3 atb tactics cheers
  3. @steevo55Thanks that's a nice spread across the squad, Odegaard putting up some very good numbers from CM presumably
  4. 1591620454_ME21.7ECHOESKnap4231P111VOL2TH92.fmf Holiday test with Derby - media prediction 8th (board expectation avoid relegation battle) Patrick Roberts on absolute fire
  5. Still the same crap game. Fullbacks never cross after being played into loads of space and every shot in the box gets magically blocked. Becoming more and more disillusioned with each release. The most recent update also seems to have made 1v1s worse again and swung the pendulum regarding match ratings too far the other side because set pieces are all to prevalent in regards to their calculation. Also all the blatantly false CCCs being registered.
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