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  1. Just started the challenge, team is Ashton United:
  2. Really enjoying FM18 so far, but the one real gripe I have is not being able to see the information I want during a match when there isn't a highlight. In highlights I can set my widgets as I like, so I can keep track of things like long shots, pass % and clear cut/half chances. However, once a highlight is over I actually see less information than I want to, because the widget is replaced by the default match stats tab/lineups/etc, and there are only the limited stats on offer in the match stats window, or I have to go to the match stats tab, which remains open if there is a highlight. It wouldn't be so bad if I could just add the stats I want in the match stats tab, or even replace the focus of attacks window with extra match stats.
  3. Was searching for staff members on my new save, had searched for a couple of staff without issue but I edited the search and changed staff role to any and then as i changed the additional condition staff role (which was created automatically with my last search) from goalkeeper coach to fitness coach the crash occurred. File attached. FM 2018 v18.0.1.1030019 (2017.10.29 12.20.48).dmp
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