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  1. I'm using a logo pack and face pack, that it. When I turn the resolution down and stream to my 2009 Macbook Pro with 8GB RAM it runs fine. I just can't run it on my top end iMac retina 5K with 32GB RAM...
  2. I have been playing since the earliest Championship manager and the last two years have been a nightmare. It is very disappointing. I will probably get warned and banned for this because there is probably no solution to my issues again this year... My game crashes randomly at different times and the message I keep getting is "Football Manager 2016 is running dangerously low on memory. Please quit and free up some memory. Tried to allocate 255688704 bytes" Then when I click "OK" I get this: "Football Manager 2016 has run out of memory and will now quit. Tried to allocate 255688704 bytes" I have a 2015 iMac Retina 5k with all of the top end hardware, 32gb RAM 3TB HDD, you couldn't get a better iMac if you wanted to, but here I am again, two years in a row and I can't play FM 2016. No one could help me last year and I received a infraction for complaining. So I will probably be banned from the website for daring to ask for help again. I am frustrated and ready to give up on the series all together or at least stop paying for the game...How can I run low on memory with 32GB RAM and nothing running in the background??? Brian