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  1. I'm using a logo pack and face pack, that it. When I turn the resolution down and stream to my 2009 Macbook Pro with 8GB RAM it runs fine. I just can't run it on my top end iMac retina 5K with 32GB RAM...
  2. I have been playing since the earliest Championship manager and the last two years have been a nightmare. It is very disappointing. I will probably get warned and banned for this because there is probably no solution to my issues again this year... My game crashes randomly at different times and the message I keep getting is "Football Manager 2016 is running dangerously low on memory. Please quit and free up some memory. Tried to allocate 255688704 bytes" Then when I click "OK" I get this: "Football Manager 2016 has run out of memory and will now quit. Tried to allocate 255688704 bytes" I have a 2015 iMac Retina 5k with all of the top end hardware, 32gb RAM 3TB HDD, you couldn't get a better iMac if you wanted to, but here I am again, two years in a row and I can't play FM 2016. No one could help me last year and I received a infraction for complaining. So I will probably be banned from the website for daring to ask for help again. I am frustrated and ready to give up on the series all together or at least stop paying for the game...How can I run low on memory with 32GB RAM and nothing running in the background??? Brian
  3. A few teams I didn't see: CD Mexico/El Farolito, 1993 US Open Cup winners, merged with SF Bay Diablos in 1994 & 95. You got the Diablos...good work...i was the GK. San Francisco Greek Americans, US Open Cup winners San Jose Oaks, US Open Cup winners San Francisco Scots, the oldest, continuous Soccer Club in the USA until they folded in 2007
  4. The Official FMRTE 2011 Thread

    I see the option that says "Retired From Int. Foot.", but I am not able to check or uncheck it? I wanted to bring Stephan Ireland out of retirement, but the the tick box isn't active. Is this going to be added or fixed? Cheers, The editor is great once again... Seller
  5. Philadelphia Union

    Were you able to increase the designated players to three per team?
  6. USA 2010 Season

    For reference if it helps any: http://homepages.sover.net/~spectrum/ Also, Vegas has their hat in the expansion ring too. The MLS will be constantly evolving. I have been playing with the promotion/relegation setup I found here and it makes it more fun.
  7. MLS Re-Structure Question

    Good Luck, I am playing around with it now. This will be the best FM yet.
  8. If SI added the ability to "increase and add" teams to a league via an editor then we could just take care of the expansion ourselves.
  9. I'm having a problem with FMM 2.25 I have only ever updated my FM08 (Digital Download) with the the official patch 8.0.2. It says "Data not found FM version not match" When I checked my game it says I am running "version 8.0.2 118165(m.e 665)" I don't recall ever downloading this database. If I click on start new game, it doesn't even give me a choice. So I made a new database from the pregame editor and hit start game again. It says the database I am using is "8.0.2 Update" and the description says "Official Update Database" I am running Windows Vista, I have right clicked on the exe file and clicked run as administrater. Any advice or am I S.O.L. Thanks, Seller
  10. That team is rubbish! No wonder Rio asked for a transfer. United have always been built upon the foundation of a UK/IRE based squad, not a group of foreigners like Chelski or Arsenal. I would be more impressed if you left the team unchanged and promoted your youth team. Manchester United can be challenging if you stick to the team's principles and develop the youth. It's not easy to win with young players.
  11. FMO Forum: What do you want to see?

    I'd like to see single game "friendly" online matches where you could just log in and play head-to-head matches. You should be able to just launch tournamnents and play the games with out having to go through the whole game as well. It would make the game more fun to play online and more people would play. Just match up and see who has the better tatics.